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Crossword Clues for VIEWS

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Clue Source Date
YouTube count New York Times 11 Feb 2021
Streaming data The Washington Post Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Penthouse perks New York Times 19 Jan 2021
Personal opinions USA Today 13 Jan 2021
Struggles to accept western opinions The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Oct 2020
Opinions of wife during struggles The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jul 2020
Looks at Premier Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Takes a look at Newsday 04 May 2020
YouTube data New York Times 27 Feb 2020
Opinions USA Today 25 Dec 2019
Scenic sites Newsday 16 Sep 2019
Metric that determines YouTube success New York Times 31 Jul 2019
Perspectives The Sun Two Speed 04 Jun 2019
Opinions of tipsy wives The Sun Two Speed 04 Jun 2019
Opinions or perspectives Irish Times Simplex 25 May 2019
Op-ed offerings USA Today 11 May 2019
Vantage points The Washington Post 11 Mar 2019
YouTube popularity metric New York Times 22 Jan 2019
Penthouse assets Wall Street Journal 07 Jan 2019
Looks upon Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2018
Op-ed takes The Washington Post 01 Jun 2018
Scenic highway offerings The Washington Post 17 May 2018
They're the opinions of tipsy wives Irish Times Crosaire 20 Apr 2018
Write-ups on lost vistas The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Feb 2018
Vistas; opinions The Times Concise 01 Feb 2018
Editorial page offerings USA Today 10 Dec 2017
Stat important to many websites The Washington Post 03 Feb 2017
The prospects for wayward wives The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Dec 2016
Gets a look at Newsday 04 Apr 2016
Picture postcard features
Scenic sights
Penthouse feature
Pros and cons
What skyscrapers provide
Typical postcard attractions
Takes a gander
Op-ed fodder
Political stances
What belvederes afford
Sides of a story
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.