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Crossword Clues for VISHNU

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Clue Source Date
Hindu divinity Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2021
Hindu god The Times Concise 08 Dec 2020
Husband of Lakshmi Universal 03 Dec 2020
Hindu preserver of the world Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2020
Hindu deity The Washington Post 15 Jun 2020
Brahma, Shiva, and ___ form the Trimurti of Hinduism The Times Specialist Sunday 15 Sep 2019
Hindu protector of the universe New York Times 18 Jul 2019
Four-armed Hindu god Universal 24 Apr 2019
Four-armed Hindu deity The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Jun 2018
God in the Trimurti The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Major deity gatecrashes lavish nuptials The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2018
Hindu trinity member Premier Sunday 04 Mar 2018
Second god of the Hindu triad The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Sep 2016
Four-armed deity
Hinduism's preserver of the universe
Certain trinity member
Four-armed god
Hindu preserver of worlds
Hindu god incarnated as Krishna
Krishna is one of his avatars
God commonly depicted with four arms
Companion of Brahma and Shiva
Hindu god depicted with four arms
One of a Hindu trinity
The Preserver of Hinduism
The Preserver, to a Hindu
The Preserver
Rider of an eagle named Garuda
The Preserver, in Hinduism
Brahma, Shiva, and ____
"The Preserver," in Hinduism
Supreme Hindu deity
Hindu deity.
Second member of Hindu triad.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.