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Crossword Clues for VOL

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Clue Source Date
Abbr. on a remote Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2021
Abbr. on remotes Jonesin 12 Jan 2021
Spine abbr., maybe LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2020
A to B, say: Abbr New York Times 31 Oct 2020
Book-spine abbr Eugene Sheffer 16 Oct 2020
Button on many remotes Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2020
OED book, e.g LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2020
Tennessee athlete, briefly The Washington Post 12 Aug 2020
L x w x h New York Times 15 Jul 2020
Remote abbreviation Family Time 07 Oct 2019
How loud the TV is, for short Universal 03 Oct 2019
Remote abbr Family Time 22 Sep 2019
Encyc. unit Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2019
3-D measurement: Abbr New York Times 26 May 2019
Remote figure: Abbr New York Times 27 Jan 2019
Radio dial: Abbr New York Times 23 Jan 2019
Amplifier knob (Abbr.) USA Today 13 Jan 2019
Tenn. athlete Universal 06 Jan 2019
Remote figure: Abbr.
Radio dial: Abbr.
3-D measurement: Abbr.
Tenn. college athlete Family Time 31 Dec 2018
Loudness knob abbr Premier Sunday 14 Oct 2018
Remote letters Newsday 29 Sep 2018
UT athlete Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2018
Encyclopedia bk The Washington Post 14 Aug 2018
Remote control abbr The Washington Post 03 May 2018
Remote control button Newsday 19 Jan 2018
Remote abbr.
Remote control abbr.
Encyclopedia bk.
Abbr. on some remotes Universal 19 Dec 2017
TV loud-soft control: Abbr The Washington Post 04 Dec 2017
Loudness: Abbr Premier Sunday 04 Jun 2017
Univ. of Tennessee athlete Universal 21 May 2017
Sound abbr.? Universal 14 May 2017
Abbr. on many remotes Universal 12 Apr 2017
Stereo control: Abbr New York Times 13 Feb 2017
Stereo control: Abbr.
TV loud-soft control: Abbr.
Tennessee athlete, for short Universal 11 Oct 2016
Peyton Manning, when he won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2016
Tennessee athlete, informally New York Times 16 Mar 2016
Amt. of sound The Washington Post 14 Mar 2016
Ref. book LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2016
Remote-control abbr USA Today 28 Jan 2016
Remote-control abbr.
Remote marking USA Today 16 Oct 2015
W-X-Y-Z for an encyclopedia, maybe: Abbr New York Times 25 Aug 2015
Remote-control button, briefly Universal 18 Aug 2015
Peyton Manning, in college Wall Street Journal 29 May 2015
Remote button with '+' and '-' New York Times 15 Feb 2015
Radio knob abbr New York Times 08 Feb 2015
SEC athlete
W-X-Y-Z for an encyclopedia, maybe: Abbr.
Remote button with "+" and "-"
Radio knob abbr.
Tennessee athlete, familiarly
Stereo knob: Abbr.
Remote button abbr.
TV control (Abbr.)
TV audio adjustment
Remote button
TV remote abbr.
Abbr. seen on 44-Across
Abbreviation on a TV remote
Bk. number
W-Z, e.g., in an encyc.
VCR knob
Calc calc.
TV sound setting
Calc. calculation
Tennessee jock
L x W x H
Knob on a stereo (Abbr.)
TV control abbr.
iPod control: Abbr.
Solid geometry abbr.
Cassette knob abbr.
OED unit
3-D stat
Abbr. on a book's spine
Tenn. team member
Remote marking (Abbr.)
Big knob, often: Abbr.
TV control: Abbr.
Math calc.
TV control
Encycl. unit
Part of an encyc.
Peyton Manning, before becoming an alum
Abbreviation on many a remote
Lady __: Tennessee athlete
Mag. info
OED part
Knoxville athlete
Radio setting (abbr.)
World Book bk.
Remote letters, often
88 Down athlete
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