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Word "WANNABE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an ambitious and aspiring young person
aspirant, aspirer, hopeful, wannabee
the audience was full of Madonna wannabes

Crossword Clues for WANNABE

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Clue Source Date
Hopeful Eugene Sheffer 04 Nov 2020
First #1 hit for the Spice Girls New York Times 28 Aug 2020
Aspiring sort Wall Street Journal 07 Jul 2020
Dreamer New York Times 19 Jan 2020
Aspiring celeb, perhaps USA Today 09 Oct 2019
Nick wearing flag, hopeful The Telegraph Toughie 09 Apr 2019
Ambitious person The Telegraph Quick 29 Jan 2019
Overeager aspirant Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2018
Person dreaming of fame Newsday 12 Feb 2018
Aspirant The Washington Post 26 Jan 2018
Poseur New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Star-struck emulator Newsday 16 Dec 2017
Hopeful to swipe pale dresses The Telegraph Toughie 14 Nov 2017
Live with girl, primarily ambitious sort The Times Cryptic 15 Jun 2015
One who dreams of fame, e.g.
Hit 1996 single that is the world's catchiest song, according to Dutch researchers
Starstruck sort, maybe
One who dreams of fame
Aspirant, informally
Aspiring one
Ambitious type, informally
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.