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Word "WARD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
watch over or shield from danger or harm; protect

Part of Speech:
English economist and conservationist (1914-1981)
barbara ward, baroness jackson of lodsworth

Part of Speech:
a division of a prison (usually consisting of several cells)

Crossword Clues for WARD

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Clue Source Date
Part of prison where voters will be found? The Telegraph Toughie 30 Mar 2021
Fend (off) Universal 15 Mar 2021
Urban district Newsday 11 Dec 2020
City district Eugene Sheffer 07 Dec 2020
City division Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2020
Hospital section Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2020
Voting district New York Times 26 Jul 2020
City section Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2020
Charge nurse’s charge Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2020
Democrat supporting battle for part of constituency The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Mar 2020
District gets prize, but not the first one The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Feb 2020
It's for fighting delirium initially in hospital Irish Times Crosaire 11 Nov 2019
Prison division New York Times 08 Sep 2019
Alderman's domain USA Today 06 May 2019
Hospital room The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2019
It's for fighting dementia initially in hospital Irish Times Crosaire 14 Nov 2018
Guardian's charge Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2018
One under the protection of another Irish Times Simplex 18 Oct 2018
- The Washington Post Sunday 05 Aug 2018
District The Washington Post 14 Apr 2018
Women having a way with patients The Telegraph Toughie 28 Feb 2018
To repel, or New Brunswick loyalist Chipman Canadiana 12 Feb 2018
Local election division The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jan 2018
June Cleaver's TV husband Universal 12 Dec 2017
Hospital unit Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2017
Beaver Cleaver's father Universal 19 Apr 2017
Local political district USA Today 10 Mar 2017
Feature of hospital charge The Telegraph Toughie 17 Nov 2016
Mr. Cleaver of classic TV Universal 26 Sep 2016
It's for fighting start of dementia in hospital Irish Times Crosaire 03 Sep 2016
Councilor's place Wall Street Journal 18 Aug 2016
Hospital division The Washington Post 26 Feb 2016
Prison area Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2016
Hospital area Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2016
Charge for section of hospital The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Dec 2015
Councillor's area The Times Concise 01 Sep 2015
Dick Grayson, to Bruce Wayne LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2015
New Orleans area
Alderman's district
She & Him guitarist M.
Monster of Folk guy M.
See 21-Down
Certain charge
Hospital wing
"Transfiguration of Vincent" singer/songwriter M.
Repel, with "off"
Urban division
Prison unit
Stave (off)
Annie, vis-à-vis Daddy Warbucks
Dick Grayson vis- -vis Bruce Wayne
Annie, vis- -vis Daddy Warbucks
Beaver relative
Guardian's concern
Beaver Cleaver's dad
Beaver's dad
___ of the state
Electoral district
Division with cells
One in custody
Custodian's charge
Voting area
Watch's partner
Prison part
__ heeler
Annie, to Warbucks
First name among classic TV dads
Writer Julia ___ Howe
One of the Cleavers
See 61-Across
Prison section
Municipal division
Beaver's father
Avert, with "off"
Repel, with off
Person under custody
Foster child, perhaps
Montgomery __ announced it is shutting down
Political district
Hospital floor
See 21 Across
Beaver Cleaver's Dad
Political division
Place for a heeler (or a healer)
One of TV's Cleavers
Estella, to Miss Havisham
Humorist Artemus ___
City's political division
Julia ___ Howe
Actor Bond: 1903–60
Turn aside, with "off"
Child in the care of a guardian
Maiden name of 38 Down
Maternity ___
Artemas or maternity
Middle name for Howe or Beecher
Humorist Artemus
Watch and ___
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