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Word "WASTE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
cause to grow thin or weak
emaciate, macerate

Part of Speech:
run off as waste
run off
The water wastes back into the ocean

Part of Speech:
spend thoughtlessly; throw away
blow, squander
He wasted his inheritance on his insincere friends

Crossword Clues for WASTE

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Clue Source Date
It may be hazardous New York Times 30 Mar 2021
Squander The Telegraph Quick 28 Mar 2021
Recycler's bane Newsday 26 Feb 2021
Junk in window, a steal The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2020
Desolate region Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2020
Word before "paper" or "pipe" Universal 28 Aug 2020
Refuse to throw out? Universal 18 Aug 2020
Spend futilely Newsday 05 Jul 2020
What haste makes, they say Universal 13 Jun 2020
Used to be tense, discontented? Rubbish! The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2020
Trashed stuff Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Fritter away LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2020
Garbage scow's haul USA Today 17 Feb 2020
Outcome of haste, it's said
It might be toxic USA Today 21 Dec 2019
Use inefficiently or inappropriately Irish Times Simplex 14 Sep 2019
Basket contents, perhaps The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Spend foolishly USA Today 30 Aug 2019
Compost collection The Washington Post Sunday 25 Aug 2019
Returning space traveller noticed rubbish? The Telegraph Toughie 21 Aug 2019
Proverbial result of 28 Across Newsday 18 Aug 2019
Use unwisely The New Yorker 17 Jun 2019
Fail to make use of The Washington Post 24 Mar 2019
What the binmen have to deal with in Ottawa's tenements? Irish Times Crosaire 19 Dec 2018
Not use entirely Universal 12 Nov 2018
Refuse Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2018
Use carelessly The Times Concise 25 Dec 2017
Trash The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Type of basket Universal 17 Aug 2017
Trash or refuse Universal 16 Aug 2017
Trash or compost New York Times 31 Jul 2017
Fail to utilize Newsday 02 Jul 2017
It may be toxic Universal 01 Jul 2017
Left over from all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jun 2017
Not use efficiently Universal 20 Jun 2017
Spangle Canadiana 01 May 2017
Toxic stuff Universal 02 Jan 2017
Fail to recycle, say USA Today 13 Dec 2016
Fail to recycle Family Time 16 Oct 2016
Use up needlessly USA Today 10 Oct 2016
Landfill fill The Washington Post 10 Sep 2016
''Haste makes __'' Newsday 20 Jun 2016
Wild goose chase Newsday 14 May 2016
Throwaways Newsday 06 May 2016
Eliot's 'The ___ Land' The Washington Post 18 Mar 2016
Fail to put to good use Universal 11 Nov 2015
Rubbish – used to be half-rate The Sun Two Speed 02 Nov 2015
Discarded materials The Sun Two Speed 02 Nov 2015
It's useless to refuse Irish Times Crosaire 01 Oct 2015
What haste makes USA Today 07 Jun 2015
___ not, want not USA Today 15 Feb 2015
Garbage New York Times 10 Feb 2015
Nuclear ___
Haste product
It's thrown into baskets
Use unwisely, as time
Fail to use well
Spendthrift's specialty
Useless venture
Be uneconomical
Norma Jean "Memphis Will Be Laid to ___"
Use inefficiently, as time
Squander resources
Disposable stuff
Disposable Phish song off "Billy Breathes"?
Stuff in the trash
Fritter away, as time
Spend thoughtlessly
Blow, as dough
Don't recycle?
Not be economical
Word with time and space
Don't use
Something hastily made?
Toxic ___
Compost heap detritus
It may be radioactive
Coffee grounds and orange peels, typically
Needless expenditure
Not be frugal
Unnecessary cost
Watermelon rind, e.g.
Stuff to discard
It's in the can
Desert, e.g.
Use inefficiently
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