Word "WEEVIL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of several families of mostly small beetles that feed on plants and plant products; especially snout beetles and seed beetles

Crossword Clues for WEEVIL

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Clue Source Date
Our team looks down on wicked little pest The Guardian Cryptic 04 Jul 2022
Destructive insect The Telegraph Quick 27 May 2022
Small beetle with an elongated snout The Guardian Quick 16 Mar 2022
Small, almost entirely disgusting, bug The Guardian Cryptic 14 Mar 2022
Crop pest beetle The Times Concise 25 Aug 2021
Cotton farm pest Newsday 11 May 2021
Small beetle, pest of crops Irish Times Simplex 10 Mar 2021
Cotton pest Eugene Sheffer 30 Jun 2020
Cotton farm threat The Washington Post 22 Feb 2020
Cotton farm threat LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2020
Family of small plant-feeding beetles The Guardian Speedy 02 Jun 2019
Cotton pest Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2019
Small beetle The Guardian Speedy 04 Nov 2018
Granary pest Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2018
Small disgusting tailless insect The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Aug 2018
Small beetle, crop pest Irish Times Simplex 31 May 2018
Destructive beetle The Times Concise 19 Mar 2018
Granary pest
Beetle pest The Times Concise 20 Dec 2017
Destructive beetle The Telegraph Quick 19 Dec 2017
Beetle that eats cotton Universal 14 Aug 2017
Cotton planter's headache New York Times 17 May 2017
Beetle that eats cotton
Cotton planter's headache
Type of beetle The Telegraph Quick 13 Dec 2016
Bug is tiny and horrid, ultimately eliminated The Times Cryptic 31 Aug 2016
Tiny, disgusting tailless creepy-crawly The Times Cryptic 17 Aug 2016
Cotton pest Universal 24 Jul 2016
Cotton-eating pest Eugene Sheffer 26 Feb 2016
Cotton pest
Cotton pest USA Today 12 Apr 2015
Boll eater LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2015
Boll eater
Boll menace
Cotton pest
One that's a bore?
Cotton pest
Plantation pest
Boll ___ (beetle type)
Boll ___ (destructive insect)
Grain pest
Cotton planter's woe
Cotton-eating beetle
Cotton farmer's concern
Boll -- (beetle type)
Certain cotton-eater
Destructive beetle
Boll eater
Cotton grower's concern
Cotton grower's concern
Plantation pest
Crop-destroying beetle
Cotton pest
Snout beetle
Cotton-eating beetle
Boll eater
Flour infester
Destructive beetle
Cotton pest
Beetle bad for bolls
Boll's nemesis
Attacker of 13 Down.
Plantation scourge.
Crop-attacking bug
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