Word "WEFT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving
filling, pick, woof

Crossword Clues for WEFT

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Clue Source Date
End of scarf covered by moist part of cloth The Guardian Cryptic 04 Oct 2021
Counterpart to warp The Times Concise 30 Mar 2021
Yarn recalled Battle of Britain pilots from Yorkshire The Telegraph Toughie 10 Feb 2021
Warp crosser, in weaving Family Time 25 Nov 2019
Warp's counterpart Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2019
It's perpendicular to the warp Jonesin 11 Jun 2019
Warp's counterpart
Crosswise threads in loom weaving The Times Concise 08 May 2017
Filling yarn Thomas Joseph 07 Mar 2017
Tapestry thread LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2016
Yarn woven across the warp The Guardian Quick 22 Apr 2016
Tapestry thread Thomas Joseph 19 Apr 2016
Thread crossing the warp The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Jan 2016
Warp crosser Eugene Sheffer 08 Sep 2015
Weaving component LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2015
Strands (carried across by shuttle) with effect from start of Thursday The Times Cryptic 16 Jan 2015
Weaving component
Weaving component
Warp crosser, in weaving
Tapestry thread
Filling yarn
Warp-crossing yarn
Horizontal thread in a fabric
Warp crosser
Horizontal fabric threads
Warp-crossing yarn
Woven fabric
Fabric yarn
It's perpendicular to the warp
Warp crosser, in weaving
Warp crosser, in textiles
A woven fabric
Warp s counterpart
Warp's counterpart
Horizontal fabric threads
Shuttle thread
Filling thread
Something woven
Warp's opposite
Warp-crossing threads
Warp's partner
Woven fabric
Something woven.
Yarn for a shuttle.
Term in weaving.
Thread carried by the shuttle.
The threads that cross the warp.
A thing woven.
Thread carried by weaver's shuttle.
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