Word "WHISTLER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
United States painter (1834-1903)
james abbott mcneill whistler

Part of Speech:
Australian and southeastern Asian birds with a melodious whistling call

Part of Speech:
large North American mountain marmot
hoary marmot, marmota caligata, whistling marmot

Crossword Clues for WHISTLER

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Clue Source Date
Music maker who painted his mother? The Guardian Quiptic 14 Nov 2022
American artist (with a famous mother), d. 1903 The Guardian Quick 04 Nov 2022
British Columbia resort Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2022
American who drew game, with both sides full of energy The Guardian Cryptic 31 May 2022
Wind, perhaps, in ski resort The Times Cryptic 12 Oct 2021
Rex —, British painter The Times Concise 21 Aug 2021
American artist The Telegraph Quick 11 May 2021
US artist known for portrait of his mother The Times Concise 07 Nov 2020
He famously painted his mother Irish Times Simplex 30 Apr 2020
Painter of his mother Universal 30 Oct 2018
Painter from Wiltshire, one I dismissed in error The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Aug 2018
Painter of his mother
A famous painter of women - Hitler welcomes start of surrealism Irish Times Crosaire 15 Dec 2017
After game with a lot of cards, sides surrounding English ref? The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Nov 2016
US painter and etcher best known for his portraits and series of nocturnes The Telegraph General Knowledge 08 May 2016
US painter The Telegraph Quick 14 Jan 2016
Artist's relative turning up at end of game The Times Cryptic 20 Nov 2015
Audible wind gust, e.g.
He's known for his mother
Teakettle, e.g.
Ref, at times
He painted his mother
Happy-go-lucky person, perhaps
_____'s mother
Artist who painted his mother
He painted "The White Girl"
Orientalist from Lowell
Painter of "Drugstore Cowboy"?
Artist James
Referee, at times
American artist.
Mountain marmot.
Artist who flunked out of West Point.
He signed his paintings with a butterfly.
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