Word "WIRE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a message transmitted by telegraph

Part of Speech:
equip for use with electricity

Part of Speech:
a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
conducting wire

Crossword Clues for WIRE

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Clue Source Date
Barbed __ LA Times Daily 05 Jun 2023
3 The Guardian Quick 15 May 2023
Transfer, as money LA Times Daily 14 May 2023
Copper thread USA Today 06 May 2023
Thin cable Universal 10 Apr 2023
Electrician's supply LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2023
Cable LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2023
Electrical cord Universal 22 Mar 2023
Certain money transaction New York Times 16 Feb 2023
Metal thread USA Today 09 Feb 2023
Current carrier Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2023
Copper thread USA Today 12 Jan 2023
___ transfer New York Times 19 Oct 2022
Telegram New York Times 16 Oct 2022
Hidden listening device USA Today 16 Oct 2022
Old way to send money Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2022
Undercover agent’s wear Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2022
Transfer, as money Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2022
Certain money transfer New York Times 31 Aug 2022
Length of metal, tungsten, about to carry current
Hidden mic LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2022
Electrical metal thread The Telegraph Quick 24 Jul 2022
What a bralette lacks USA Today 03 Jul 2022
Pipe cleaner center Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2022
Electricity carrier USA Today 18 Jun 2022
Current carrier Universal 02 Jun 2022
Type of coat hanger Family Time 09 May 2022
What a rat may wear Universal 22 Apr 2022
Current carrier Newsday 17 Mar 2022
Secret recording device New York Times 14 Mar 2022
''Barbed'' fencing material Newsday 01 Mar 2022
What doesn't stick out of an AirPod Universal 07 Nov 2021
Line held by a telephone pole USA Today 04 Nov 2021
Bra part that might be removed USA Today 02 Nov 2021
Current carrier Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2021
Hidden mike Universal 24 Oct 2021
Hidden mike Eugene Sheffer 06 Oct 2021
Bank-to-bank transfer USA Today 15 Sep 2021
Current conductor Universal 11 Sep 2021
Electricity carrier USA Today 10 Sep 2021
Thin cable Newsday 29 Aug 2021
Hidden mike Thomas Joseph 10 Aug 2021
Performer's overhead walkway Newsday 17 Jul 2021
Cable going around winter tyre Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jun 2021
Electrical conductor Newsday 27 May 2021
Hidden mic Thomas Joseph 26 May 2021
Hidden microphone Eugene Sheffer 24 May 2021
It might be bugging you Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2021
Secret device used with indignation?
Cable installer's supply Newsday 21 Mar 2021
Telegram Canadiana 22 Feb 2021
Line with a plug LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2021
Line with a plug The Washington Post 09 Feb 2021
Current carrier Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2021
Marionette mover Thomas Joseph 01 Feb 2021
''Barbed'' fence topper Newsday 25 Jan 2021
A spy might wear one Universal 11 Jan 2021
A daredevil might walk on one USA Today 19 Nov 2020
Undercover agent's device The Washington Post 08 Nov 2020
Undercover agent's device LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2020
Something for an electrician to handle Family Time 12 Oct 2020
Something an informant might wear New York Times 14 Sep 2020
Live __ Newsday 29 Aug 2020
Current travels through one Universal 06 Aug 2020
It may be barbed Universal 03 Aug 2020
Telegram Eugene Sheffer 25 Jul 2020
Electricity carrier USA Today 25 Jul 2020
Down to the ___ USA Today 21 Jul 2020
Independent's right to plug Guardian's listening device
Strand of metal The Telegraph Quick 22 Jun 2020
Current carrier Eugene Sheffer 13 Jun 2020
Cable in Wiltshire, stripped of core
Barbed-___ fence New York Times 27 Apr 2020
Wine bar ignores ban on the electric amp Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2020
Electrician's supply Newsday 19 Mar 2020
Electrician's concern Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2020
Association of women on message
Computer cable New York Times 20 Jan 2020
Computer cable
Send a message with indignation The Telegraph Toughie 26 Dec 2019
Message that was sent with passion
Electric panel part The Washington Post Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Kind of transfer
Kind of transfer New York Times 12 Oct 2019
Reinforce, as a broken jaw USA Today 26 Sep 2019
Informant's wear USA Today 13 Sep 2019
Hidden mike Premier Sunday 21 Jul 2019
The finish line Canadiana 24 Jun 2019
Informant's item The Washington Post Sunday 26 May 2019
Something an electrician handles Family Time 19 May 2019
Metallic strand Newsday 30 Apr 2019
Undercover agent's wear Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2019
It's hidden while undercover USA Today 15 Jan 2019
Reinforce, as a broken jaw
Informant's wear
It's hidden while undercover
Undercover agent's wear
Hidden mike Thomas Joseph 17 Dec 2018
Down to the ___ Universal 28 Nov 2018
Telegram The Times Concise 16 Oct 2018
Electricity carrier Universal 15 Oct 2018
Lamp-to-plug line LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2018
Lamp-to-plug line The Washington Post 09 Oct 2018
Mob turncoat's wear USA Today 21 Jul 2018
Undercover agent's mike Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2018
Concealed microphone Universal 19 May 2018
Hide a mike on New York Times 14 May 2018
Finish line Canadiana 07 May 2018
It may come down to this Jonesin 01 May 2018
Electrical thing Family Time 30 Apr 2018
Thin cable Newsday 08 Apr 2018
Slinky, essentially Newsday 07 Mar 2018
''Barbed'' fencing material Newsday 26 Feb 2018
Barbed __ fence Newsday 05 Feb 2018
Listening device Eugene Sheffer 13 Jan 2018
Police informant's wear New York Times 02 Jan 2018
Police informant's wear
Lamp-to-plug line
Hide a mike on
Undercover agent's mike
Mob turncoat's wear
Electricity carrier
Down to the ___
Concealed microphone
Electrical connection Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2017
One might be worn in a sting operation Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2017
Electrician's supply USA Today 27 Oct 2017
Finish line The Washington Post 15 Oct 2017
Finish line LA Times Daily 15 Oct 2017
Marionette mover Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2017
Kind of service that limits wine measure Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2017
Electronic money transfer New York Times 09 Oct 2017
Cable The Telegraph Quick 05 Oct 2017
See 55-Across LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2017
See 55-Across The Washington Post 26 Sep 2017
Listening device on a narc New York Times 25 Sep 2017
Something cut by a bomb defuser The Washington Post Sunday 17 Sep 2017
Lead both sides with pleasure Irish Times Crosaire 13 Sep 2017
Bridge cable, essentially Newsday 08 Sep 2017
Piano string Newsday 04 Aug 2017
Electricity conductor, often Family Time 23 Jul 2017
Metal thread Universal 30 Jun 2017
Power conduit The Washington Post 18 Jun 2017
Power conduit LA Times Daily 18 Jun 2017
Finish line in a horse race Universal 08 Jun 2017
Thin metal thread The Times Concise 11 May 2017
One might be worn in a sting Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2017
Listening device New York Times 21 Mar 2017
Steinway string material USA Today 23 Jan 2017
Concealed mike New York Times 17 Jan 2017
Electrician's supply
Metal thread
Finish line in a horse race
Listening device on a narc
Power conduit
See 55-Across
Finish line
Concealed mike
Electronic money transfer
Listening device
Hanger material USA Today 24 Dec 2016
Jam specialists concerned with dip
Informant's wear Newsday 17 Nov 2016
Telegraph West Indies again
Sculpture medium for Calder New York Times 23 Oct 2016
Horse race finish Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2016
Booby trap component Universal 19 Sep 2016
Women in 2 down tip off one of those doing the listening Irish Times Crosaire 13 Sep 2016
Coat hanger material USA Today 28 Aug 2016
Hidden microphone USA Today 17 Aug 2016
Send money, in a way Universal 09 Aug 2016
Aerialist's walkway Newsday 31 Jul 2016
Hidden microphone The Washington Post 15 Jul 2016
Support for many a 29-Down LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2016
Nik Wallenda need LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2016
Circus walkway Newsday 23 Jun 2016
Hanger material Newsday 06 Jun 2016
Informant's hidden transmitter The Washington Post 02 May 2016
Electrical line Newsday 10 Feb 2016
Cablegram Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2016
Booby trap component
Sculpture medium for Calder
Support for many a 29-Down
Send money, in a way
Bit of undercover wear
Nik Wallenda need
Hanger material
Coat hanger material
Toaster-to-plug link LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2015
Fence material, maybe Newsday 21 Oct 2015
Charging cable, e.g LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2015
Telegram The Guardian Quick 29 Aug 2015
Metal thread USA Today 10 Aug 2015
Send electronically, as funds LA Times Daily 12 Jul 2015
Kind of service Universal 24 Jun 2015
Telegram LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2015
Show set in Baltimore, with 'The' Jonesin 02 Apr 2015
Hidden bug Newsday 27 Feb 2015
Motley Crue "Live ___"
Send electronically, as funds
Fence material, maybe
Charging cable, e.g.
Metal thread
Toaster-to-plug link
Hidden bug
An undercover cop might wear one
Nik Wallenda walks on one
Kind of service
Slinky, basically
Covert transmitting device
Electrical line
Marionette mover
Hidden mike
Current carrier
Send, in a way
Eavesdropping device
Energize, in a way
Finish line
Metal in a piano
Transmit electronically
Hidden mike
One way to transfer money
Certain money transfer
Speaker-to-stereo link
Spy wear, maybe
Send, as money
Current carrier
Speaker-to-stereo link
Spy wear, maybe
Word with live or hot
Finish line
Undercover apparatus
Bird's perch, perhaps
End of a horse race
A rat might wear one
Hanger material
One way to transfer money
UPI bulletin
Something a police informant might wear
Something an undercover agent might wear
Spy's device
Metal thread
Spy's device
Tapping target
Electrician's supply
A rat might wear one
Put a mike on, secretly
Informant's wear
Hidden microphone
Use Western Union
Current carrier
Philippe Petit prop
Electrician's supply
Send a telegram to
Finish line marker
Hide a mike on
Bra insert
Send via Western Union
Something an undercover agent might wear
One may be used in a sting
Do an electrician's job
Undercover device
Informant's accessory
Electrician's hookup
"Man on ___" (2008 Oscar-winning documentary)
Lamp-to-plug link
Electricity conductor, often
Lamp-to-plug link
Spying device
Bug part
It may be barbed
Hidden mike, slangily
Race terminus
Wallenda's walkway
One way to transfer cash
Race terminus
Current line
AP bulletin
Undercover device
Current conduit
Send, in a way
Perform an electrician's job
Finish line, maybe
Booby trap component
Finish line
Hidden mike
Send, in a way
Prestressed concrete reinforcer
E-mail forerunner
Hot-__ (start without a key)
Slinky, essentially
Barbed __
Barbed __
Electrical conductor
Western Union message
Electricity carrier
Horse race finish line
Clothes hanger option
Word with hay or live
Hook up electronically
Hook up electronically
Barbed __
Tapping target
Infiltrator's device
Western Union transmission
Infiltrator's device
Informant's wear
Garrote part
Electricity conductor
Electrical cord
Put a traveling mike on
Karl Wallenda's "path"
Electrical conductor
News source
Word with puller or service
Bird perch, often
Rancher's buy
Race finish
It may be barbed
Hidden mike
Install electricity
Bird perch, often
Eavesdropping device
Secreted mike
What croquet wickets are made of
Clothes hanger option
It can be barbed
Down to the ___
Race goal
Barbed ___
Hidden mike
Send via Western Union
Bale binder
25-Across's perch, perhaps
Kind of service or stitch
Current route
A.P. or Reuters, informally
End of a footrace
AP ___
It may be barbed
Hook up electronically
Secrete a mike on
Send electronically, as money
See 16 Across
Bug, in a way
Send a telegram to
Phone line
Send word
Hookup electronically
Certain money transfer
Send a telegram
It can be barbed
Fence material
One way to transfer money
Hook up electronically
Do an electrician's job
Kind of service
Race's end
Tapping target
Bird's perch, perhaps
Down to the ___
Current line
Send urgently
Fence material
Puller or service
Urgent message
Finish line
Electricity carrier
Down to the _____
Use Western Union
Hanger material
Send money
Filigree material
Litz, e.g.
Kind of message
Circus prop
Follower of chicken and hay
Word with live or high
Kind of glass or grass
Litz ___
Word with high or tight
Metal thread
Send a cable
Install electricity
Prop for an aerialist
Send the facts fast
Chicken or live
Baling or live
Lamp adjunct
High or live item
Wallendas' need
Footing for a circus act.
Get in under the ___.
Finish line.
Cable material.
Gear for a balancing act.
Message of a kind.
Chicken ___.
Fence material.
Send a message.
Harp string.
Imaginary finish line.
Peace material.
Material for screens.
Material for fences.
String for a musical instrument.
Recording device.
Imaginary finish line, in horse racing.
High ___ at the circus.
Part of a mobile.
Fifteen-word message.
Imaginary finishing line.
Part of an armature.
End of a horse race.
Live ___.
One way to transfer money
A rat may wear one
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