Word "WREATH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
chaplet, coronal, garland, lei

Crossword Clues for WREATH

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Clue Source Date
Ring-shaped decoration at Christmastime
Funeral garland
Water is spilt on top of host's floral display (6)
Tribute to the war fallen
Flowers commemorating damage in the war
Funeral garland transformed the war (6)
December decor LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2024
A ring of flowers from the war (6)
Holiday garland
Ring of flowers or foliage (6) Puzzler 20 Jan 2024
Circular holiday decoration USA Today 17 Jan 2024
Circlet of interwoven flowers (6)
One hanging by door or heading to exit in anger
Decorative ring of flowers or foliage (6)
A bank of snow; a curl of cloud or smoke; a circlet of seasonal flora and evergreen foliage hung on one's door at Christmas or set with candles to represent four weeks of Advent; or, a band of twisted
(1/10) "We'll decorate for Christmas over the next few days in DTC! Start by placing a ___ on the door!" (Yule garland)
Door decor, at Christmastime
Cape maybe concealing oriental floral display (6)
Extreme anger over earl seen in a circlet of flowers symbolising honour (6)
* You know Christmas is right around the corner when you see this "garland of twigs" on the door
The war affected some flowers
December door décor New York Times 27 Aug 2023
Circular Christmas decoration USA Today 04 May 2023
Rage about the extremity of Japanese flower arrangement The Guardian Quiptic 20 Feb 2023
Ring-shaped Christmas decoration Universal 01 Jan 2023
Floral tribute to recollect the war
Door adornment, sometimes Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2021
Ring in the holiday spirit? New York Times 08 May 2021
Holiday door decoration Universal 03 May 2021
William — first king to have Henry's crown
Working at first on heart shaped flower arrangement
Circlet of flowers Irish Times Simplex 23 May 2020
December garnish Jonesin 19 May 2020
Band at funeral threw a wobbly
Popular Christmas decoration which is an arrangement of flowers, leaves and twigs on a ring
Ring of flowers The Times Concise 16 Feb 2020
December door decoration Newsday 23 Dec 2019
Organic ornamental band Newsday 05 Dec 2019
December decor LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2019
December decor The Washington Post 22 Nov 2019
Fury engulfing English crown
Holiday door hanging Wall Street Journal 27 Nov 2018
Anger about bearing garland
Noel hanging Premier Sunday 07 Oct 2018
Anger about European flower ring
Yuletide door decor Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2018
Christmas door decoration LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2018
Christmas door decoration The Washington Post 25 Sep 2018
On being ushered in thaw melted snowdrift
Yuletide door decor
Holiday door hanging
Christmas door decoration
Garland threw a wobbly Irish Times Crosaire 26 Jul 2017
Yuletide door decoration Newsday 30 May 2017
Arrangement that's outcome of the war? The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jan 2017
Festive garland The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2016
Christmas decoration The Times Concise 20 Dec 2016
Flowery tribute, recollecting the war
Garland finds end of rainbow and heart remedy
Circle of flowers Irish Times Simplex 06 Apr 2016
Garland The Telegraph Quick 25 Mar 2016
Prize at the top of a maypole New York Times 30 Jan 2016
Prize at the top of a maypole
Ecstasy in passion of one seeing red festive feature The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2015
Lee sounded it out in blooming Ring Irish Times Crosaire 20 Oct 2015
Sad reminder from the war
Floral tribute The Times Concise 27 Aug 2015
BBC man once broadcast item on Remembrance Sunday? The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jul 2015
Holiday ring Thomas Joseph 26 Jan 2015
Anger about first sign of enjoyment that may be evident in funeral
Yuletide door hanging
Anger about European tribute
Floral band
Victory wear for 64-Across
Christmas decoration causing violent anger around Egypt's capital
Christmas door hanging
Decoration often made with holly leaves
Advent-season decoration
December door decoration
Christmas decoration
Yuletide door decor
Yule hanging
Yuletide door decor
Christmas garland
Yule door decoration
Year-end ornament
Year-end decoration
Round ornament
Christmas buy
Round ornament
Ring at the door?
Christmas garland
Yuletide door decor
Winner's circle circle
Christmas decoration
Circular ornament
Christmas decoration
Circular ornament
Christmas decoration
Holiday decoration
Circle in a winner's circle
Holiday decoration
Christmas decoration
December door decor
December decoration
Yuletide door hanging
Yule garland
December decoration
Christmas hang-up?
Foliage arrangement
Yule decoration
Xmas door hanging
Flower arrangement
Middleground's reward at Churchill Downs.
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