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Crossword Clues for WROTE

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Clue Source Date
Penned Thomas Joseph 11 Mar 2021
Composed; put pen to paper The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2021
Became an author Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2021
Composed tweets, say LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
Composed some prose Newsday 04 Jan 2021
Corresponded Canadiana 17 Aug 2020
Jotted (down) The Washington Post 03 Aug 2020
Composed prose USA Today 17 Jul 2020
"Murder, She __" LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2020
'Murder, She __' The Washington Post 01 Jun 2020
Put down in words New York Times 16 Apr 2020
Put pen to paper New York Times 11 Dec 2019
Authored Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2019
Dropped a line USA Today 18 Nov 2019
Kept in touch, in a way USA Today 04 Oct 2019
Put down The New Yorker 12 Aug 2019
Composed New York Times 24 Mar 2019
Crafted a manuscript USA Today 18 Feb 2019
Scribbled or scrawled
Was an author Universal 12 Dec 2018
Dashed off, say New York Times 17 Nov 2018
Prepared briefs, say The Washington Post Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Scripted or penned Universal 18 Sep 2018
Did a ghost's work, maybe USA Today 07 May 2018
Corresponded with New York Times 20 Apr 2018
Jotted down USA Today 31 Jan 2018
Composed, as an email Newsday 29 Jan 2018
Scribbled down Jonesin 19 Dec 2017
Made music? Jonesin 11 Apr 2017
Composed in Round Tower? Irish Times Crosaire 04 Mar 2017
Worked on an essay or novel New York Times 20 Feb 2017
Drafted New York Times 16 Sep 2016
Composed, as a text Universal 30 Jun 2016
"That's all she __" LA Times Daily 22 Mar 2016
Scripted Universal 30 Jul 2015
Composed, as a letter Universal 05 Jan 2015
Put on paper
Put on the sheets?
Composed an email
Created, in a way
What Petty did about L.A. riots
"That's all she ___"
Scribbled, say
Kept in touch
Decided on a sentence, perhaps
Put down on paper
Practiced penmanship
Dropped a line to
Emulated Anne Rice
Set down
Took down
Dashed off (h,h)
Used a pencil
Practiced calligraphy
Expressed in writing
Dashed off, as a note
Dashed off
Expressed with a pen
Scribbled on paper
Created, as a play
Composed a letter
Emulated Emerson
Emulated a novelist
Kept in touch, perhaps
Was a pen pal
Composed, in a way
What Jessica Fletcher did
Dashed off perhaps
E-mailed, e.g.
That's all she ____
Took pen in hand
Sand did this
Emulated Rice or Oates
Composed a billet-doux
What Trollope did
Did literary work
Communicated with
Shed ink
Took notes.
Dropped a line.
___ off (canceled).
Made a record of.
Emulated Emerson.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.