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Word "YAWL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a sailing vessel with two masts; a small mizzen is aft of the rudderpost

Part of Speech:
emit long loud cries
howl, roar, ululate, wail, yaup

Part of Speech:
a ship's small boat (usually rowed by 4 or 6 oars)

Crossword Clues for YAWL

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Clue Source Date
Ketch’s kin Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2021
Two-masted boat Family Time 22 Nov 2020
Small boat The Telegraph Quick 24 Oct 2020
Small sailing vessel Family Time 16 Feb 2020
Two-masted sailing vessel New York Times 13 Jan 2020
Two-master The Washington Post 27 Oct 2019
Ship's small boat usually with four or six oars The Telegraph General Knowledge 18 Aug 2019
Sailing vessel Thomas Joseph 04 Jun 2019
Small two-master USA Today 08 May 2019
Sort of sailboat Newsday 13 Feb 2019
Sailing boat Thomas Joseph 12 Feb 2019
Two-masted sailboat Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2018
Two masted sailboat Canadiana 23 Jul 2018
Fore-and-aft-rigged boat USA Today 14 Jun 2018
Passage heading north on large sailboat The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Apr 2017
Cutter's cousin Newsday 11 Mar 2017
Two-masted craft Premier Sunday 05 Mar 2017
Ketch kin LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2016
Unknown tool for making holes in vessel The Times Cryptic 01 Mar 2016
Sailing boat, in practice, turned left The Times Cryptic 25 Nov 2015
Cutter's kin Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2015
Ketch cousin
Small sailboat
Two-masted vessel
Dixie sailboat?
Small two-master sailing vessel
Two-masted ship
Two-masted fore-and-after
Pleasure craft
Ketch's cousin
Small two- master
Small boat that is rowed
Small vessel
Southerner's boat?
Boat with a rowing crew
Type of sailboat
Ship.s small boat
Two masted vessel
Dixie vessel?
Jolly boat
Ketch's relative
Cousin to the ketch
Jolly boat.
Ship's small boat.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.