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Word "YEARN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
have a desire for something or someone who is not present
ache, languish, pine, yen

Part of Speech:
desire strongly or persistently
hanker, long

Part of Speech:
have affection for; feel tenderness for

Crossword Clues for YEARN

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Clue Source Date
Long (for) The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2021
Indeed, service is long! The Telegraph Toughie 04 Mar 2021
Hanker (for) New York Times 21 Dec 2020
Long Eugene Sheffer 11 Dec 2020
Pine The Sun Two Speed 06 Dec 2020
Long time before noon The Sun Two Speed 06 Dec 2020
Long time before November The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2020
Pine (for) Newsday 04 Nov 2019
Thirst (for) New York Times 29 Sep 2019
Hanker Universal 09 Aug 2019
Have a hankering USA Today 10 Apr 2019
Long months before November The Telegraph Toughie 21 Mar 2019
*Knitting tread The Washington Post Sunday 30 Dec 2018
Crave Universal 03 Nov 2018
Have desires Universal 22 Oct 2018
Strongly long (for) The Washington Post Sunday 22 Jul 2018
Desire, want The Telegraph Quick 18 Feb 2018
Have deep desires Universal 11 Nov 2017
Desire The Telegraph Quick 29 Oct 2017
Long story about what Romeo and Juliet have in common The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Sep 2017
Be nostalgic USA Today 30 Apr 2017
More than want Universal 20 Mar 2017
Long story about ending of marriage The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2016
Feel nostalgia, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Oct 2016
Be wistful Universal 29 Sep 2016
Feel wistful Newsday 26 Aug 2016
Have a craving (for) LA Times Daily 15 Aug 2016
Be unsatisfied with what one has Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2016
Long wistfully The Washington Post 24 Jun 2016
Want badly, with "for" USA Today 24 Jun 2016
Feel nostalgic USA Today 23 May 2016
Be homesick (for) LA Times Daily 22 Mar 2016
Bring in amendment option before long Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jan 2016
Feel nostalgia, e.g.
Eat your heart out USA Today 26 Aug 2015
Have a longing Newsday 10 Jun 2015
Have an intense feeling of longing Irish Times Simplex 26 May 2015
Desire indefinite time in history? The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2015
Ache for Universal 19 Mar 2015
Ache LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2015
Strongly desire gain by Labour, after constituency's right wing ahead The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jan 2015
Desire greatly
Ache (for)
Have an itch
Desire strongly
Be lovesick
Pine for
Long for
Crave (with "for")
Be filled with longing
Eat one's heart out
Be homesick, say
Hanker, and a synonym for the ends of 21-, 26-, 43- and 50-Across
Hunger or thirst
Want badly
Be moved
Want like mad
Really want, with "for"
Harbor longings
Feel a longing
Deeply desire, with "for"
Have a yen for
Have a strong desire
Have a fancy (for)
Wish and wish
Wish (for)
Hunger (for)
Have a craving
Crave, with "for"
Ache, emotionally
Hanker for
Long for.
Wish for.
Pine (for).
Be deeply moved.
Hanker after.
Long (for).
Feel tenderness.
Have a hankering.
Be filled with longing.
Have a hankering (for).
Have a hankering for.
Ache with longing.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.