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Crossword Clues for YOKO

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Clue Source Date
Singer Ono Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2021
Collaborator on 1968's 'Two Virgins,' familiarly New York Times 25 Feb 2021
Music's Ono Eugene Sheffer 25 Jan 2021
'The Last Children of Tokyo' author Tawada USA Today 25 Jan 2021
'Oh ___!' (song from the 'Imagine' album) Jonesin 29 Dec 2020
With 2-Down, interviewee for John Lennon retrospectives Jonesin 15 Dec 2020
John’s muse Wall Street Journal 29 Sep 2020
Video game composer Shimomura USA Today 12 Jul 2020
'Oh ___!' (song from Lennon's 'Imagine' album) New York Times 18 Jun 2020
"Dear ___" (John Lennon song)
'Be My __ Ono': Barenaked Ladies song The Washington Post 13 Sep 2018
"Be My __ Ono": Barenaked Ladies song LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2018
Ms. Ono Family Time 20 Aug 2018
With 50-Down, 'Double Fantasy' artist The Washington Post 06 May 2018
With 50-Down, "Double Fantasy" artist LA Times Daily 06 May 2018
With 15 Down, 'Hell in Paradise' singer, 1985 The Washington Post Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Ono who co-founded Artists Against Fracking USA Today 17 Oct 2017
Ono of "Double Fantasy" USA Today 05 Aug 2017
Musician Ono The Washington Post 28 Jun 2017
John's wife Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2017
Ono from Tokyo The Washington Post 21 Mar 2017
Sean Lennon's mom Newsday 02 Mar 2017
For whom John wrote 'Woman' The Washington Post 09 Feb 2017
John's 'Double Fantasy' collaborator Jonesin 24 Jan 2017
'Dear ___' ('Double Fantasy' song) New York Times 21 Jan 2017
"Dear ___" ("Double Fantasy" song)
Rocker John's mate Canadiana 07 Nov 2016
"The Ballad of John and __" LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2016
Beatle bride, familiarly The Washington Post 20 May 2016
With 21-Across, 'Double Fantasy' artist The Washington Post 20 Apr 2016
John's love Wall Street Journal 05 Apr 2016
Sean's mom LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2016
John's 'bed-in' bedmate New York Times 15 Sep 2015
Mother of Sean LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2015
John's "bed-in" bedmate
John's "Bed-In for Peace" companion
With 18-Across, mother of Sean Lennon
John's "Bed-In" bedmate
John's other half
Name whose Japanese symbols mean "ocean child"
Julian's stepmom
John Lennon's wife Ono
John Lennon's "Dear ___"
With 116-Down, "Bed-In for Peace" co-organizer
Beatle bride
"Oh ___!" (song from the "Imagine" album
John's partner
John Lennon's widow
"Walking on Thin Ice" artist Ono
Sean's mother
Famous Beatle bride
With 52-Across, John Lennon's mate
John's widow
John Lennon song "Dear ___"
John's "Double Fantasy" collaborator
"Oh __!": song on the album "Imagine"
John's mate
Beatle bride's first name
John left Cynthia for her
With 15-Across, singer with the album "Blueprint for a Sunrise"
John's "Two Virgins" collaborator
__ Ono
"Be My ___ Ono" (Barenaked Ladies song)
See 43-Across
"Give Peace a Chance" collaborator, with 6-Down
"The Ballad of John and ___"
"Mona __" (Lennon portrait)
Partner of John
With 62 Across, Lennon's bride
___ Ono
Lennon's Ono
An Ono of note
Japanese Beatle?
Sean Lennon's mama
First name in art
With 14-Down, "Walking on Thin Ice" singer
Julian's stepmother
John L.'s widow
Ono of JAPAN
First name of Lennon's widow
Beatle John's widow
That's an Ono
Lennon's widow
Lennon's wife
Peace activist Ono
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