The 15 Best Apps For Seniors

Navigating the online and digital space can often seem daunting for seniors. Technology is progressing at an ever-increasing pace, and for those who grew up without the internet, modern smartphones, tablets, and computers can induce anxiety and lead to stress. In a world where taking care of both our physical and mental health is becoming more and more essential, what can we do to help our elders manage phone and desktop applications? Well, the most important part is selecting the right apps to use. Some user interfaces are clustered, others are often too complicated, and finding the right apps can be a little tricky. That's where we come in. In this article, we have searched for the top 15 apps for seniors, prioritizing ease of use, visual clarity, as well as security, and health. Let's take a look, and hopefully, our research will help better you or the life of a senior you know.


audible logo

Audible is the world's leading site for audiobooks, and for those who love stories, it has the largest catalogs of audiobooks in the world. According to the statistics, around 43% of frequent audiobook listeners on the site are over the age of 45, and with such a user-friendly interface and straightforward search function, there's no wonder why!


WebMD logo

WebMD is one of the USA's biggest news and information publishers relating to health and well-being, and they just so happen to have an easy-to-use app that's invaluable for seniors. Whether you need to look up flu symptoms, read about better mental health, or see if you need to seek professional advice, WebMD is a great tool for all ages.


Medisafe logo

Medisafe is an excellent app for keeping track of medication, appointments, and medical consultations. The app itself was built with at-risk, health-sensitive, and elderly people in mind. As well as having daily reminder settings and notifications, so you never forget to take your medicine, Medisafe does a great job at staying connected to its users and offering customer support when needed.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends Logo

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned word game to keep the mind sharp. Words with Friends takes all the magic of Scrabble and brings it into the digital age. It's an addictive multiplayer app that can also be played via Facebook. This game promises to keep that competitive spirit burning.

Google Maps

Google Maps Logo

This is a must for anyone, regardless of age. Since launching in 2005, Google Maps has proven an absolute game-changer when it comes to how we navigate the world. From directions to your nearest bus stop to seeing which Italian restaurants have the best reviews. Google Maps saves time, energy, and stress.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

​​Feelings of isolation and loneliness are a real issue for everyone, especially seniors. Luckily we live in an age of unprecedented connectivity, and apps like Facebook messenger allow family and friends to stay in touch at the tap of a button or screen. Facebook Messenger offers many ways to keep seniors entertained, be it a text message, video call, or an invite to play a stimulating game.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital Logo

Keeping on top of your finances is a skill in itself, but with Personal Finance, you can have all the data you need at your fingertips. Want to stay on top of your retirement planner, net worth, or just track your money? This is the app for you.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Magnifying Glass Logo

As sure as day turns to night, your eyesight worsens with age. With the help of these two apps, you'll have the tools at hand to make things easier. They do exactly what you'd imagine - one's a torch, and the other magnifies hard to ready things through your camera. Simple!


Spotify Logo

This past decade has seen the world of music change drastically, with streaming now becoming the most popular way people listen to their favorite acts. Spotify easily sits on top of the throne of this new era and offers over 82 million tracks and millions of fascinating podcasts. All in exchange for a small monthly subscription.


Snapfish logo

Thanks to these crazy computers/phones we keep in our pockets, taking photos has never been easier. The only downside is we're less likely to go to the effort of printing said photos. Luckily, businesses like Snapfish make it easy for customers to upload their new favorite pic of the family, choose a size and finish, and order one to your door.


Uber Logo

Desperately trying to grab a taxi has - for the most part - become a thing of the past thanks to apps such as Uber. Add a payment method, type the address you wish to go to, and request a ride. The driver will come to your location, and when the journey is completed, the money will be taken automatically from your account. Simple!


Lastpass Logo

Remembering passwords is never fun, and there's never been so many to remember! Luckily LastPass acts as a vault of sorts, storing all your various passwords in one place and is only accessible by a master password. The company uses bank-grade encryption to ensure your information stays safe.

Oscar Senior

Oscar Senior Logo

Telecare that really works! Oscar Senior is a pioneer in the digital healthcare space, and its greatest feature is the unmatched, efficient, and easy-to-use telecare feature that allows face-to-face communication. The Oscar Senior app is constantly updated, so you'll never have to worry if the best care and attention aren't afforded to you! This one is definitely worth a download!


BetterMe Logo

BetterMe is a behavioral healthcare app with the purpose of bringing personal mental and physical health to the forefront of seniors' minds. With over 100 million downloads and available in 190 countries, BetterMe is a hit, and there's no wonder why! If you're looking for Cardio workouts, yoga, HIIT, or dancing, BetterMe has the perfect health curriculum for you or a senior you know!


Empowerji Logo

Empowerji: the app that helps you use apps! Empowerji is an app that was developed with the sole aim of helping tech newbies and older adults to navigate everyday websites, phone applications, and more. Their goal is to ensure self-reliance in the older generation and help them feel more confident in their technological ability. We can't recommend this one enough!

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