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If you're the kind of crossword solver who wants just a hint, but not the whole answer spelled out for you, then this crossword solver hints tool is for you. The joy of crossword solving is the "AH-HAH!" moment when you finally grok the answer to a clever clue, but sometimes you just get so stuck that you just want the answer so you can move onto another part of the puzzle. The internet is full of crossword solvers (including our own!) to help you do just that, but if you're not ready to reveal the whole answer just yet, we now have another tool to help you keep some of the joy of that "AH-HAH!" moment when trying to solve a particularly tricky clue.

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So how does our crossword solver hints tool work?

As many crossword solvers know, the difficulty of a crossword puzzle is often not in the answers themselves, but in the clues. One single answer can be clued many different ways. For example, the answer "EVE" could be clued as "December 31, for one", which is relatively easy since most people celebrate December 31 as New Year's Eve, but it can also be clued as "Sociologist and author Ewing", who is perhaps less well known than the year-end holiday and therefore makes for a more difficult clue. In fact, answers in crossword puzzles have often appeared in many crossword puzzles before them, with many different clues of varying difficulty. So our crossword solver hints tool works by showing you clues used in other crossword puzzles to clue the exact same answer you're now looking for. That way, our hints tool can help guide you to the answer you're looking for without showing you the answer outright. You might even learn something new from the other clues, like who Eve Ewing is!

The crossword solver hints tool works best as a companion while solving a specific puzzle, so bookmark this page for whenever you sit down to solve another puzzle. Just like our regular crossword solver, you can search for your puzzle by publisher and date. Click "Search" and all the clues from your chosen puzzle will appear in alphabetical order, and you can show or hide the other clues as you like. Since no answers are actually shown in the hints tool and the other clues are all initially hidden, you can safely leave this page open while you solve your crossword puzzle without accidentally seeing an answer you didn't mean to see!

The crossword solver hints tool works particularly well for the New York Times crossword puzzle, since the NY Times puzzle famously increases difficulty throughout the week, with the Monday puzzle being the easiest, and Saturday puzzle being the hardest. The NY Times puzzle also reuses answers quite a lot, so there are often multiple previous clues to help you along.

We hope you enjoy our new crossword solver hints tool and many more "AH-HAH!" moments!

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