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Crossword Hints for "New York Times"

28 January 2022

Actor Emilio
Actor who received an Emmy nomination for playing Dr. Anthony Fauci on “S.N.L.”
Add some flair to
Alternative to “walk” or “go by bus”
Animated snippet
Badgered at length
Cartesian conclusion
Cheesy sandwiches for snackers
Chinese dynasty in which the terra-cotta army was built
Chopped liver, so to speak
Crib sound
Director of the “Evil Dead” franchise
Drink with a polar bear mascot
Egg container
Egyptian sun deity
Endemic flora and fauna
Event with clowns
Express lane tally
Extreme athletes with parachutes
Grow on trees, so to speak
Introduce gradually
It may involve a mask
Key next to Q
Kid’s cut, perhaps
Less clear
Less forgiving
Like Al Jazeera
Like bogeymen
Like many a lemon, eventually
Literally, “fly,” in Setswana
Member of G. W. Bush’s cabinet, familiarly
Met with someone online, maybe
Moving images, apparently
Not appropriate
Not taken by
Occasion for kids to stay up late
Regained one’s composure
Snub-nosed dog
Solicit, in slang
Some head coverings
Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Some subs
Some trip on it
Source of a big scoop
Space force?
Spread makeup: Abbr.
Stadium cry
Structure with many layers?
Student of the classics, say
Were present?
Word before doble or Robles
Words before un beso
Year, in Brazil
___ Islands (autonomous part of Denmark)
___ shark
“Be right there!”
“Let’s see here …”
“North and South” writer John
“Whew, that’s hot!”
“Will do!”