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Crossword Hints for "New York Times"

20 June 2024

"Wild" ingredient in some beers
Accessibility law inits.
Airport acquisitions
Boa you wouldn't want around your neck
Bowling-pin-shaped creature of Al Capp cartoons
Brand for bakers
Calculations often expressed with a "+" or "-"
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Commercial identifiers … or what four pairs of answers must do in order to match their clues
Dancer's haul
Dress down
Evidence collector, for short
Fancy few
Former parent company of NBC
Get bronze
Get out of Dodge
Have away with words?
He played Mary Richards's boss at WJM-TV
Hiking gear chain
Homecoming, of a sort?
In reserve
Inspiration for an essay writer
Issue in a group project, perhaps
Kids' menu go-with
Kind of
Kind of electrons on the outermost shell of an atom
Lead-in to normative
Letters on an "Organic" label
Like some clocks
Lorelai's place of business on "Gilmore Girls"
Loud kiss
Marathoner's focus
Mens rea, for example
Monk's style
Most lachrymose
Name associated with blue ribbons
Neighbor of New York: Abbr.
On the ___
Over it
Partake of
Position held by a woman at roughly 10% of Fortune 500 companies
President during the Era of Good Feelings
Prisoner's reprieve
Process of cell division
Protection against tampering
Reaching across
Roger's cousin?
Sidekick of 1950s TV
Slop spots
Something to pick up at will call
Staff note
Subject line abbr.
Symbol of industry
TV relative who wears a bowler hat and sunglasses
Take baby steps
Technology used in seafloor mapping
Transports not allowed on highways, in brief
Trial figure
U.S. city where the frozen margarita was invented
Vape's lack
Walked for a cause
Went from a trot to a canter, say
What the March Hare dips his watch in