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Crossword Hints for "New York Times"

29 March 2023

2016 Lucasfilm production starring Felicity Jones
Adornment that may have a certain charm
Ancient Greek city-state
Apples with chips
Apples with chips Crossword Clue
Arizona player, informally
Bargain bin finds
Bathroom remodeling specialist
Be the head of, as a band
Bit of sleepwear
Busy professional in Apr.
Call upon, as for a position
Call upon, as for a position Crossword Clue
Challenge for a fire-walker ? and an anagram of 25-Down
'Details, please ??'
Dos + seis
E.V. battery capacity unit
Ernst who studied sonic booms
Farm structure
Fasteners near hasps ? and an anagram of 11-Down
Followed a curve
Friends and associates, in slang
Grass and clay, for tennis
In good shape financially
In good shape financially Crossword Clue
Inserts used in orthodontics
Intro to -logical
Irksome buzzer
Justin Timberlake's former band
Like a laundry pile
Like a wet blanket
Like galleys
Loaded chip
More than a stone's throw away
Newsroom folks, for short
Not self-sufficient
Nuptial exchanges
Paid table stakes
Passed without flying colors
Prelude to bandwidth throttling
Prepared to pop the question, say
Presidential candidate of 1992 and 1996
QB goof: Abbr.
Ranch sound
Rite Aid competitor
Root for
'Say ___'
Snowboards, in lingo
Some scrubbers
Some scrubbers Crossword Clue
Something a Tesla driver doesn't need to carry
Specialized tableware for serving some Mexican food ? and an anagram of 17-Across
Supposed Roswell crasher
Talks sweetly
Thai dish that translates as 'fried with soy sauce'
The Eiger, for one
Tolkien horde member
Tubular pasta variety
Twined together
Up to now
Vocational training provider ? and an anagram of 55-Across
Vote for
Wish undone
Word with tall or short
Word with tall or short Crossword Clue
Yearns (for)
Yogi's balancing stance with arms overhead
___ Sea, outlet of the Amu Darya
___ Tagesspiegel (German daily)
'___ you serious?'
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