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Crossword Hints for "New York Times"

8 March 2021

'60s hallucinogenic
Ace of spades or queen of hearts
Actor Philip with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Actress Priyanka who was 2000's Miss World
Baghdad's land
Baseball glove
Before, poetically
Biblical twin of Jacob
Big name in transmission repair
Bit of concert equipment
Bothered state
Catch sight of
Change domiciles
Cheer at a bullfight
Classic Pontiac sports cars
Complicated, as a divorce
Connector between levels of a fire station
Dragon in 'The Hobbit'
Drew for an atlas
Fakes out of position, as in football
'Father' of 13-Down
Faucet attachments
Football scores, for short
Go to
Golden state?
Greek M's
Hazards for offshore swimmers
'I'm listening'
'I'm shocked!,' in a text
Legendary queen and founder of Carthage
Lie in the sun
Manufacturing of factory goods, e.g
'Me too'
Middle part of the body
Much-visited Indonesian isle
NPR host Shapiro
'Night' memoirist Wiesel
Noted children's research hospital
One of over 200 recognized by the American Kennel Club
One-named Irish singer
Org. in 'Zero Dark Thirty'
Percussion item that's shaken
Playwright O'Neill
Prevent, as disaster
Religion based in Haifa, Israel
Sandwich often served with mayo
Schoolyard friend
Shared with, as a story
Singer Bareilles
Stone for a statue
Subject of this puzzle
Swear (to)
Tasket's partner in a nursery rhyme
Tennis score after deuce
Tennis's Agassi
The Monkees' '___ Believer'
Tries some food
U.S. sports org. with many prominent Korean champions
Uncle ___ (patriotic figure)
'What goes up must come down,' e.g
Writings of Ph.D. candidates
Young lady
'___ Beso' (1962 Paul Anka hit)
'___ and Bess'
'___ be surprised'