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Crossword Hints for "New York Times"

3 August 2021

'... or so ___ say'
'10 ___ or less' (grocery sign)
1980 Devo hit
A pun is said to be the lowest form of this
Attendants at a heavenly throne
Biblical suffix with do or go
Body parts sometimes compared to steel
Butler in a romance
Caregivers' org
Clears up a jumble
Cry just before the guest of honor arrives at a surprise party
Cultivate a garden plot, in a way
Dealership offering
Dole's 1996 running mate
Feature of some dresses
Fiscal subj
Follower of Navy or presidential
Frequent quotation attribution: Abbr
Funders of many campaign ads, in brief
Gillette razor brand
Ground transportation hub
Happy as a ___
Harold who directed 'Groundhog Day'
Hindi 'master'
'How ___ Your Mother'
Informal eateries
Key of Bach's 'The Art of Fugue'
Kit ___ bar
Land in 'Game of Thrones'
Less contrived
Low-carb kind of diet
Melodramatic cry
Milliner's creation
Mulligan, to a golfer
Musical that was the highest-grossing movie in 1978
No-good cars
Occasion that people are dyeing to celebrate?
Old TV star with the catchphrase 'I pity the fool'
One-pointer in horseshoes
Oscar-winning Zellweger
Out ___ limb
Place to walk a dog
Playwright David
Presses into service
Private eye, in old lingo
Problem on a vinyl record
Proofreader's directive
Put an edge on
Raison ___
Run ___ light
Santa ___, Calif
Scrape (out)
Singer Bareilles
Singer/musician with the Imagine Peace website
Soldier's food packet, for short
Soon-to-be alumni: Abbr
Sportscaster Andrews
Start of a carol title
Suffix with bachelor
T-Mobile acquisition of 2020
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame locale
They help with course selection
Times Square sign for B'way fans
Unkempt person
Venmo's parent company
Villain in the book of Esther
Violin bow application
Website designer's code
What you might do after some financial trading ... or in this puzzle?
'You betcha'
___ bowl (fruity treat)