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Crossword Hints for "New York Times"

11 May 2021

*Nine to five, at a factory
*Running bill at a bar
*Steps taken in an emergency?
*The pill, e.g
*What closets and attics provide
2012 Grammy winner for 'Channel Orange'
About, on a memo
Actor Wilson
Arizona tribe
Became old enough for
Bit of mint
Born: Fr
Candy sold in pairs
Capital of Oman
Carolyn ___, pen name on 'Nancy Drew' books
Casual ... or a hint to the answers to the five starred clues
Checker that makes it to the other side of the board
Dew Drop ___ (historic New Orleans nightclub)
Division of Dante's 'Inferno'
'Don't worry about me'
Email folder
Enemy in 'Mulan'
Free snacks in the break room, e.g
French bread?
Frequent result between two chess grandmasters
Gossip, informally
Great delight
Gymnast Korbut
Half of a Chinese symbol for dualism
Harper ___, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' novelist
Have to pay
Implement in a soup tureen
Injury from a jellyfish
Joe of 'GoodFellas'
Join a call, with 'on'
'Lawrence of Arabia,' for one
Letter-shaped building girders
Like toast left too long in the toaster
Log splitter
Most spooky
Networks that deliver electricity
Neuter, as a pet
Not go well together
One might say 'Recalculating' after a wrong turn
One who studies asanas and pranayama
One-named singer with the 2019 #1 hit 'Without Me'
Online craft fair, of sorts
Orangutan or gorilla
Place to crash
Prepare a field for seeding
Promote, as a product
Quickly, in music
Recycling receptacle
Reverberating sound
Separator of Ukraine and Turkey
Sports team bigwig
Stand-up comic Kevin
Take to court
Tease, with 'of'
Teen's facial woe
Tender spot
That: Sp
The 'A' of I.P.A
'The Tonight Show' host before and after O'Brien
Theme park with the ride Soarin' Around the World
They're often served mushy in England
Tina of Pixar's 'Soul'
Tries to win over
Twitter thumbs-up, informally
Vehicles in some tabloid photos
Wall St. debut
Western ___ (college course, informally)
Where the Blues Brothers debuted, for short