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LA Times Crossword Puzzle Answers

One of the most well-known crossword puzzles in the English speaking world is the crossword puzzle found in the LA Times. This crossword puzzle is not only popular among west coast fans but established itself across the US continent, especially now that they offer their crossword puzzles daily online, which means you don’t need to live in LA to receive the LA Times crossword puzzle right at your doorstep. Ah, the beauty of the 21st century. And get this, in these contemporary times, you can easily find LA Times crossword answers and solutions online during troubled times!

About LA Times Crosswords

The history of the crossword puzzle in the United States is quite a fascinating tale. Though the game was initially made in England as a child’s game, it was later exported to the United States and revamped and reshaped into an adult’s pastime. The crossword puzzle didn’t truly establish itself in these prestigious newspapers only until after the attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War, where publishers and editors agreed the American people needed something to take their preoccupied minds off the war, and what better way to capture the minds of the people than with a challenging crossword puzzle game? By the 1950s, the game had certainly established its role in the Times newspaper across the continent and has been a raging success ever since. Now, the LA Times crossword puzzle, like the New York Times crossword puzzle, publishes a new crossword puzzle daily, yes, daily. You can access the LA Times crossword puzzle directly on their website (and don’t forget to check out the LA Times crossword answers and solutions during your most challenging moments!)

LA Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Online, on the LA Times website, you can access new crossword puzzles which are updated daily. So, if you don’t have any summer plans this year, you may want to start cracking the LA Times crossword and add it to your daily routine, unless of course you have a day job or need to go to school and study, then you can play every other day. Imagine what it’s like to generate a new crossword puzzle every day! The LA Times crossword puzzle was such a success and brought so many new fans and users that they decided to add more games and puzzles to their site to keep their fan base high and mighty. The games, like the crossword and sudoku, are absolutely free. And, while the crossword puzzles are added daily, the LA Times crossword puzzle answers are offered online just as quickly, imagine that. This way, you can finish each crossword puzzle daily and move on to the next one the very next day without getting left behind. Can you imagine how much knowledge you’ll acquire by the end of your first crossword puzzle week? It’s like learning a new language. It certainly must exercise similar areas of the brain as learning to play the piano, or understanding ancient Greek.

How to Improve Your Performance

There are several useful tips and tricks for solving a crossword puzzle, especially during the most challenging moments. Here is a list of some of our very best suggestions for solving an LA Times crossword puzzle, game complete. 

Step One: Do whatever you got to do to get focused and shut your mind off from any external distractions. If you need to go to a quiet place, do that, otherwise plug in some headphones and start stimulating that brain. Most people find it beneficial to solve the puzzle in a quiet place, but then again, loads of individuals are solving crossword puzzles in the subway on their way home from work! 

Step Two: Fill in all the answers you know and skip the clues you can't solve until the board is filled in with all the answers you’re absolutely sure of. 

Step Three: Once you’ve completed all the definite answers, start guessing. You’d be surprised at how many guess answers work out. 

Step Four: If one of your answers proved wrong, even if you thought it was a sure thing, don’t be afraid to erase that answer and start again. 

Step Five: The Times is known for favoring underrepresented letters like ‘K,’ ‘Y,’ and so on, so try filling in letters across the board and see what works. 

Step Six: If your crossword puzzle has an assigned theme, then you’re in luck because all of those answers will stick to the theme through and through. 

Step Seven: Tenses in the clue always align with the tense in the answer, so if your clue is written in the present tense and your answer only works with a past tense verb, you probably need to think again. 

Step Eight: Whenever a clue ends in a question mark, it usually means the answer will be a play on word. 

Step Nine: When you just can’t figure out the answer, step away from the game and return after a fresh bite of air. Usually, you’ll find that an answer or two will come to you very quickly upon your return. 

Step Ten: When you’re absolutely stuck on an LA Times crossword clue and you’ve followed all the necessary tricks, look up the LA Times crossword solutions and answers online, they're there for only one reason. 

Step Eleven: Never give up, you got this! 

Fun Crossword Puzzle Facts

  • The crossword puzzles printed on Monday is typically the easiest crossword puzzle of the week. 
  • The word "crossword" made its first appearance in the Oxford English Dictionary as early as 1933.
  • Most American crossword puzzle boards are 15x15, except when the puzzle is purposefully made larger, but it keeps to its odd number cells, 17x17, or 19x19 to ensure symmetry. 
  • No word can be repeated in a grid
  • The word-answer will never be written in the clue
  • The black cells are arranged in a way that there are no two-letter words on the board
  • Profane words are generally not allowed in the crossword puzzle
  • All word answers are real words and can be found in the dictionary

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