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Very, very funny Vacation vehicle Visible play area Visible play area Vitamin guidelines, briefly Vacationers on a ranch Violent mob member Very funny happenings VIP of a parade in March "Viva Max!" actor Village People classic Very crowded Very full Very full Vitamin B-complex acid Vitamin B acid Vitamin acid Vitamin-B acid Vehicle of yore "Vacancy" Village People hit song Vanity case? Village People classic Vanity case? Very, very hot Very hot Vanity case? Vanity case? Vanity case? Very attractive Very attractive. Viral web sensations Vehicle's lamp is returned with pleasure Very much Violins of a sort. Very large, to Elizabethans. Village People classic Veldt creature V close pals Video-clip show hosted by Ahmad Rashad Verified, in a way Van Gogh's home in France Visitor to a salt lick V.O.A.'s outfit Venn diagram sets, usually Vandalizer's footwear Van Gogh work Visa balance, for example Vehicle I put on charge Virgin Australia hub Vessel with a spout V in Roman numerals Vi ___ (I pray you): It. Va. site of the U.S. Army Women's Museum Very devoted collectors Veggies at the golfers' banquet? Very small birds. Vagabonds Va. site of the U.S. Army Women's Museum Vessel in a break room "View From the Top" star Vermin even includes stoat (6) Violin stroke symbolized by a V Verbal gems VH-1 alternative Vessel for Aquarius Va. military center Vulnerable to attack. Vote by __ of hands Vote by __ of hands Vietnamese noodle soup Vet disembowelled small creature Vehicle of 60 Down Very rich Russian Vehicle in the fare trade? Vice Vacation time, informally Vase-shaped pitcher View alternatively found in place with a canal Vestige "V" of VIP Verified smarty-pants Village People hit with a spelled-out title Vegetables expert should know them! View from an outdoor French bistro Varieties of a soft mineral. Verdant, leafy Visibly horrified V. I. P. in Rome. Vital ship's timber. Vintner's purchase VirusScan developer VirusScan developer Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes "VoilГ !" cries Verbal flourishes Volcano features Vehicle capable of jackknifing View scene regularly omitted Volunteer baby sitter, sometimes Voice above bass Very special goody Visible gas Vessel Vermont winter destination Very unsophisticated "Visit from St. Nicholas" preposition Velocity in both directions somewhere far from earth Visible air Vehicles with booms Visible air Visible gas Venezuelan river Vessel similar to a dePAs Virtual inbox fill Vast arid area of Australia. Very, in slang Very, in slang Very, in slang Very, slangily Vein: Latin. Very, in slang Vein: Anat. Vein: Lat. Variety of smoked salmon Vidal ___ (shampoo brand) Variety of Chinese with eight subgroups Verb in a letter to Santa Venture too far having completed stretch of river Veep elected in 1968 Verbal ___ VIP in Yemen. Visitor at Knock has been to Lourdes Vicki Lawrence sitcom role V-shaped indentation Vending machine tricker Vaccine pioneer Vaccine developer Vaccine developer Albert Vaccine pioneer Valuable vaccine Vaccine developer Albert VIP's on the "floor." Very upset, with "off" Vaccine developer Virtual letter Very carefully Vaccine name Vaccine developer Vaccine pioneer Vaccine pioneer Vaccine pioneer Victory and draw for First Fifteen after losing the first friendly, is bound to generate a lot of energy Virologist Albert Vidal of hair care Vidal of hair care Very awkward Village high points Vigilant guardian. Vicious gatekeeper employed in Barking? Variant of 11-Down Very thin, as clouds Vehicle that hovers in air Vagabonds Variety of peeve Vagrants Violin virtuoso Vein quests Vassar students beginning in 1969 Very slowly Vegas venture Verbal tirades Vast Russian plains. Vitality Vessel made of logs Versailles-to-Paris dir. Veal and venison Very roomy (9) Victor s crown source Virtuous type Virile fellow. Vote down "Vanity Fair" director Villain in Esther Vocation of King Arthur's men. Vicks mentholated ointment Vanilla Smoothie Bikini Crème maker Very brief moment, for short Vineyard unit Volcano's products. Visibility reducers Visibility hamperers Visibility reducers Vague states of mind Visibility obstacles Visibility spoilers Vapors. Visibility reducers Visibility spoilers Visibility reducers Visibility reducers Vandals, e.g. Village in Northumberland, scene of battle in 1388 Vaulted recess Vanes of feathers. Vice president with a "Jr." in his name Various, as chocolates Vichyssoise veggie Verne character. Vrooms the engine Visitor's vehicle parked outside alley is stripped '--, verily' Very long time Viewing instrument Vampire's fear Verse, part 6 Value of snake eyes Valerie Plame's former employer Vessel on a saucer Vessel for the Mad Hatter Vessel for hyson Vessel with a bag, maybe Vessel with a bag, maybe Vessel for a popular drink Violent players may be plastered Visitor for the holidays, maybe Very, in Vichy Vehicle on tracks Vehicle on a track Vehicle that's right on track? Viking's landing place Vehicle that's right on track? Vehicle on a track Vase Virginia of Virginia, 1587. Vicks VapoRub ingredient Vicks VapoRub ingredient Vicks VapoRub ingredient VapoRub ingredient Variety's st. Variety of Indian tea Value of a Benjamin Value of a Benjamin Video game whose working title was Micropolis Valuables from the ocean floor Very small in scale