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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 312

Vertical door part Vault for the dead Vegetables tossed together to make a healthy snack Violation in a game of soccer Volkswagen's old slogan "Das ___" Vase spotted at funerals Very less in quantity Very keen Very young one ___ Valley, brand of organic yogurts Venomous snake from the land of pyramids Videos you may skip on YouTube, for short Valiant and full of nerve Vulgar or offensive comment, say Vino ___ (dry wine) Very dark, to the poetry circle Vegetable that sounds like a letter of the alphabet Viral illness, for short Very heavy units of weight Visible sign of hard work Vintage Italian scooter Vessel in Keats' poem Verse of praise Vietnamese New Year Valuable rock from a mine Victor Nunez's film in which Peter Fonda plays a beekeeper and for which he received an Academy Award nomination: 2 wds. Vehicle that can ferry a whole lot of people Vegan protein source Vampire's biting tool ___ vera, succulent with medicinal benefits Violent wind often shaped like a funnel Vegetable which is an anagram of "ape" V-neck or polo, for short Viral infection affecting the salivary glands Very many, with "of" Victory ___ (winner's celebratory extra round) Voice from an iPhone Vase with a base Vehement speech Voice higher than tenor Vulnerable spot for Achilles? Villain's opponent Veiled oath: 2 wds. Validate a will Vulture of "Spiderman: Homecoming" who is the voice behind V.A. Vandemere in the fantasy adventure film, "Dumbo": 2 wds. Vietnamese New Year Very small amount Visualize Visionary organ? Vast expanse of water smaller than an ocean Violinist Leopold Villain's foe? Vehicle from another planet: Abbr. Vegas opener? Vendor's place, for short Veiled oath: 2 wds. Vote in favor Very small amount Violinist Camilla ___ "Viva Las Vegas" actress ___-Margret Vogue featured supermodel Carangi, whose life was dramatized by Angelina Jolie on-screen Vegetable that may make you cry Visit different places for leisure or work Very distant Version of a software that is almost ready Vino ___ (dry wine) Vietnamese soup Volleyball barrier Veggie that comes out of a pod Viva voce format Vito Corleone's title in "The Godfather" Violinist Camilla ___ Very small amount Vehicle that may be a part of alien conspiracy theories: Abbr. Visibly astounded Vehicle for a news team Vote against ___ Vettel, German Formula One driver who finished second in 2018 World championships Voice artist who has given voice to Squidward Tentacles in "SpongeBob SquarePants": 2 wds. Venetian traveler Marco ___ Visionary's spark VCR insert? Vote a candidate into office ____ Verde National Park, Colorado Very very old ____ visit to (call on): 2 wds. Vatican leader Val Kilmer's sci-fi thriller film from 2000 about an interplanetary mission to Mars: 2 wds. Violent or bloody Virginia Woolf's novel about a day in the life of a woman in England post World War I: 2 wds. ___ Valley, brand of organic yogurts Victor's words after the final move: 2 wds. ___ vu (feeling of already having experienced something) Vase that rhymes with "earn" ___ Valley, Arizona Voice actor popular for his role as Fred Jones from "Scooby-Doo" and is voicing Abu the monkey in 2019 film "Aladdin": 2 wds. Very similar to or something Video chat need, for short Voice actor of "Daffy Duck," Blanc "___ Venice," romantic comedy by Shakespeare in which the main characters are Antonio and Portia: 3 wds. Video game pioneer Vow that ends bachelorhood: 2 wds. Ventilates Vietnamese new year Very tiny amount Velvet Underground frontman ___ Reed Vapor from hot water Victorian or Renaissance, e.g. (significant stretch of time) Vanishing act word Vietnamese soup Vietnamese New Year Voice amplifier, briefly Vancouver ___, professional ice hockey team from British Columbia who play in the NHL Vegas Golden ___, professional ice hockey team from Las Vegas who play in the NHL Vessel found in the word "burn" Violinist Leopold ___ Vegetable in its natural state Voluminous hairdo Vintage photo tint Vessel used to hold ashes ___-view mirror Voice-activated iPhone assistant Volcanic debris Vigorous spirit Very long period of time ___ vera (natural soother) Very small "___, vidi, vici" (Caesar's declaration) Voyage segment View from a drone, perhaps Voice assistant on an iPhone Vase that an archaeologist would find interesting Video surveillance system: Abbr. 2002 Vin Diesel movie in which he plays Xander Cage Vast expanse beyond the earth? Valentine's Day flower Vote of support Vigilante in the manga series "Death Note" Vegan's protein source ___-view mirror Victorian or Mesozoic, for one Volume enhancers, for short Victoria Beckham, in tabloids Video-___ (online communication) Vietnamese new year Valuable possession Very small Victor Hugo's novel "___ Miserables" Viewpoint column, informally: Hyph. Video recording setup that could help catch a burglar: Abbr. Volcanic output Vet's client? ___ Valley, an organic yogurt brand Victorian ___ (period of English history) "Vive le ___!" ("Long live the King") Very small amount Vehicle that's associated with aliens: Abbr. Victorian, for one Valentine's day flower Van ___, California Visually detected Vase for storing ashes Veiled oath: 2 wds. Video chat need, for short Vast expanse smaller than an ocean "V" of VIP Volcanic spew ___ Ventura, Jim Carrey's memorable detective character Viral outbreak, for short Vietnamese soup Vodka-based pink-colored cocktail, informally Vehicle speed metric: Abbr. Venomous snake from the Nile region Vessel Jack and Jill carried up the hill Veggie in a pod Vapor in a sauna Vast expanse of salty water Visualize or observe Venue in Yokohama, Japan where the final match of 2019 Rugby World Cup will be held: 2 wds. Vietnam war protest group: Abbr. ___ Valley (Tucson suburb) Vietnamese noodle soup Visitors from another planet: Abbr. Value after addition Vino ___ (dry wine) Viscous liquid used to deep fry food Vina del ___ (city in Chile) Vanity Fair or Elle, for short Volume booster, for short Vendee ___, quadrennial solo non-stop yacht race around the world that starts and ends in France Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Varied, like some gift box chocolates: Abbr. Vegan milk source Violently crash against something "Va-va-___" Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vegetable that turns a salad red Visitors from outer space, briefly "Vive le ____!" (old French cry) Voice-controlled Amazon device "Valentine's ___," 2010 romantic comedy film starring Jessica Alba which made $216 million at the box office Victor's outburst: 2 wds. "V" of VIP Variety V in VIBGYOR Victorian ___ (period of English history) Villain's nemesis ___ vera (skin soother) Video shooter, for short Very small Voice below soprano Vitamin also known as PABA: 2 wds. Vowels apart from "a" and "u": 3 wds. Vegas sign filler Viral ailment Vehicle with a meter Vixen only has gas Volume of ice cream or ale ___ Vonn, former alpine ski racer who was the first American woman to win an Olympic gold in downhill skiing Vegas starter Vietnamese New Year Voice of Darth Vader, James____ Jones Vietnamese soup Victoria's Secret purchase, for short Vending machine bills Visualize ___ vera (soothing succulent) Vowel-shaped beam: Hyph. Very perceptive or touchy Vegetable with curly leaves ___ vera (rash curer) ___-view mirror Vincent Van ___, Dutch painter of "The Starry Night" Vase for ashes Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, for short "___, vidi, vici" (Caesar's gloat) Villain's foe ___ Ventura (private detective character played by Jim Carrey) VCR format: Abbr. Vogue or New Yorker, for short Valletta's island Vapor from a hot kettle Very heavy weight Very close Vehicle with a meter Very seldom Very excited and eager Video surveillance using cameras: Abbr. Vietnamese New Year Volcanic leftover