Word Games for Kids: Crosswords, Scrabble, and More

Word Games for Kids: Crosswords, Scrabble, and More

Playing word games can be a great way to learn while having fun! Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, hangman, and word searches are all fun activities that can help you become smarter. You can learn more different words, practice how to spell them, and even learn about other subjects by doing these times of puzzles. For instance, a crossword puzzle with clues about the Civil War would help you learn more about history.


Crossword puzzles are fill-in-the-blank word games based on clues. The puzzles contain a grid with white and black spaces. The goal is to fill in all of the correct words in the white spaces based on the clues. This is a game for all ages and can be played by yourself, with a friend, or with your family! Puzzles can be played online or by printing them out on paper. Work with a partner to solve the clues, or take on the challenge by yourself. Become a puzzle master and you can learn a lot while having fun!


Scrabble is a famous word game in which players score points by building words using letter tiles. Players must build off of words spelled by other players. Each tile has a number in the corner that shows how many points it's worth: The higher the number, the more points earned for using that letter. For example, the vowels A, E, I, O, and U are very common letters, so they're easy to use in words and not worth many points. But letters like W, X, and Z are letters that aren't used as commonly in words, so they're worth more points. Scrabble started out as a board game, but now, there are lots of different versions you can play online. This game is a little tricky and is geared more toward fourth-graders and up. Also, before you start a game, make sure you have some time to spare; this game can take an hour or more to play. Scrabble is a great game to get your brain working and help improve your vocabulary and spelling!


Hangman is not only a word game but also a guessing game! Traditionally, one player thinks of a word in their head, and then the other player(s) have to try to guess it by guessing the letters in it. The player choosing the word writes blanks for the number of letters the word has. For example, if they choose the word "park," they would write four little lines on a piece of paper. If a guessing player guesses a letter that's in the word, it's written in on the line(s) where it goes. If they guess a letter that's not in the word, the person running the game draws one part of the hangman (stick figure). The guessing players need to guess all of the correct letters before every part of the hangman is drawn to win. This game can be played on anything you can write on, like a piece of paper or a chalkboard, and there are also lots of places where you can play it online. Playing this quick game is a fun way to practice your vocabulary and spelling.

Word Search

Word searches are grids of letters. Underneath the grid of letters will be words that need to be found. Word searches have thousands of different categories to choose from; some use specific themes, like types of fruit or different colors, while others use completely random words. Once you find a word in the grid of letters, circle or highlight it and cross it off from the list. This will help you keep track of the words you have already found. This game is for all ages and can be played online or on a print copy. The more letters the grid contains, the harder it will be to find all of the words. Remember, the word should only be circled if it is spelled correctly. Take on this type of puzzle by yourself or with a partner to become a better reader and speller. Set a timer to make it more challenging!

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