Word "CANAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a bodily passage or tube lined with epithelial cells and conveying a secretion or other substance
channel, duct, epithelial duct
the alimentary canal

Part of Speech:
provide (a city) with a canal
canalise, canalize

Part of Speech:
(astronomy) an indistinct surface feature of Mars once thought to be a system of channels; they are now believed to be an optical illusion

Crossword Clues for CANAL

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Clue Source Date
Waterway with locks LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2022
Writer leaves maneater in locked passage The Guardian Cryptic 22 Jun 2022
Ear section Family Time 13 Jun 2022
One can always find a lock here Irish Times Crosaire 23 May 2022
See 8 Down The Guardian Weekend 26 Mar 2022
Amsterdam sight Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2022
Lock setting Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2022
Artificial waterway Newsday 08 Feb 2022
Gondolier's waterway Universal 26 Jan 2022
The Venetian way? New York Times 26 Dec 2021
Gondola's waterway USA Today 05 Dec 2021
Man-made waterway The Guardian Speedy 14 Nov 2021
Navigational short cut Newsday 10 Oct 2021
Passage through Panama Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2021
Venice sight Thomas Joseph 06 Sep 2021
Place for a gondola Newsday 20 Aug 2021
Inland waterway The Times Concise 05 Aug 2021
Lock setting Thomas Joseph 31 Jul 2021
Man-made waterway Irish Times Simplex 19 Jul 2021
Channel that might be blocked by a ship The Washington Post Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Venetian waterway USA Today 06 Mar 2021
Venetian channel The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2020
Prison by a lake or waterway The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2020
One of those grand types coming into Dublin seen close to Rialto? Irish Times Crosaire 31 Oct 2020
Shortcut for ships New York Times 29 Sep 2020
Lock site The Washington Post 20 Sep 2020
Lock site LA Times Daily 20 Sep 2020
Man-made waterway Universal 31 Aug 2020
Clan enraged about a waterway The Sun Two Speed 27 Aug 2020
Gondola's waterway Universal 14 Aug 2020
Vessel on a lake, artificial waterway The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Aug 2020
Artificial waterway The Times Concise 06 Jun 2020
Venice waterway Eugene Sheffer 06 Jun 2020
Lock setting Thomas Joseph 12 May 2020
Ear passage USA Today 01 May 2020
Waterway The Sun Two Speed 19 Apr 2020
Pelican allowed part in channel The Sun Two Speed 19 Apr 2020
See 3 Down The Telegraph Toughie 20 Mar 2020
Narrow strip of water Irish Times Simplex 17 Mar 2020
Venice sight Thomas Joseph 21 Feb 2020
Clan upset about American waterway The Sun Two Speed 06 Feb 2020
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