Crossword Clues for WINES

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Clue Source Date
Potables in kiddush and the Eucharist New York Times 07 Sep 2022
Chardonnay and others USA Today 18 Jul 2022
Sommelier's offerings USA Today 10 Mar 2022
Cabs you can find in Napa, say Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2022
Maipo Valley exports New York Times 08 Jan 2022
Vintages Canadiana 13 Dec 2021
Bibliophile : books :: oenophile : ___ New York Times 17 Oct 2021
They come with bouquets New York Times 12 Sep 2021
Alcoholic drinks The Times Concise 31 Aug 2021
Ports opening in 14 across near Slea Head Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jun 2021
Burgundy and Bordeaux Thomas Joseph 03 May 2021
Napa Valley beverages USA Today 01 May 2021
They're drunk in all directions around the institute Irish Times Crosaire 02 Mar 2021
Cellar stock Eugene Sheffer 05 Feb 2021
Sommelier’s suggestions Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2021
Drinks suggested by sommeliers USA Today 23 Nov 2020
___ and dines USA Today 13 Nov 2020
Bottles in cellars Newsday 19 Aug 2020
Cellar stock Thomas Joseph 12 Jun 2020
Claret and Cabernet Newsday 06 Nov 2019
Cabernet and chardonnay Universal 28 Mar 2019
Results of some press releases? LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2019
Results of some press releases? The Washington Post 02 Feb 2019
Sommelier's specialty
Cabernet and chardonnay
Results of some press releases?
See 37-Across The Washington Post 16 Aug 2018
See 37-Across LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2018
Sommelier's selections Universal 23 Jul 2018
Cellar supplies Eugene Sheffer 15 Jun 2018
Sommelier's suggestions Wall Street Journal 14 May 2018
See 37-Across
Sommelier's suggestions
Sommelier's selections
Port and claret LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2017
Port and claret The Washington Post 16 Aug 2017
Sommelier's bailiwick Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2017
Sommelier's stock USA Today 20 Mar 2017
Blushes, e.g Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2017
Port and claret
Sommelier's stock
Champagne and Chablis Newsday 26 Dec 2016
Some are sparkling USA Today 08 Jun 2016
Sommelier's specialty Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2016
Some are sparkling
Sommelier's stock Newsday 19 Aug 2015
Napa Valley wares USA Today 23 Jul 2015
Napa Valley wares
Cellar contents
Sommelier's stock
Sommelier's stock
Cellar stock
Inventory in an oenophile's cellar
Red and rosé
Sommelier's offerings
They're often ordered by year
Red and rosé
Chianti and Chablis
Rosés, e.g.
Reds, maybe
Some cellar contents
Reds, maybe
Some cellar contents
Burgundy and Bordeaux
Blushes, say
Napa Valley products
Sommelier's suggestions
Products of some presses
Cellar selections
Dines go-with
Dinner selections
Port and sherry
Red and white, e.g.
Reds and rosés
Viniculture study
Soave and Cabernet, e.g.
Napa Valley wares
Oenologist's expertise
Fermented juices
Port and blush
Oenologist's expertise
Malaga and Marsala e.g.,
Sommelier's recommendations
Sauce ingredients, sometimes
Menu category
Subject of this puzzle
Some are sparkling
Ports, for example
Claret and rose
Sommelier's suggestions
Claret and port
Rhone Valley exports
Soave and Cabernet
Pouilly-Fuisse and others
Sommelier's stock
Sommelier's offerings
Cellar contents
Hock and sack
Napa Valley products
Sommelier's charge
Sommeliers' concerns
Malaga and Madeira
Port and Est Est Est
Médoc and hock
California products
French exports
Hock and port
Tokay, sack, etc.
Grape products
Exports from 4 Down
Zinfandel and others.
Zeltinger and zinfandel.
Products of New York State.
Product of California.
Cellar contents.
Products of California.
Contents of a cellaret.
Chateau products.
Sack and port.
Riesling, Zinfandel, etc.
Subject of oenology.
Vouvray and Moselle.
Xeres and Riesling.
Product of New York State.
Products of New York state.
What oenologists study.
Products of California and New York.
Regales lavishly.
Sommelier's suggestions
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