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Game players know how important searching for words by length is. Focusing on the entire board and prioritizing word length can really help you out when playing your favorite word games! One way to do this is by memorizing the 107 two-letter and 3-letter words in the OSPD, the Official Scrabble Dictionary, or the Words with Friends Official Dictionary. Finding words by word length like this won't give you huge point potential, but they can help you stay on top of the game.

Using an online tool to elevate your player status is also important; this way, if you have a combination of 7-letter word tiles, you could gain a BINGO by taking your letters and unscrambling them to make -unscrambled words.

Our Word Lists

Learning to select words by word length is the next step to elevating your gaming strategy. Finding high-scoring words in games like Scrabble and WWF is very important, as is optimizing space on the game board for your character array. Placing an X-letter tile, for example, on a triple-letter or triple-word space, is always going to be a good idea as it will gain you a bigger score! But how do you find word lengths for high-pointed tiles like X, Q, Z, and J? Simply type in your special character, and our word lists will appear.

We sort our word lists by point value, not alphabetically, unlike many dictionaries. We know players need genuine words with the most points for their game boards, so we start with the minimum highest-scoring words and end with the lowest for all your character tiles. Depending on the character input, we've got comprehensive lists for 5-letter words, 7-letter words, 2-letter words, and much more!

Using Our Word Unscrambling Tool To Search For Words By Word Length

Character count is crucial, not just in your favorite word games. You can sort through word lengths for informational purposes, ensure passcode security, and improve your English vocabulary skills. Here is how to use our device to unscramble letters.

  1. Search for words by word length by using our search bar. You can select anything from 2-letter words up to 15-letter words.
  2. To improve your results, type in starting and ending letters.
  3. Use wildcards for missing letters or blank tiles.
  4. Ensure you've got high-scoring words by filtering through the results and choosing the word-by-word length with the highest point value.
  5. Improve your knowledge of regular expressions in the English language by checking out our unscrambler tool.
  6. Our jumble solver can also be used for other popular word games like Wordscapes and Scrabble Go.

Other Uses Of Words By Length Tools

You can also use our word lists for other purposes; check out how here.

Informational Purposes

Sifting through word-length lists is great for understanding how letter patterns work in English, especially when making words with Q without a U. Adjacent letter pairs like OU, TH, ER, and ON have a high frequency in many words, YOU, THERE, WINTER, or PRIZEMONEY. You can also use words by word-length lists to create new passwords for 8-letter words. Coding skills aren't necessary, as hackers might not expect words like BUZZBOMB, CHAZZANS, or BUZZBAITS.

Improving English Language Skills

Children, in particular, are sponges, as they retain information far more quickly than adults. Scroll through our word length lists, check dictionary definitions, and alight curiosity for words in the youngest generation. ESL language learners could also benefit from these lists to improve their vocabulary skills and knowledge of English. Use these word lists to help you learn new words, and improve your status bar for your favorite word games!

FAQs - Tips and Tricks

How can word lists help me search for more words?

Word lengths can open up many possibilities for game players and word enthusiasts alike. Searching for words by word length helps people see how many possibilities they can make on the game board or off it. By scrolling through word lists, you can discover more letter combinations than you ever thought possible.

How can unscrambling tools help me?

Unscrambler tools take your combinations of letters and special characters to create new words. They are particularly useful for balancing your rack and making clever combinations to gain double-word scores. You can also use it as a reference tool to check the legitimacy of a character array.

How do I use my jumbled letters?

Use your jumbled letters to make legitimate words. Unscramble letters on your rack by placing common suffixes like -ING and RE- apart from the rest if you can. If you've got any higher-scoring tiles like Q and Z, keep those apart until you can play them.