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What's a Word Unscrambler?

Online Word Unscrambler tools get you help when you most need it for all your favorite word games. Enter your combination of letter vowels, consonants, and syllables into the input box. The jumbled letters are then rearranged, and legitimate words are created from your random letters. Our letter unscrambler will give you a series of word combinations from the sequence of letters you entered, leaving you free to place the best options for crossword puzzles, puzzle games, and other popular board games.

Need to find adjacent letters? Or an assortment of letters? Or maybe you're after some common letter pairs, carry on reading, and we'll give you plenty of letter ideas!

How Can I Use Word Unscramblers?

Word Unscrambler helps you find the best cheats and highest-scoring words for Scrabble, Words with Friends, and any word game you choose to play. Unscramble cheats are very easy to use with these simple steps and tips.

  1. Enter your letter combinations into the search bar. This can be a combination of consonants and vowels.
  2. Use the search button for starting and ending letters.
  3. If you're looking for words containing a sequence of letters, you can enter them without a space in the search box.
  4. You can use the unscrambler tool to search for missing letters in a word. Say, for example, you want to find a word with A _ _ P. Simply type in A _ _ P into the search bar, and it will unscramble your sequence of letters so that you can utilize the best words to win the most points.
  5. Enter up to 2 wild card tiles by typing in a question mark (?) or a space.
  6. Suppose you need to find a specific word by length. Type in the length of the word you need, and the unscrambler cheat will do the rest!
  7. With our handy intuitive tool, you can select the games you play. Whether you need eligible words for Words with Friends or legitimate combinations for Scrabble following the Scrabble Dictionary, our word solver will unscramble the letters for you, allowing you to discover words for the scrambled letters on your rack.

Unscramble The Letters You Have

One of the main functions of an online tool, like a word unscrambler, is to take scrambled letters and turn them into legitimate words for games like WWF, Scrabble, and other puzzle games. Unscramble your letters to make genuine, legitimate, and fact-checked words for informational purposes or to play games. Tap on the options, add in your wildcard characters, and you'll see if you can use them for your game. With our Word solver, you can enter up to 15 letters to find a wide range of words, and if you need to filter through a specific dictionary, we've got an option for that too! Need to know the definition of the word you've chosen? The definition can give you a fresh perspective, helping you see what combinations of letters make original words.

Unscrambling Words

You can also use an online word letter scrambler to unscramble jumbled words! This is a great tool to use if you want to improve your knowledge of the English language or work on your vocabulary. We know that English can be difficult, and sometimes intuitively, spelling and pronouncing words can be tricky, especially when dealing with homophones. Fact-check your vocabulary with our Word Unscrambler at the click of a button and use it as a reference tool to help you win more games!

9 Tips and Tricks To Get Word Scramble Help

We have tons of tips for unscrambling words from jumbled letters; it's all about strategy! It's important to develop a tried and tested strategy to unscramble letters.

Check out word scramble help, specially designed to get your list of letters into cohesive words.

  1. Look at your rack or board and identify the sequence of letter vowels you have to play with. There are strictly only 5 in English, so they should be pretty easy to find. Every word needs a vowel to make sense, and remember that the letters "W" and “Y” can sometimes function as vowels too!
  2. Next, look at your consonant tiles and try to match them up with the vowels you've got. Have a piece of paper to hand, or use our word unscramble cheat if you're struggling. Most of the time, people need to see the words written down to come up with words from the sequence of letters they have, so having a cheat tool might help with your current letter tiles!
  3. Play around with affixes like -ly, -less, -ing, ir-, or dis-. Suffixes, prefixes, and infixes can lengthen and complicate the words you come up with to win you the most points.
  4. Starting with 2-letter words is a great way to go at the beginning, especially in the first half of the game. However, it's worth noting that if you give your opponent a chance to add to your words with affixes, they may win more points, so use this tip carefully.
  5. Play around with language! Word games are designed to get your brain thinking about letter word ideas. They also have the added benefit of improving your vocabulary, so play around, and you'll be able to see what words work.
  6. In Scrabble, take full advantage of the "S" and blank letter tiles that you can enter as wildcard characters into the search box. These can significantly help you but be aware there are only 4 "S" letter tiles in any game, so try to use them when they add eight or ten points to a turn.
  7. Blank tiles might not be worth any points, but they can be used as wildcard characters, so use them on a 7-letter word or more.
  8. Memorize words using a jumble solver for words that contain the letters Q, Z, J, and X. These are some of the most valuable letters to place on the board with Scrabble and Words With Friends. If you play them correctly, you could win big points.

Top 10 Unscramble Examples

See? You are well on your way to winning big points, but before using our unscramble tool, check out some of the best jumbled 7-letter examples. We have plenty of 2-letter word lists and 3-letter word lists on our page, so check them out for more letter-word ideas!

Here are some authentic 7-letter words that you can use alongside the Scrabble word list and WWF.

  1. CDMYEAA - Academy
  2. MFINORC - Confirm
  3. MAINODD - Diamond
  4. YJEOUNR - Journey
  5. IRUIQNI - Inquiry
  6. TQRUEAR - Quarter
  7. QIURECA - Acquire
  8. EETRNUV - Venture
  9. HHEETRW - Whether
  10. BEERYHT - Thereby

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