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For centuries, people have used anagrams to create puzzles and pass secret messages. You can find examples of these fun phrases in ancient Greek and Latin sources. Rearranging letters of names and phrases to form something new was a sign of education and wit. This tradition continues today, and online tools like our Anagram Solver make anagram creation and deciphering accessible to everyone.

Understanding Anagrams

An anagram is like a word jumble except that both the puzzle and its solution have meaning. In this type of wordplay, all the letters of the puzzle must also appear in the solution. For example, LISTEN is an anagram of SILENT, and HEART is an anagram of EARTH.
Longer phrases provide a greater challenge and point to a clever puzzle maker. The author EDWARD GOREY sometimes wrote under the pen name E. G. DEADWORRY. Famously, in the Harry Potter series, TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE is an anagram for I AM LORD VOLDEMORT.

Building Anagrams

Building an anagram allows you to unlock your creative side. You start with a word or phrase and break it into individual letters. At this point, you are a word unscrambler, turning the list of letters into something new.
There are no fixed rules about punctuation or spacing. You can start by making a list of shorter words that use your letters and turn them into a phrase. For example, FUNERAL can turn into REAL FUN.
It can take a few tries to find something that works. You may find some easy starting words but realize that there are unused letters that will not fit. A few tips can help you at this point.

Start with Parts of Words

As you look at your list, watch for common prefixes and suffixes to add later. EX, ER, and TION may be just what you need to complete your anagram.

Search for Letter Combinations

Dealing with consonants is the hardest part of anagram building, so finding consonant clusters will help the process. Blends like ST, SH, SCHR, and BL can serve as anchors for your words.

Place Difficult Letters First

In Scrabble, letters like X, Z, and J are worth more points because they are difficult to place. When forming an anagram, it is best to start with the challenging letters while you have the most choices for combinations.

Use Vowels Wisely

This tip goes along with the theme of making space for consonants. If you use all your vowels in the first couple of words of your anagram, you will have consonants without a home.

Using an Anagram Maker

Our anagram maker can simplify the tasks of building and solving these puzzles. It all begins with your letter list. On the Anagram Solver home screen, input the letters from your word or phrase. Once you hit the Search button, you will receive a list with all the combinations of words using your list.
Our solution list begins with the longest possible words and continues in descending order. If you are lucky, you may find that your letters can form a single word. However, a longer letter list will probably require creating a phrase with a few words.
You can continue to use the anagram finder for the next steps. If you find a word you definitely want to use in your puzzle, resubmit the remaining letters to find the possible combinations. It may take a few tries, but you will eventually have a challenge to share with your friends.

Other Applications for Our Anagram Finder

The anagram tool is also helpful for other applications that involve scrambled letters. Using an anagram solver Scrabble or Words with Friends will assist in discovering high-scoring solutions.
The filters on the tool are helpful in these games. Using the Starts With and Ends With tools edits out unnecessary answers when you are building on a specific letter. The Contains filter lets you input letter combinations to expand on word that is already on the board.
Our anagram solver will also come to your rescue for many other popular word games. When you are looking for a missing word in Wordscapes, Wordle, or Word Cookies, the tool will show you the way. Jumbled letter games like Boggle will also benefit from our unscrambling tool. Whether a formal anagram or a random collection of letters, our anagram finder will reveal the answers.