Wordle Solver

Fans of word games are probably well aware of Wordle. Once a day, millions of people around the world try to figure out a five-letter word in six guesses. The tension mounts as you approach that final guess, hoping to keep a perfect solving record. If you need a little Wordle help, our Wordle solver can assist you.

Understanding Wordle

The gameplay for Wordle is simple. Each day, the game selects a five-letter word from its dictionary. When you open the game, you will see six rows with five spaces each. You enter your first guess at the top.
When you start, you are guessing with no hints. However, after you submit your first answer, you will receive more information for your next guess. Letters in your guess that have a black background are not in the hidden word. A green background means you have placed the right letter in the proper space. Letters with a yellow background indicate a correct letter in the wrong place.
The challenge is that you have a limited number of guesses, so you do not want to waste them on poor choices. The best strategy is to get as much information as possible with each guess. If you are uncertain of your next move, employing our Wordle cheat may be a wise choice.

How to Use the Wordle Solver

Our Wordle Solver is an all-purpose word game tool. You can use it while playing Scrabble and Words with Friends as well as unscrambling anagrams. For Wordle, you will want to employ a few advanced settings.
It is best to use our tool after you have made a few guesses. By the third guess, you will have eliminated several letters and, hopefully, have at least a few spaces with yellow backgrounds. These clues are all information that you can input into the solver.
Start by setting the Length to five letters, the standard number for traditional Wordle. If you have a green background in the first or last space, put that information in the Starts With or Ends With sections.
Letters with yellow backgrounds can go into the Includes section. Inputting those letters means your results will have them somewhere in the answer in any position. You can use the Excludes box to register letters with black backgrounds and eliminate them from your choices.
The Contains setting is a powerful tool if you have more than one letter with a green background. This box allows you to input several letters including unknown letters as underscores. You will get more specific results for “S_I_T” than just saying the word includes S, I and T.

Wordle Help for Wordle and Its Clones

With the popularity of Wordle, it was only a matter of time before other versions arrived. The original game only gives one daily word. Other versions allow players to continue to solve puzzles all day long.
Wordle Unlimited gives you the traditional format but allows you to choose a puzzle of up to 11 letters. This game also does not stop at a single challenge. You can keep playing as you work through its dictionary. You will need to adjust the Length variable on the solver to match your puzzle.
Games like Crosswordle, Dordle, and Quordle vary the gameplay by having you search for more than one answer in each puzzle. Our Wordle help tool will come in handy as you work through this increased challenge.
All of these games use different dictionaries. Although there is some overlap, it is best to do the broadest search possible. In our Wordle cheat, change the Dictionaries setting to All Dictionaries to find the words you need.

Some Helpful Wordle Strategies

It Starts with One Word

Seasoned Wordle players often have a favorite starting word. This word should have five different letters and include some of the letters found in common English words. Some popular options are CRANE, STARE, MOUND, SLATE, and TRACE.

Take Your Time

Wordle remembers your answers throughout the day, so you do not need to rush to your next guess. Let your mind work on the problem before you take another stab.

Work with a Wordle Solver

When the game gets frustrating, you do not need to go it alone. Our Wordle answer tool can do some of the hard work by giving you concrete choices. With our Wordle Solver, you will never waste a guess again.