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Words With Friends Cheat - The Complete Guide

Need some Words With Friends help? Looking for a WWF cheat to help you on the way? Look no further. Here we will explain how to play this popular word game, helping you elevate your game mode and get your brain tingling with strategic thinking because, after all, we all need a little Words With Friends cheat now and again.

But First, What Is Words With Friends All About?

Words With Friends or WWF is a popular multiplayer word game that you can play amongst friends, mutual friends, or random opponents; created by Newtoy, Inc., now Zynga, in 2009 and played by millions of people. It is similar to the classic game Scrabble, as you take turns building words from your rack of letters in a crossword style on the game board. However, it's not affiliated with Scrabble in any way. In 2017, Words With Friends 2 was created, an extension of the original game with new exciting features such as newer updates and improvements, solo challenger modes, rapid-fire matches, better boosts, and a social dictionary so you can fact-check your words before placing them on the game board. Similar to Scrabble, there are 4 types of bonus squares, helping you to boost your scoring potential.

How Many Versions Of Words With Friends Are There?

There are now 4 different versions of WWF, classic, Words With Friends O.G, Words With Friends 2, and Words With Friends on social media. Our WWF cheat tool is a perfect addition to your gaming strategy. We even have an updated Words With Friends 2 cheat; simply select the game you're playing, and our word solver will do the rest.

How Do Words With Friends Cheat Tools Work?

Think of a Words With Friends cheat as an online tool. It's designed for reference, fact-checking, and much more. Imagine you're playing a game and need to check if a word exists in the WWF dictionary. Simply type in your word or your letter combinations, and not only will we tell you if it's valid, but we can also help you boost your points by offering alternatives. Here are some simple steps to follow to maximize your bonus squares and build words with the ever-popular online board game.

Use The Search Bar Function

Using the search box has never been easier; check out this step-by-step guide to using our online friends' cheat tool.

  1. Type your random combinations of letters into the search button.
  2. Enter starting or ending letters. Super useful when you have a word you need to build from an existing word on the game board.
  3. Type in what your word contains; mabye you need to find a word with the letter q or a word with z. Type it in, and we will find the best combinations.
  4. Select the game you're playing.
  5. And let our unscrambler do the rest! By using this cheat tool, you can find the best words from your jumbled letters. Scroll through the letter lists and select the best option for you.

Advanced Options

Popular word game enthusiasts need upgrades, so we have developed advanced functions just for you! Our friends cheat is not just for word searching; it is a complete WWF cheat tool, enabling you to get the words you need when you need them.

  1. Enter up to 2 wildcards per search by adding a question mark or a space. These are for the blank tiles that you get in Words with Friends.
  2. Enter the letters you want the word to contain. Choose these from your rack letters.
  3. And, or, search for words by length. We've got tons of word lists so that you can choose the complexity, type, and length.
  4. Press the search button, and our online tool will give you all the possible combinations of letters you could ever need!

Scan Through The Results List

Once you've identified your bunch of letter tiles and pressed the search function, our unscrambler tool will get to work. Scroll through the word lists; we've got 2-letter words up to 10-letter words depending on what letters you entered. Improve your vocabulary and discover more words than you ever thought possible!

Pick The Right Words Every Time

Zynga With Friends is designed to get you thinking about the distribution of letters and how they come together to win against your friends. Picking the right words is key! Select a word from the options and check out the dictionary definition, that way, you can be sure that it's valid for the game you're playing, and you can improve your linguistic knowledge by checking out its meaning. Placing them strategically on the bonus squares could win you even bigger points!


Words With Friends Help, What Are The Rules?

Though similar to Scrabble, Words with Friends has a few specific guidelines to follow. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of this beloved game.


Keep your puzzle-solving skills sharp with our handy step-by-step guide.

  1. The first word placed on the game board is built by the challenger or the person who begins the game and is worth a double score.
  2. The first word must be placed on the + symbol.
  3. Words are built horizontally or vertically.
  4. Whenever a player takes a new turn, words must be connected to existing words on the board. You can't just build words wherever you like!
  5. You can use the chat function to talk to your opponent during the game.
  6. Come back to your current game anytime you like, provided it isn't finished or against the clock.

5 steps To Win And Improve Your Vocabulary

  1. Strategically use the bonus tiles and powerups. Bonus tiles are worth big points, and powerups can help you in many ways. The average person forgets the power-ups! Purchase powerups by using collected coins, swap+ your sequence of letter tiles with new ones, check out how you could have played better with Hindsight, or discover the Word Radar.
  2. Improve your word vocabulary skills. The game will be easier if you read a lot and have a huge vocabulary. Study and memorize tricky words starting with q, j, z, or x. These letter tiles could get you a minimum score of 8-10, so they're really handy to learn! Check out our word lists of letters by length to help you.
  3. Use a word solver. Using a Words With Friends cheat isn't technically cheating. Think of it as a reference tool to help you get the most out of your game. Using a dictionary isn't cheating, so level up the playing field and discover more words as you go with a handy online tool.
  4. Play regularly. Playing word games and crossword puzzles regularly boosts cognitive functions in your brain and can improve your vocabulary and spelling skills. They are also extremely accessible, as anyone can play them!
  5. Try out other word games. Playing word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, crossword puzzles, and Wordle will help you improve your memorization skills and train your concentration skills. Plus, they're a great way to pass the time. You can also chat with random opponents on Words With Friends 2, and they have a matchmaking service, so who knows, you might meet your new romantic partner!

Game Bonuses

So, what are bonuses, and what is the advantage of bonus multipliers?

There are 4 bonus spaces in Words With Friends, which can help you gain higher scoring potential.

  • DL - double letter. Doubles the points value of a tile.
  • TL - triple letter. Triples the points value of a title.
  • DW - double word. Doubles the scoring value on the whole word.
  • TW - triple word. Triples the scoring value on the whole word.

You can also combine bonus spaces to win a high-scoring sequence of letters and word combinations. For example, if you place the word QUACK on the game board, Q is on a TL space, and K is on a TW space, you could win the following points.

  • Q (10 points x 3 = 30 points)
  • U ( 2 points)
  • A (1 point)
  • C (4 points)
  • K (5 points)


  • 30 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 5 = 42 points
  • Triple-word score - 42 x 3 = 126 points!

Playing QUACK like this could win you 126 points.

FAQs - Power-up Your Winning High-Scoring Letters

Who created Words With Friends?

David Bettner and his brother Paul Bettner developed the original Words with Friends in 2007 with Newtoy Inc.; the gaming studio, however, was sold to Zynga in 2010. Zynga now owns the rights to Words with Friends and the sequels.

Where can I play WWF?

You can download WWF on an Android smartphone or Apple Store and play it on social media.

How can I use WWF cheats?

Use WWF cheat tools to upgrade your gaming strategies. Using Words with Friends help tools can increase your vocabulary in this binge-worthy game.

How do I choose the high-scoring words?

Choosing the words to place on your board is key; you want to win big points, but you also want to stop your opponents from getting the colored squares. Choosing a combination of board letters is key; we recommend you start with 2-letter words and go from there. Memorizing word lists of varying length and complexity and using the space on the board to your advantage is crucial. Try and keep shorter words in the center of the board. That way, you can stop your opponent from scooping up double or triple bonuses.

Using a cheat tool has never been easier. Check out the meaning, fact-check the game dictionary, and use this tool to play your favorite board games!