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Our Word solver tool is designed for players to get the most out of their scrambled letters, obvious clues, and jumbled puzzles for all their favorite word games, like Scrabble, WWF, and Jumble. With practice, word scramble solvers could become a part of your gaming strategy. Use it as a reference tool and get the answers you need when you need them.

What’s A Word Scramble Solver?

Word solvers really are the future for elevating your game skills. Check out how to use ours here.

  1. Get the answer you need by typing your random letters in the search box.
  2. Find crossword solutions by typing in the clues you know and use the advanced filter options to sift through the jumble answers.
  3. Use our filtered dictionary options to turn your scrambled letters into legitimate, fact-checked words for tons of games. Check out our Scrabble solver and jumble puzzle tools.
  4. Boost your power plays by learning about the advantages of bonus squares in Scrabble.
  5. Looking for an Anagram creator to develop your own crossword solutions? Use our online cheat tool to create your very own crossword games. Simply type in combinations, and find out the tile values. Then go forth and create your own clues.
  6. Practice really makes perfect! So, keep honing your game skills and improve your vocabulary by memorizing our 2-letter and 3-letter word lists.
  7. As part of our advanced search options, you can enter up to 2 wild cards by adding a space or question mark into the input box. Use these as blank tiles or unknown letters.
  8. Make use of WWF solver tools by typing them into the search bar. Here you will discover plenty of words containing WWF.

When Do I Need A World Solver?

Use word solver tools when playing your favorite competitive word games! Scramble games are designed to boost your brain power and get your prefrontal cortex cogs working. In fact, playing popular word games like Scrabble, WWF, Jumble, and Anagrams have been studied by The International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Their study found that playing such puzzles improves memory, information processing, and attention to detail- so extra practice can only help! Nowadays, board games aren't just for the table; you can also play on your cell phone at the touch of a button, and Word solver tools are at hand to help, so use them when you need a little extra boost and improve your vocabulary skills as an added extra.

Where Can I Play Online Word Games?

Here are our top picks for the competitive word game player and the casual wordsmith.

  1. Words With Friends 2

Words with Friends is a game app where you can play against friends or random opponents. It's hugely popular, and there's also a WWF classic version. Take advantage of colored premium squares, use basic yellow squares well, and you could be on to a winner! Use a letter unscrambler to build patterns of letters on the game board.

2. Classic Scrabble and Scrabble Go

Classic Scrabble is a firm favorite in many households, and now you can play on your mobile phone with Scrabble GO. Build high-scoring words by turning your unscrambled letters into genuine words.

3. Jumble Puzzles

Some of the most popular Jumble puzzles are trademarked by USA Today Jumble Puzzle and Chicago Tribune. Jumble puzzles require jumble solutions to turn the anagrams into homophones or puns.

4. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword games are fun to play and require gamers to take the obvious clues to make horizontal and vertical words. Some of the best are The New York Times, who release a new puzzle every day, see if you can crack the Saturday puzzle, as it's supposed to be the hardest!

Ultimate Tips & Trips For Boosting Game Skills

Strategizing Using Word Clues

While navigating the world of word games, anagram games, and crossword jumbles, you may stumble across word clues. Word clues hint at the correct answer but are usually presented in cryptic or hidden forms. Optimize your gameplay by working through these cryptic clues, starting with the easiest and finishing with the hardest. If you struggle with the harder ones, make sure to use an anagram solver to fill in the blanks and find your missing words.

Combining Jumbled Letter Tiles

Word games can be tough, and you might find yourself with only a few words or letters on the board. At this point, you may ask yourself, how can I build a word from all these jumbled-up letters? The first place you want to start is learning about the patterns of letters, so remember these key tips. The position of vowels and consonants can tell you a lot about the word; remember that for the letter Q, a U will almost always follow, and generally, in English, a vowel will follow a consonant, and a consonant will follow a vowel. So, sort through the adjacent letters on your Scrabble rack before you start playing.

Knowing Letter Tiles Values

In some popular word games, letter tile values are important to keep in mind, especially in Scrabble. The assortment of letters and where you place them are also key. For example, a Q and Z are worth 10 points in a Scrabble game, so placing them on a premium letter square like a triple word score could win you big points.

Using Scrabble Solvers

A word solver is one of the most important tools in any word game player's arsenal. Word solvers work by taking your awkward letters, combinations, and available letter tiles on your rack and sorting them into game-winning words with maximum point potential. We have a specific Scrabble solver for your favorite word games, crossword solutions, and letter word lists so you can make any combination of letters by length. Want to make 6-letter words? Check out our comprehensive word lists.

In a world of crossword champions, Scrabble specialists, and Word with-Friends wizards, pushing your limits as a word games player and making successful WWF solver moves has never been more competitive. However, with our foolproof guide to word scramble solvers, you've got all you need to give yourself a leap up above the rest while playing your favorite word games!


How do I use a Scrabble Solver?

Using a word finder cheat is easy! Simply type in your extra letters and letter combinations, search for starting and ending letters, the letter contains, and search by length. Filter through your dictionary, and let the jumble solver do the rest. A reliable solver is really all you need.

How do I use hooks in Scrabble?

Optimize your letter Scrabble tiles and use hooks. Look at the entire game board and identify places where a letter tile can be placed onto an existing word. Say the word PLAY is on the board, use ED to make PLAYED, or make a 13-letter word with WRITGHTING making PLAYWRIGHTING. Look at other possible combinations using a jumble solver and refer back to a Scrabble cheat whenever you're feeling stuck.

How do I find Scrabble words?

There are three standard accepted Scrabble Dictionary word lists. The Official Scrabble Dictionary (OSPD,) The North American Scrabble Players Association word list (OTCWL, OWL, or TWL,) and The Collins Scrabble words list (CSW.) Our Scrabble word cheat tool filters through these, so you can guarantee the word you want to play is genuine.

Who trademarks Scrabble?

The respective trademark owners of Scrabble are Hasbro Inc for North America, and Mattel Inc, for the rest of the world. These are registered trademarks.

What other classic word games can I play?

There are tons of fun word games to play! You can even play online Scrabble with Scrabble Go for Android or Apple users. After a more relaxing experience on your mobile device? Check out crossword puzzles like Wordscapes and Jumble, or even play against your friends with Words With Friends 2 for Apple or WWF Classic for Android Users.

Scrabble cheat your way to victory by strategizing your premium squares! Gaining gaming help has never been easier- play crossword games, anagram puzzles, board games, and more using a handy Scrabble cheat board tool and unscramble letters to elevate yourself to a game expert level.