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Want to find Scrabble cheats for the ever-popular word game? Well, with a handy, reliable solver tool on hand for all your competitive word games, it has never been simpler! Unscramble your sequence of letters and elevate your vocabulary skills, game skills, and puzzle game knowledge with Scrabble word cheats. Beat brain freeze and enjoy this classic word game wherever you go.

How To Use A Word Finder Cheat Tool

Looking to improve your knowledge of competitive board games with a Scrabble cheat? Did you know that Scrabble even has tournaments? Competitive game players take this stuff seriously, so look at your board options and unscramble in our search bar. Here is how to use it in 6 easy steps. Looking for advanced options? Scroll down to discover more and elevate your game skills.

  1. Enter your letter combinations from your rack into the search box. You can enter up to 15 letters.
  2. Check out your board options and look for existing words on the board. Mabye you could hook onto a word already on the game board? Search for starting and ending combination of letters; it's really as easy as that!
  3. Check out the scoring letters by using the search function. We tell you how many points a word could be worth.
  4. Filter through the Scrabble dictionary, so you can be sure that the word exists.
  5. Unscramble your sequence of letters to make words.
  6. Use our Scrabble word cheats as a reference tool. You can check the definition and wow your opponents with your elevated linguistic knowledge!

Search For The Right Words With Scrabble Cheat Advanced Search Features

Serious game players need advanced search capabilities; that's why our tool has been developed to help players like you! Put your sequence of letters to good use, and check out what we've got.

  1. Boost your vocabulary skills with wildcard tiles. Enter up to 2 wildcards using a ? or space. These function as missing characters or blank tiles.
  2. Struggling to unjumble your additional letters? Enter them into word contains and let our unscrambler do its job.
  3. Searching for a specific length to make use of those bonus squares? Use the search box of our powerful tool, and search for words by length.

Winning Scrabble Game Moves

Making winning Scrabble moves is important for higher scores, and looking at the entire board to plan the next steps is also crucial. Certain winning moves can help you strategize and gain higher-scoring Scrabble letters. Here are some tips.

Making The Most Of Bingo Squares

In Scrabble, bingos are won by using 7-letter tiles in one turn. Scrabble bingos are worth big points, so keep aside common letters like TSRNILEA and use them later in the game. These random letters can be made into a 7-letter bingo bonus words like ANTLERS, ELASTIN, RELIANT, or NASTIER and could net you 50 extra points. If you place one of them on a triple letter space, you also triple that letter count!

Boost Vocabulary With 2-letter and 3-letter Words

Our Scrabble cheat board tips could help you get the most out of your letter tile values. Boosting your vocabulary skills with 2-letter and 3-letter word lists also helps! Though these letter combinations are small, they are mighty and hugely useful at keeping the game in the middle of the board- perfect for stopping your opponent from gaining bigger points on bonus squares. Double letters like OO, EE, and LL are also hugely important to keep around, as you can use them for many words. TOO, ALL, TO, MOO, and OOM are just a few. You can also use these combinations for hooking later on.

Use Scrabble Word Cheats

Put your highest-point letters to good use with Scrabble word cheats. Stuck trying to find a word? Simply type in your sequence of letters, and our powerful tool will come up with the best possible options. Select the word you want to place on the board from the word lists provided, check the definition, and use a reliable solver to get bigger scores!

Scoring Scrabble - How To Play

Want to know what each letter tile values at? Refer to this handy list and use a Scrabble cheat to find the minimum scoring of letter combinations.

0 Points - Blank tile

1 Point - A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, and U

2 Points - D and G

3 Points - B, C, M, and P

4 Points - F, H, V, W, and Y.

5 Points - K.

8 Points - J and X.

10 Points - Q and Z.

Optimizing the highest-scoring letter tiles like Q, Z, J, X, and Z is key. Try and find words beginning with Q without a U, like QI or QWERTY. Look at our Scrabble Scramble solver to discover more; just use the search box!

Scrabble History

Here's a little factoid for you for informational purposes! Alfred Mosher Butts, an unemployed American architect, created Scrabble in 1938 to encourage more people to play puzzle word games and to give some light relief to people during a time of high recession. What a man! Now devoted Scrabble players are dotted worldwide, and we have Alfred Butts to thank!

Who Has The Highest Scores In Scrabble?

Professional Scrabble ® Players are now competitive, and many Scrabble tournaments are played yearly. The largest Scrabble competition in North America takes place annually and is organized by The Scrabble Players Championship. According to the Guinness World Records, the highest score ever recorded was played by Toh Weibin, a Singaporean, at the 2012 Northern Ireland Scrabble Championship in Belfast with the TWL-approved words, BEAUXITE for 275 points, and ALLIGATEfor 122 gaining him a total of 850 points. The highest score in the US went to Mark Landsberg in 1993 at a tournament in Eagle Rock, California. Landsberg managed to swoop up a total of 770 points.


How do I use a Scrabble Solver?

Using a word finder cheat is easy! Simply type in your extra letters and letter combinations, search for starting and ending letters, the letter contains, and search by length. Filter through your dictionary, and let the jumble solver do the rest. A reliable solver is really all you need.

How do I use hooks in Scrabble?

Optimize your letter Scrabble tiles and use hooks. Look at the entire game board and identify places where a letter tile can be placed onto an existing word. Say the word PLAY is on the board, use ED to make PLAYED, or make a 13-letter word with WRITGHTING making PLAYWRIGHTING. Look at other possible combinations using a jumble solver and refer back to a Scrabble cheat whenever you're feeling stuck.

How do I find Scrabble words?

There are three standard accepted Scrabble Dictionary word lists. The Official Scrabble Dictionary (OSPD,) The North American Scrabble Players Association word list (OTCWL, OWL, or TWL,) and The Collins Scrabble words list (CSW.) Our Scrabble word cheat tool filters through these, so you can guarantee the word you want to play is genuine.

Who trademarks Scrabble?

The respective trademark owners of Scrabble are Hasbro Inc for North America, and Mattel Inc, for the rest of the world. These are registered trademarks.

What other classic word games can I play?

There are tons of fun word games to play! You can even play online Scrabble with Scrabble Go for Android or Apple users. After a more relaxing experience on your mobile device? Check out crossword puzzles like Wordscapes and Jumble, or even play against your friends with Words With Friends 2 for Apple or WWF Classic for Android Users.

Scrabble cheat your way to victory by strategizing your premium squares! Gaining gaming help has never been easier- play crossword games, anagram puzzles, board games, and more using a handy Scrabble cheat board tool and unscramble letters to elevate yourself to a game expert level.