Word "BABOON" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
large terrestrial monkeys having doglike muzzles

Crossword Clues for BABOON

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Clue Source Date
Monkey in the Old World family USA Today 19 Nov 2022
Large monkey The Times Concise 14 Oct 2022
Large monkey The Times Concise 01 Oct 2022
Primate voiced displeasure entering bar The Times Cryptic 22 Sep 2022
Primate associated with Thoth USA Today 25 Jul 2022
Big monkey The Telegraph Quick 01 Jul 2022
Source of bananas, a blessing for a monkey The Times Cryptic 22 Nov 2021
Stupid person an arts graduate given advantage The Times Cryptic 28 Oct 2021
Gorilla cousin Newsday 11 Oct 2021
Benefit of a college degree? Universal 29 Aug 2021
In Othello, Iago would change his humanity with a ____ The Times Specialist Sunday 06 Jun 2021
Cow : herd :: ___ : troop New York Times 02 May 2021
Primate The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2021
Mandrill, e.g Thomas Joseph 22 Aug 2020
Type of large monkey Irish Times Simplex 28 Jul 2020
Large monkey Newsday 22 Jul 2020
Large monkey The Sun Two Speed 02 Jun 2020
Outlaw about to shout down primate The Sun Two Speed 02 Jun 2020
Bishop with a blessing for primate The Sun Two Speed 28 Mar 2020
Ape cousin Jonesin 15 Oct 2019
Primate giving bishop a blessing The Sun Two Speed 17 Aug 2019
Hector found in bar with primate Irish Times Crosaire 06 Aug 2019
Mandrill, e.g Wall Street Journal 21 May 2019
Mandrill, e.g.
Large monkey The Times Concise 05 Oct 2018
Hector found in bar - presumably involved in monkey business Irish Times Crosaire 11 May 2018
Monkey kin Universal 08 Apr 2018
Monkey kin
Monkey The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2017
A book in favour for wild swinger? The Telegraph Toughie 10 Oct 2017
A primate The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2017
Mandrill relative Jonesin 25 Jul 2017
Primate's word of disapproval during Prohibition The Telegraph Cryptic 13 May 2017
Uncivilized sort New York Times 24 Mar 2017
Cousin of a mandrill New York Times 05 Mar 2017
Thick-furred primate LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2017
Primate's blessing coming after degree The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jan 2017
Thick-furred primate
Cousin of a mandrill
Uncivilized sort
Large monkey with dog-like muzzle Irish Times Simplex 07 Nov 2016
Primate could give bishop a blessing The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2016
Medium-sized omnivorous monkey The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Nov 2015
Large monkey with a doglike muzzle The Guardian Quick 19 Sep 2015
Large monkey Irish Times Simplex 02 Sep 2015
Scholar blessing monkey The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jul 2015
Mandrill, e.g Eugene Sheffer 27 May 2015
Square-muzzled primate Eugene Sheffer 28 Mar 2015
Big monkey Universal 03 Feb 2015
Primate bestowing blessing on graduate The Times Cryptic 20 Jan 2015
Serengeti primate Newsday 18 Jan 2015
Serengeti primate
Large monkey
Big monkey
Dogfaced primate
Ape cousin
Primate with a doglike muzzle
Botswana beast
Mandrill, for one
African monkey
Type of monkey
Terrestrial monkey
Mandrill, e.g.
Old World monkey
Dogfaced primate
Monkey type
Large monkey
Large monkey
Largest monkey
Mandrill, for one
Zoo beast
Fierce monkey
Type of baboon
Mandrill, for one
Square-muzzled primate
Coarse dimwit
A monkey's uncle?
Short-tailed monkey
African monkey
Zoo animal
Large ape
Dog-faced ape
Relative of the mandrill.
Short-tailed monkey.
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