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Word "BED" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a depression forming the ground under a body of water
he searched for treasure on the ocean bed

Part of Speech:
have sexual intercourse with
bang, be intimate, bonk, do it, eff, fuck, get it on, get laid, have a go at it, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, have sex, hump, jazz, know, lie with, love, make love, make out, roll in the hay, screw, sleep together, sleep with

Part of Speech:
single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance
slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach

Crossword Clues for BED

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Clue Source Date
Place of relaxing comfort for many Family Time 11 Apr 2021
Where to plant flowers Universal 10 Apr 2021
Where dreams are made New York Times 04 Apr 2021
Night spot Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2021
Sleep spot Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2021
Fragment of YouTube diatribe typical of one of those in The Plot Irish Times Crosaire 20 Mar 2021
Board companion LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2021
Where to find flowers Newsday 13 Mar 2021
Nap location Thomas Joseph 11 Mar 2021
It's covered with covers Family Time 08 Mar 2021
Place to sleep Newsday 27 Jan 2021
Foundation Eugene Sheffer 22 Jan 2021
Hotel room essential Universal 21 Jan 2021
Thing made daily Family Time 17 Jan 2021
Nap site LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2021
Retirement spot Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2021
A parent may teach a child how to make it Universal 02 Jan 2021
Place with pillows LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2020
Mattress's place New York Times 16 Nov 2020
Place for a mattress Newsday 04 Nov 2020
Cradle or crib Newsday 03 Nov 2020
Pallet Canadiana 02 Nov 2020
Place to plant flowers USA Today 02 Nov 2020
Word with room or board The Washington Post 19 Oct 2020
Garden section Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2020
Pickup part Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2020
B and B's first B The Washington Post 14 Sep 2020
Spot for a snooze Newsday 06 Sep 2020
Sleep site Eugene Sheffer 31 Aug 2020
Sleep here with king or queen? The Sun Two Speed 22 Aug 2020
Garden plot The Sun Two Speed 22 Aug 2020
Word with sea or seed LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2020
___ and breakfast USA Today 10 Aug 2020
Place of rest Family Time 02 Aug 2020
Place for a nap USA Today 26 Jul 2020
Many people make it every day Family Time 20 Jul 2020
Cot, e.g USA Today 30 Jun 2020
Crash site? The Washington Post 21 Jun 2020
With 37-Across, metaphor for comfort New York Times 17 Jun 2020
Place to take a nap Family Time 15 Jun 2020
Flower or ocean base Family Time 07 Jun 2020
It has four legs and a head New York Times 05 Jun 2020
King or queen, e.g New York Times 04 Jun 2020
Fragment of YouTube diatribe typical of one those in The Plot Irish Times Crosaire 30 May 2020
River's foundation Newsday 29 May 2020
Garden area Thomas Joseph 09 May 2020
Sleep on it USA Today 28 Apr 2020
Straw, for some animals Newsday 23 Apr 2020
Retirement spot? Jonesin 07 Apr 2020
Lettuce, at times The New Yorker 09 Mar 2020
Cover-ed thing? Family Time 17 Nov 2019
Partner of breakfast USA Today 13 Nov 2019
Flower location The Washington Post 10 Oct 2019
Hospital unit Universal 29 Sep 2019
Rest area? The Washington Post 26 Sep 2019
Nap sack Thomas Joseph 25 Sep 2019
Place to retire USA Today 12 Sep 2019
___ of rice (entree part) USA Today 09 Sep 2019
__ Bath & Beyond The Washington Post 05 Sep 2019
B&B part USA Today 30 Jul 2019
Something most people lie about? New York Times 17 Jul 2019
Sleeping Beauty's place USA Today 15 Jul 2019
Sack, so to speak New York Times 10 Jul 2019
Pickup truck feature USA Today 26 Jun 2019
Flower spot The Washington Post Sunday 19 May 2019
Garden division Wall Street Journal 09 May 2019
Place to dream Universal 08 Apr 2019
Flower's home USA Today 06 Apr 2019
Resting place Family Time 01 Apr 2019
King or queen The Washington Post 30 Mar 2019
Nighttime comfort provider Family Time 03 Mar 2019
River bottom Universal 03 Mar 2019
Oyster cluster USA Today 25 Feb 2019
It has covers Family Time 17 Feb 2019
Thing made in mornings Family Time 11 Feb 2019
Thing with a comforter Family Time 04 Feb 2019
Garden spot Newsday 31 Jan 2019
The first 'B' of B&B New York Times 29 Jan 2019
Item made after it's used
Dream location
The first "B" of B&B
Thing made in the morning Family Time 24 Dec 2018
Oyster's home USA Today 22 Dec 2018
Bottom of a brook Newsday 09 Dec 2018
Cot Family Time 02 Dec 2018
Oysters' spot USA Today 24 Nov 2018
Garden part Thomas Joseph 14 Nov 2018
Some make it in the morning Family Time 08 Oct 2018
Word that looks like its meaning when written in lowercase New York Times 02 Sep 2018
Making it is a chore New York Times 14 Aug 2018
Napping spot Premier Sunday 12 Aug 2018
Place for a snooze USA Today 31 Jul 2018
Place to read Newsday 19 Jul 2018
Fragment of YouTube directed by retiring type Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jul 2018
Home for a tulip The Washington Post 08 Jul 2018
Where dreams are made? Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2018
Retirement place The Washington Post 30 May 2018
Thing to make in the morning Family Time 27 May 2018
Lettuce on a plate, perhaps Newsday 24 May 2018
Place for flowers USA Today 26 Apr 2018
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.