Word "CAVEMAN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who lives in a cave
cave dweller, cave man, troglodyte

Crossword Clues for CAVEMAN

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Clue Source Date
Stone Age chap? The Guardian Quick 24 Sep 2022
One of the earliest artists of all time (2 words) Family Time 30 Jan 2022
Troglodyte The Telegraph Quick 21 Nov 2020
Troglodyte New York Times 20 Oct 2019
Guy from many centuries ago (2 words) Family Time 01 Jul 2019
Neanderthal Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2019
Prehistoric male Universal 31 Jul 2016
Prehistoric male
Early hunter Thomas Joseph 13 Oct 2015
Hollow king, say, a brutal one The Times Cryptic 07 Apr 2015
Troglodyte USA Today 04 Feb 2015
"B.C." character
Sci-fi stock character
Sourpuss in Geico ads
Sourpuss in Geico ads
Alley Oop, for one
Bedrock citizen
King Guz, for one
Part 5 of quote
B.C., e.g.
Flintstone, e.g.
Alley Oop, for one
Early earthling.
Apartment dweller, old style.
Prehistoric being.
Wooer of a sort.
Human being of the Stone Age.
Subject of many cartoons.
Tenant in the pre-rent control era.
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