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Word "DECIPHER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
convert code into ordinary language
decode, decrypt

Part of Speech:
read with difficulty
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Crossword Clues for DECIPHER

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Clue Source Date
Decode The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2021
Make out deer round Channel Islands pub The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2021
Decode The Telegraph Quick 28 Apr 2021
Decode Irish Times Simplex 15 Mar 2021
Crack developed rich and deep The Sun Two Speed 05 Mar 2021
Convert code to ordinary language Irish Times Simplex 02 Mar 2021
Understand, after 12th month, Apple product no longer on insurance, essentially The Telegraph Toughie 02 Dec 2020
Make sense of USA Today 04 Jul 2020
Make out meaning of price he'd fabricated The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2020
Convert from code The Times Concise 11 Sep 2019
Interpret The Guardian Speedy 21 Apr 2019
Decode The Times Concise 07 Jan 2019
Interpret, solve The Telegraph Quick 26 Aug 2018
Crack, so to speak The Washington Post Sunday 26 Aug 2018
Crack The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Jun 2017
Understand pressure on the woman after start of festive month The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2015
Crack member of duo, Irish, carrying almost relieved expression The Telegraph Toughie 03 Feb 2015
Convert, as code to plain text
Make sense of
Unravel, as a mystery
Unravel, as a mystery
Crack the code
Figure out
Convert from code
Do half of a cryptographer's job
Do cryptography
Crack, in a way
Figure out.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.