Word "DOG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll
frank, frankfurter, hot dog, hotdog, weenie, wiener, wienerwurst

Part of Speech:
go after with the intent to catch
chase, chase after, give chase, go after, tag, tail, track, trail
the dog chased the rabbit

Part of Speech:
a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward
click, detent, pawl

Crossword Clues for DOG

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Clue Source Date
A Monopoly token Family Time 02 Jan 2022
Cute source of pants? The Washington Post Sunday 26 Dec 2021
See 68-Across LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2021
Loyal pet Universal 27 Nov 2021
Pointer or poodle USA Today 24 Nov 2021
Pooch Eugene Sheffer 10 Nov 2021
Follow tenaciously Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2021
Wasabi the Pekingese, e.g USA Today 27 Oct 2021
Pooch Eugene Sheffer 25 Oct 2021
Pointer, e.g Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2021
Follow closely LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2021
Follow closely The Washington Post 20 Oct 2021
Furry creature, often Universal 04 Oct 2021
Tail … or one with a tail New York Times 30 Sep 2021
One may be asked to speak Universal 29 Sep 2021
Collie or cockapoo Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2021
Common choice for a service animal USA Today 12 Sep 2021
Animal with pants? The Washington Post Sunday 05 Sep 2021
Canine USA Today 10 Aug 2021
Pug or pitbull USA Today 07 Aug 2021
Pooch Eugene Sheffer 06 Jul 2021
Watchful pet Family Time 27 Jun 2021
Otterhound, e.g USA Today 03 Jun 2021
Slack off, with ''it'' Newsday 16 May 2021
Downward-facing ___ USA Today 14 May 2021
Pooch Eugene Sheffer 12 May 2021
Canine The Times Concise 07 May 2021
Animal you might describe by the ends of 21-, 28-, 48- and 54-Across New York Times 20 Apr 2021
A pup is a young one New York Times 08 Apr 2021
Animal that barks New York Times 05 Apr 2021
Track tenaciously Newsday 04 Apr 2021
Pound occupant Thomas Joseph 17 Mar 2021
Nearly all those at the end of 34 across from The Beagle Irish Times Crosaire 06 Mar 2021
Collie or cocker spaniel The Washington Post 26 Jan 2021
Collie or cocker spaniel LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2021
Samoyed or Alaskan malamute USA Today 02 Jan 2021
Pekingese, e.g USA Today 12 Dec 2020
Pug or poodle USA Today 08 Dec 2020
Clifford is a big red one USA Today 05 Dec 2020
Pet that growls Newsday 02 Dec 2020
Boxer or Borzoi The Washington Post 24 Nov 2020
Boxer or Borzoi LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2020
Fisk University's mascot, e.g USA Today 03 Nov 2020
Follow closely Newsday 29 Oct 2020
American Water Spaniel, for one Family Time 27 Sep 2020
Beagle or boxer Thomas Joseph 15 Sep 2020
Animal for which the Canary Islands are named New York Times 13 Sep 2020
Pound adoptee Wall Street Journal 18 Aug 2020
Canine The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2020
Follow best friend The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2020
Boxer, e.g Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2020
Follow persistently Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2020
Kennel dweller Newsday 15 Jul 2020
Malamute or mastiff Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2020
With 2 Down, bookmark of a sort Newsday 21 May 2020
Cur The Telegraph Quick 19 May 2020
Hound USA Today 02 Mar 2020
Harass Canadiana 24 Feb 2020
Follow relentlessly New York Times 12 Feb 2020
Follow relentlessly
Not leave alone
Not leave alone New York Times 05 Jan 2020
Follow tenaciously Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2019
Hound LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2019
Hound The Washington Post 03 Dec 2019
__ days LA Times Daily 16 Nov 2019
__ days The Washington Post 16 Nov 2019
Vet hospital patient The Washington Post Sunday 10 Nov 2019
Hound, in two senses Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2019
Dachshund, for one Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2019
Frankfurter, informally
Frankfurter, informally New York Times 22 Oct 2019
"You lucky ___!" Universal 05 Oct 2019
Man's best friend Universal 26 Aug 2019
Word which can follow sea, chili, and guide The Times Specialist Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Pluto, for one Thomas Joseph 02 Aug 2019
Hound Universal 31 Jul 2019
Follow best friend? The Sun Two Speed 24 Jul 2019
Track relentlessly New York Times 09 Jul 2019
Spaniel or setter Newsday 09 Jul 2019
Poodle or pointer Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2019
Basenji or beagle Universal 06 Jul 2019
Proverbial best friend Newsday 02 Jun 2019
Follow, seeing daughter turn up The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Apr 2019
Poodle or pointer
Dachshund, for one
Man's best friend
Basenji or beagle
"You lucky ___!"
Track relentlessly
2018 Chinese New Year animal LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2018
2018 Chinese New Year animal The Washington Post 19 Dec 2018
Old stager misses alerts from a man's best friend Irish Times Crosaire 15 Dec 2018
Great Dane, e.g New York Times 03 Dec 2018
A ___ in the manger Canadiana 03 Dec 2018
Poodle or pointer Newsday 28 Nov 2018
Common pet Family Time 26 Nov 2018
Follow aggressively Newsday 23 Sep 2018
Beagle or boxer Newsday 17 Sep 2018
Party good to follow The Sun Two Speed 15 Sep 2018
Canine The Telegraph Quick 02 Aug 2018
Place to get a rescue animal New York Times 26 Jul 2018
Barbecue goodie, for short USA Today 23 Jun 2018
Boxer, e.g Premier Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Frank Wall Street Journal 05 Apr 2018
Pursue persistently The Washington Post 24 Feb 2018
Pursue persistently LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2018
Word that can follow the first parts of 19-, 32-, 40- and 48-Across USA Today 05 Jan 2018
Barbecue goodie, for short
Great Dane, e.g.
Word that can follow the first parts of 19-, 32-, 40- and 48-Across
Pursue persistently
2018 Chinese New Year animal
Hound The Telegraph Quick 14 Dec 2017
Shiba inu, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 03 Dec 2017
Brittany, for one Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2017
Bomb-sniffing TSA aide USA Today 26 Oct 2017
Bowser or Rex Canadiana 23 Oct 2017
Typical mascot of some commando group Irish Times Crosaire 23 Sep 2017
Relentlessly follow Newsday 07 Sep 2017
Follow tenaciously USA Today 02 Sep 2017
Common pet Universal 31 Aug 2017
Shelter rescue, perhaps USA Today 30 Aug 2017
Pomeranian, e.g New York Times 31 Jul 2017
Terrier or poodle Newsday 06 Jun 2017
Marley or Old Yeller USA Today 26 May 2017
Canine Universal 20 May 2017
Lab in one's home, e.g Wall Street Journal 18 May 2017
Frankfurter New York Times 04 May 2017
One may be fetching The Washington Post 03 May 2017
One may be fetching LA Times Daily 03 May 2017
Certain furry pet Family Time 30 Apr 2017
Animal that can follow the second word in each of this puzzle's four theme entries Jonesin 11 Apr 2017
Harass, in a way Canadiana 20 Mar 2017
Retriever, for one Universal 05 Mar 2017
Bo or Checkers New York Times 20 Feb 2017
Pooch LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2017
Bother persistently Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2017
Hound New York Times 29 Jan 2017
Follow around Wall Street Journal 24 Jan 2017
Shiba Inu, e.g The Washington Post 18 Jan 2017
Creature in Petco's logo USA Today 11 Jan 2017
Follow tenaciously
One may be fetching
Shelter rescue, perhaps
Marley or Old Yeller
Creature in Petco's logo
Bomb-sniffing TSA aide
Common pet
Bo or Checkers
Pomeranian, e.g.
Ballpark frank New York Times 15 Nov 2016
Pursue relentlessly LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2016
Follow everywhere Universal 01 Nov 2016
Type of pet Family Time 03 Oct 2016
Greyhound, e.g LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2016
See 55 Down Newsday 20 Aug 2016
Pursue relentlessly USA Today 06 Aug 2016
Grown-up puppy Newsday 04 Jul 2016
Newfoundland or Labrador Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2016
Cat chaser Family Time 23 May 2016
Follow relentlessly Newsday 24 Apr 2016
Follow closely; animal The Times Concise 07 Apr 2016
Pound inhabitant Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2016
Pointer or pug Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2016
Pooch Newsday 02 Mar 2016
Pursue closely Newsday 07 Feb 2016
Follow closely New York Times 06 Feb 2016
Peke or pug Eugene Sheffer 30 Jan 2016
Show __ LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Pursue relentlessly
Show __
Monopoly token
Follow closely
Ballpark frank
Greyhound, e.g.
Pursue relentlessly
Beagle or poodle Newsday 16 Dec 2015
It's found in a pound USA Today 11 Dec 2015
Follow closely Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2015
Canine Irish Times Simplex 08 Oct 2015
Barker New York Times 20 Sep 2015
Pursue New York Times 16 Sep 2015
Adopt-a-thon adoptee, maybe New York Times 09 Sep 2015
It may be a toy LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2015
Domesticated canid USA Today 12 Aug 2015
Yorkiepoo, e.g Jonesin 06 Aug 2015
Follow or tail Universal 02 Jun 2015
Adoption from a pound Newsday 27 May 2015
See 5-Down New York Times 20 May 2015
Borzoi or boxer Newsday 06 May 2015
Follow everywhere Wall Street Journal 04 May 2015
Closely follow Newsday 03 May 2015
Worry The Telegraph Quick 23 Apr 2015
Follow tenaciously Newsday 27 Mar 2015
Guard that barks LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2015
Husky, for one LA Times Daily 08 Jan 2015
Closely follow
Follow tenaciously
See 5-Down
It's found in a pound
Domesticated canid
Adoption from a pound
Beagle or poodle
Borzoi or boxer
One may be fetching
Scottie, e.g.
Track tenaciously
Adopt-a-thon adoptee, maybe
Guard that barks
Follow closely
Follow or tail
It may be a toy
Husky, for one
Beagle or boxer
See 60-Across
Follow relentlessly
Cat hater, stereotypically
"You ain't nothin' but a hound ___"
Westminster contender
Fido, for one
Odie, for one
You might board yours at the keel if you take a cruise
Follow relentlessly
Frequent "Too Cute!" animal
Lady or Tramp
A good one follows the starts of the four longest puzzle answers
*See 29-Across
Track hostilely
Stooges "I Wanna Be Your ___"
Basenji or saluki
Spinone Italiano, for one
__ days
Service animal
Follow closely
Frisbee catcher
"Come Along" Salty ___
See 77-Across
Labrador, e.g.
Toto, for one
Drug-sniffer, perhaps
Follow persistently
Every one has its day
Led Zep "Black ___"
Labradoodle or puggle, for example
Spaniel or setter
Westminster winner
Iditarod team member
"Man's best friend"
Track relentlessly
Track relentlessly
Ball game treat
Ball game treat
See 58-Down
Poodle or peke
Lab, for one
Cujo, e.g.
Lab, for one
Pursue unstintingly
Training focus of the puzzle
Closely follow
See 57-Down
Loyal friend
Precinct animal
Beagle, e.g.
Furry friend
Warrant "___ Eat ___"
Boxer that can lick anyone?
Walker's charge
Westminster winner
Any one of man's best friends
Inferior item
Snoopy, for one
Worthless thing, in slang
111 Across, e.g.
Worthless thing, in slang
Follow relentlessly
Follow closely
"Man's best friend"
Cat chaser
Boxer or pug
Cat chaser
Setter or shepherd, e.g.
Follow closely
Boxer or pug
Follow closely
Substandard item
Fetching one
Weimaraner or Pomeranian
Tail tirelessly
Fetch player
Hound or husky
Bo or Barney of the White House
Follow relentlessly
Fetch player
"You lucky ___!"
"A ___ of Flanders"
Follow persistently
Every one has its day
Pointer, for one
One with a bone appetite
Basenji, for one
Bone exhumer
Lady or Beethoven
Stay close behind
Goofy, e.g.
Stay close behind
Follow everywhere
Follow tirelessly
Boxer, for one
Follow persistently
Bother persistently
One enrolled in obedience school
Labradoodle, e.g.
Bark source
Underperforming investment, slangily
See 22-Across
Akita, e.g.
Underperforming investment, slangily
Bone exhumer, possibly
Chinese-zodiac animal
"Every ___ has his day"
Husky or hound
Follow everywhere
Pointer, for one
"Man's best friend"
"Man's best friend"
"Man's best friend"
Man's best friend
German shepherd, for one
Komondor, for one
Pointer, e.g.
Puggle, e.g.
Keep after
Follow relentlessly
Loaf, with "it"
Lab or peke
Jack Russell, for one
Brittany, e.g.
Labrador, e.g.
Hearing-ear __
Lab or peke
Loaf, with "it"
Go after
Follow closely
Retriever, e.g.
Pluto or Pongo
Spaniel or setter
Retriever, e.g.
"Man's best friend"
Kennel denizen
This puzzle's theme
Furry fetcher
Pug or boxer
Subject of Pavlov's research?
Follow relentlessly
Guard or show follower
Kennel denizen
This puzzle's theme
Doberman or Dalmatian, e.g.
Pit bull or poodle, e.g.
Follow persistently
Follow relentlessly
Guard or show follower
Lucky one?
Newton's Diamond, for one
Borzoi, for one
Fido, e.g.
Kuvasz or Komondor
Westminster winner
Tail tirelessly
Pug or boxer
Pound dweller
Lab, e.g.
With 32-Across, Sirius
Lucky one?
Lab, e.g.
One may sit for a master
Friend of the man?
Pomeranian or Weimaraner
Beethoven, filmically
Terrier or retriever
It's found in a pound
Pug or boxer
Newfoundland, e.g.
See 1 Across
Popular pet
Borzoi, for one
Pursue relentlessly
Trail persistently
Follow closely
Pluto, for one
"A _____ of Flanders"
Pluto or Lassie
AKC registrant
Akita or Airedale
Put on the ___ (be ostentatiously elegant)
Fala or Checkers
"You lucky ___!"
Borzoi, for one
Follow closely
Buddy of the Clintons
Greyhound, e.g.
Pointer, e.g.
Family favorite
Toy, e.g.
Setter or shepherd
Dyslexic's deity?
Lab or boxer
Beethoven, for one
Man s best friend?
Rhodesian ridgeback, e.g.
Red or hot
Three ___ Night
Marmaduke, for one
Seeing Eye trainee
With 1-Across, what 20-, 34-, 42- and 52-Across end with
Basset for one
RCA'S Nipper, e.g.
Some like it hot
RCA's Nipper, for one
Cat hater, stereotypically
Buddy or Millie
Boxer, for one
AKC subject
Buddy or Benji
Poodle, e.g.
Spot, for one
Utter failure, in slang
Pug or boxer
Nipper or Checkers
Follow around
Cerberus or Argus, e.g.
Akita or schipperke
Fala or Millie
Brussels griffon, e.g.
Shar-Pei or Akita
Basenji, e.g.
Briard or Basenji
Poor-quality stock
Wolf's relative
Man's best friend
Affenpinscher, e.g.
Track down
Rottweiler, for one
Lad in a Terhune book
Corgi, e.g.
Boxer, e.g.
Kind of watch
Word with tag or paddle
Track relentlessly
Name of Columbo's basset
Kuvasz, e.g.
Irish setter, e.g.
Kind of leg or ear
Saluki or dingo
Saluki, e.g.
With 52 Across, Arctic vehicle
Briard or Samoyed
Peke, for one
Boxer or husky
Terrier or chow
House or ear
Saluki, for one
Household greeter
Spitz, e.g.
Basenji or borzoi
Follow closely.
Policeman's aide.
Boston bull.
Canis Major.
Man's best friend.
Mechanical device for holding or grappling.
Nana, for one.
Postman's foe.
St. Bernard.
Schnauzer or saluki.
Checkers, for instance.
Kerry blue or black-and-tan.
Rhubarb's enemy.
Cat's adversary.
"A ___ of Flanders."—Ouida.
Symbol of fidelity.
See 1-Across
Einstein in "Back to the Future"
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