Word "DUEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a prearranged fight with deadly weapons by two people (accompanied by seconds) in order to settle a quarrel over a point of honor
affaire d'honneur

Part of Speech:
any struggle between two skillful opponents (individuals or groups)

Part of Speech:
fight a duel, as over one's honor or a woman
In the 19th century, men often dueled over small matters

Crossword Clues for DUEL

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Clue Source Date
Contest Mirror Quick 21 Apr 2024
Owing to student conflict Mirror Cryptic 21 Apr 2024
Sworded affair?
Combat for honour (4)
Rap battle in "Hamilton," e.g.
Owing to student conflict Mirror Cryptic 09 Apr 2024
Contest Mirror Quick 09 Apr 2024
Jodie Comer and Adam Driver historical movie released in 2021, The Last ___- (4)
Fight for two
Fight over honor, say
"Hamilton" event Commuter 21 Mar 2024
Contest that may start with walking 10 paces Universal 19 Mar 2024
Fight between two people (4)
Competition or combat
You get led out to an affair of honour
Former formal combat in order to settle a quarrel (4)
Owing to student conflict Mirror Cryptic 10 Mar 2024
Fight Mirror Quick 10 Mar 2024
Gladiators event (4)
Contest expected to take place at Land's End (4)
Combat, contest (4)
Contest between two
Lethal contest
Affair of honour expected before end of quarrel
Battle for two
Contest with swords or pistols Commuter 24 Feb 2024
Expected lady at first to fight for honour
Highlight of a swashbuckler Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2024
Outstanding learner fighting to get satisfaction
Fight on a matter of honour
A fight between two people as a matter of honour (4)
Sword fight Newsday 29 Jan 2024
Hamilton-Burr event Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2024
Aristocratic means of dispute resolution The Guardian Quick 16 Jan 2024
Aristocratic means of dispute resolution (4)
Feature-length directing debut of Steven Spielberg, released in 1971 (4)
Knight fight
Sword fight, e.g. USA Today 04 Jan 2024
Two-person fight with swords or guns
Sword fight Eugene Sheffer 27 Dec 2023
Mano-a-mano fight Premier Sunday 17 Dec 2023
Event at high noon New York Times 15 Dec 2023
One-to-one battle
Faceoff USA Today 11 Dec 2023
"Hamilton" face-off Premier Sunday 19 Nov 2023
"The Three Musketeers" faceoff USA Today 07 Nov 2023
Burr-versus-Hamilton face-off New York Times 31 Oct 2023
Face-off New York Times 22 Oct 2023
"Hamilton" event Thomas Joseph 26 Sep 2023
Fencer's bout
Affair of honour The Telegraph Quick 25 Aug 2023
Cross swords Newsday 17 Aug 2023
Late but not worried after expected confrontation The Telegraph Toughie 10 Aug 2023
One-on-one combat New York Times 01 Aug 2023
Head-to-head combat LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2023
Fight for honour The Times Concise 05 Jul 2023
Face-off Eugene Sheffer 20 Jun 2023
"Ten __ Commandments": "Hamilton" song LA Times Daily 16 Jun 2023
Fencing face-off New York Times 21 May 2023
Burr-versus-Hamilton contest, e.g. New York Times 08 May 2023
Burr-versus-Hamilton contest, e.g New York Times 08 May 2023
Fencing contest Newsday 10 Apr 2023
Head-to-head battle USA Today 07 Apr 2023
Sword fight Family Time 26 Mar 2023
Hamilton-Burr event Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2023
Fight in Act II of "Hamilton" Universal 07 Jan 2023
Face off USA Today 25 Dec 2022
One-on-one swordfight Newsday 05 Dec 2022
"Ten ___ Commandments" from "Hamilton" Family Time 04 Dec 2022
One-on-one battle USA Today 02 Dec 2022
Event featured in 'Hamilton' Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2022
Twin reported for fight The Times Cryptic 30 Aug 2022
Showdown for honor Universal 09 Aug 2022
Contest of honour The Times Concise 07 Jul 2022
Steven Spielberg's first film for television (1971) The Guardian Weekend 02 Jul 2022
Fight of honour The Telegraph Quick 20 May 2022
"Hamilton" faceoff Universal 29 Apr 2022
Lightsaber fight Universal 13 Apr 2022
Hamilton/Burr confrontation Premier Sunday 20 Mar 2022
Conflict taking a couple of seconds? New York Times 20 Mar 2022
“Hamilton” highlight Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2022
Sword fight Family Time 13 Feb 2022
"Hamilton" climax LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2022
'Hamilton' climax The Washington Post 25 Jan 2022
Battle Canadiana 24 Jan 2022
One-on-one showdown
Hamilton/Burr faceoff USA Today 17 Dec 2021
Lightsaber faceoff Universal 13 Dec 2021
Fight over a point of honour The Times Concise 13 Dec 2021
Hamilton-Burr showdown Eugene Sheffer 10 Dec 2021
A faceoff with swords Family Time 22 Nov 2021
Fight over honor, say
Owed pound in honourable affair The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Nov 2021
Outstanding student in head-to-head fight The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2021
Sword fight, e.g.
One-on-one combat Newsday 20 Oct 2021
Sword fight Eugene Sheffer 16 Sep 2021
Face-off Eugene Sheffer 15 Sep 2021
Expected Labour leader to resolve dispute honourably?
Left after outstanding contest
Struggle between two parties of right and left
Hamilton’s last act Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2021
Face-off USA Today 09 Aug 2021
Hamilton's downfall Universal 24 Jul 2021
Face-off Eugene Sheffer 23 Jul 2021
'Hamilton' faceoff USA Today 11 Jun 2021
Old-fashioned way to settle a dispute LA Times Daily 14 May 2021
Old-fashioned way to settle a dispute The Washington Post 14 May 2021
Auditor's twin in a fight for honour
“Hamilton” highlight Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2021
Battle Canadiana 08 Mar 2021
'It's time to d-d-d-___!' ('Yu-Gi-Oh!' fighting words) USA Today 15 Feb 2021
Expecting Lima to fight
Affaire d' honneur Canadiana 18 Jan 2021
Event in Act II of “Hamilton” Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2021
Hamilton-Burr event Eugene Sheffer 26 Nov 2020
Face-off New York Times 20 Nov 2020
Faceoff with swords Family Time 16 Nov 2020
Affaire d'honneur Canadiana 09 Nov 2020
One-on-one battle USA Today 06 Nov 2020
Hamilton/Burr confrontation Universal 26 Oct 2020
"Hamilton" showdown Universal 15 Sep 2020
Go one on one New York Times 01 Aug 2020
Face-off USA Today 16 Jul 2020
'The Three Musketeers' fight USA Today 14 Jun 2020
Choreographed opera scene Newsday 09 May 2020
Battle head-to-head USA Today 08 May 2020
  Owed money for prearranged fight
'Hamilton' climax USA Today 11 Mar 2020
Swashbuckler’s challenge Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2020
Contest unpaid pounds
Climax in "Hamilton"
Proper learner in fight The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Nov 2019
Quarrel settler, once Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2019
Face-off between two warriors
Owed pounds in honourable affair
One-on-one fight
Affaire d'honneur The Times Concise 13 Oct 2019
'Hamilton' event The Washington Post Sunday 13 Oct 2019
''Hamilton'' contest Newsday 10 Oct 2019
'At ten paces' confrontation USA Today 01 Oct 2019
Western film trope The Washington Post Sunday 22 Sep 2019
Event near the end of "Hamilton" Universal 16 Sep 2019
'Hamilton' climax New York Times 23 Jul 2019
Deserts line in battle
'Hamilton' event Thomas Joseph 11 Jun 2019
Hamilton's undoing USA Today 09 Jun 2019
Contest involving drawing Wall Street Journal 25 May 2019
One-on-one fight Universal 18 May 2019
Hamilton-Burr showdown Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2019
Fight between two persons The Times Concise 26 Apr 2019
'Hamilton' face-off USA Today 16 Apr 2019
Contest between two with deadly weapons Irish Times Simplex 15 Apr 2019
Deserts line in battle
Face-off between two warriors
Left after outstanding fight
Sword fight Newsday 28 Jan 2019
Fight with seconds The Washington Post 27 Jan 2019
Fight with seconds LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2019
Fight with seconds
"Hamilton" climax
Event near the end of "Hamilton"
One-on-one fight
"At ten paces" confrontation
Hamilton's undoing
Contest involving drawing
Sword match Family Time 23 Dec 2018
Sword or pistol fight The Sun Two Speed 01 Dec 2018
Owed pounds in honourable affair The Sun Two Speed 01 Dec 2018
Event near the end of ''Hamilton'' Newsday 17 Oct 2018
Arranged fight The Telegraph Quick 29 Sep 2018
Face-off Universal 09 Aug 2018
Single combat
Historic 1804 contest LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2018
Historic 1804 contest The Washington Post 01 Jul 2018
Combat between two?
Fight with swords Family Time 06 May 2018
Burr-Hamilton event Universal 06 Apr 2018
Owed pounds in honourable affair
'Hamilton' climax The Washington Post 28 Mar 2018
"Hamilton" climax LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2018
Engagement at 20 paces, maybe New York Times 27 Feb 2018
Sword fight Universal 25 Feb 2018
Musketeer's battle Newsday 16 Feb 2018
One-on-one contest Newsday 04 Jan 2018
Activity that takes seconds
Engagement at 20 paces, maybe
Historic 1804 contest
"Hamilton" climax
Burr-Hamilton event
Sword fight
Paces-and-pistols encounter LA Times Daily 28 Nov 2017
Paces-and-pistols encounter The Washington Post 28 Nov 2017
Climax of 'Hamilton' New York Times 23 Oct 2017
Affaire d'honeure Canadiana 04 Sep 2017
Fight that may involve drawing The Washington Post 23 Aug 2017
Fight that may involve drawing LA Times Daily 23 Aug 2017
Drawing contest? New York Times 03 Aug 2017
'Ten ___ Commandments' (song from 'Hamilton') New York Times 28 Jul 2017
Hamilton vs. Burr, e.g Family Time 02 Apr 2017
Cross swords The Chronicle of Higher Education 31 Mar 2017
Sword fight Thomas Joseph 21 Mar 2017
"Hamilton" climax USA Today 10 Mar 2017
Contest that takes seconds Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2017
Two-point contest? LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2017
Burr/Hamilton showdown New York Times 15 Feb 2017
Fight at 20 paces, say New York Times 14 Feb 2017
One-on-one face-off Universal 01 Feb 2017
Jockey for supremacy Newsday 28 Jan 2017
"Hamilton" highlight USA Today 13 Jan 2017
Sword fight Eugene Sheffer 10 Jan 2017
"Hamilton" highlight
Paces-and-pistols encounter
"Hamilton" climax
Fight that may involve drawing
Drawing contest?
Fight at 20 paces, say
Sword fight, e.g.
"Ten ___ Commandments" (song from "Hamilton")
Cross swords
Burr/Hamilton showdown
Alexander Hamilton's undoing USA Today 01 Jan 2017
Climax of "Hamilton"
Two-point contest?
Alexander Hamilton's undoing
Swordfight Thomas Joseph 27 Dec 2016
Highlight of Act 2 of 'Hamilton' Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2016
Expected large fight
Highlight in a Zorro movie New York Times 25 Oct 2016
Coming second in Olympic contest The Telegraph Toughie 30 Sep 2016
Burr-Hamilton battle USA Today 25 Sep 2016
Affair of honour The Times Concise 02 Sep 2016
Contest ending in a draw Wall Street Journal 19 Jul 2016
Hamilton's fatal fight The Washington Post 25 Jun 2016
Owing pound produces conflict
Fight with rules LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2016
Event in the second act of 'Hamilton' Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2016
It takes seconds Universal 27 May 2016
Face off The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 May 2016
Expected student to make a fight The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2016
Hamilton vs. Burr, for one Universal 01 Mar 2016
Sword battle Universal 08 Feb 2016
Face-off The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 Feb 2016
It might have to wait for a second Newsday 16 Jan 2016
Fight between two people owing pounds
Face off
Fight with rules
Highlight in a Zorro movie
Burr-Hamilton battle
Sword battle
It takes seconds
One way to settle a point of honor Wall Street Journal 14 Dec 2015
Outstanding line taken in two-party contest The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Dec 2015
United in key shoot-out? The Times Cryptic 23 Nov 2015
Two-person fight USA Today 03 Nov 2015
Hamilton's undoing LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2015
One-on-one combat USA Today 18 Oct 2015
Expected learner to get to the end of Pushkin
Contest of honour The Times Concise 27 Jul 2015
Face-off Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2015
Contest with lightsabers New York Times 09 Jun 2015
Fight knocking stuffing out of type of coat
Sword face-off USA Today 25 May 2015
Where seconds are important Wall Street Journal 18 May 2015
Fencing contest Newsday 12 May 2015
Cause for pacing? New York Times 26 Feb 2015
Cross swords Newsday 23 Jan 2015
Hamilton's last act USA Today 10 Jan 2015
Sword fight
Two-person fight
One-on-one combat
Hamilton's last act
Cross swords
Fencing contest
One way to settle a point of honor
Hamilton's undoing
Contest with lightsabers
Sword face-off
Cause for pacing?
Head-to-head encounter unsettled Labour leader
Conflict that might take place at dawn
Two-person contest
Face-to-face contest
Cross swords with
Combat with seconds
Burr-Hamilton contest
Scary contest
Bygone way of defending one's honor
What a 57-Across is useful for
Sword fight
Cross swords with
Sword fight, e.g.
Hamilton vs. Burr, e.g.
Burr and Hamilton contest
Face-to-face contest
Contest with seconds
Gauntlet thrower's challenge
Where you may see a second helping?
Point-of-honor settler
What might put you through your paces?
Contest for two
One-on-one contest
One-on-one battle
Head-to-head combat
Swashbuckling event
Climactic scene in "Hamlet"
Epee event
Fight a la Cyrano
Face-off with pistols
Cross sabers with
Old-fashioned showdown
1971 TV movie directed by Steven Spielberg
Face-off with pistols
Swashbuckling episode
Swashbuckling session
Sword fight, e.g.
Western climax
Hamilton vs. Burr, e.g.
"Three Musketeers" plot element
Swashbuckling activity
Contest with seconds
Confrontation with Burr
Contest with seconds
Hamilton vs. Burr, e.g.
Burr/Hamilton event
Contest that takes seconds
Affair of honor
Hamilton-Burr engagement
Settle an argument with pistols
Hamilton-Burr engagement
Quarrel settler of old
Contest with pistols
Emulate Cyrano
Contest at 20 paces
"Hamlet" climax
One-on-one contest
Contest with pistols
Where seconds are important
Hamilton-Burr conflict
A slap may invite one
Burr-Hamilton contest
It often has two seconds
It may begin with a slap in the face
A slap may invite one
Burr-Hamilton contest
It often has two seconds
Alexander Hamilton's last act
Climactic scene in "Hamlet"
Fight in a western
Showdown with pacing
One-on-one affair
1971 Spielberg film
Two-person contest
Result of a slap, perhaps
Field of honor fight
One-on-one affair
Epee event
Fight with foils
Where seconds count?
Do some fencing
Contest that leads to a draw
Sword fight, e.g.
Quarrel settler of yore
Affaire d'honneur
Confrontation with a choice
Settle a dispute, perhaps
Contest for pacers?
Fencing fight
Point of honor settler
Field of honor event
Matter of honor
Affair of honor
Point-of-honor settler
Event that led to Hamilton's demise
Point of honor settler, once
Shootout at ten paces
One-time showdown with seconds
Fight with seconds
Combat for two
Pacers' contest?
Go at it, perhaps
1971 Spielberg thriller starring Dennis Weaver
Flynn fight
Affaire d'honneur
Field of honor challenge
Slap in the face consequence, once
Hamilton/Burr event
Where seconds assist
Burr-Hamilton event
Hamilton/Burr event
Old-fashioned showdown
Announced two-person face-off (4)
Slap aftermath
Hamilton-Burr affair
Showdown of sorts
Affaire d'honneur
Burr-Hamilton event
It takes seconds
Field of honor event
Affaire d'honneur
Confrontational affair
It may begin with a slap in the face
Swordsman's challenge
Oldfangled quarrel settler
Hamilton's undoing
Hamilton's last activity
Swordsmen's battle
Hamilton's last act
Hamilton-Burr incident
Contest for two
Affaire d'honneur
Confrontational affair
It may begin with a slap in the face
Square off
Swashbuckler's forte
Where you may see a second helping?
Where blades meet
Swordfight, e.g.
Fight like Burr
It may follow a slap
One way to settle a dispute
Event done at 20 paces, maybe
Mano a mano
Old-fashioned quarrel settler
Quarrel settler, maybe
Pitchers game?
Use an epee
Two-person fight
Hamilton's undoing
Pitcher's battle
D'Artagnan's challenge
It may begin with a slap
Head-to-head contest
One-on-one combat
Double jeopardy?
Epee battle
Hamilton-Burr contest
One-on-one battle
Swashbuckling event
Affair of honor
Prearranged fight
Saber-rattling activity?
Hamilton-Burr encounter
"Don Giovanni" highlight
Hamilton's last act
Hamilton vs. Burr, for one
Burr-Hamilton event
Field of honor fight
Affair of honor
Sword fight
It's opened by seconds
Combat for two
Use epees
D'Artagnan specialty
In which seconds come first
Combat for two
Fencer's bout
Macho match
Affaire d'honneur
Burr-Hamilton affair
"___ in the Sun," Peck film
Slap aftermath
A sworded affair
"High Noon" climax
One-on-one contest
This has seconds
Affair of honor
Event for seconds
Go one-on-one
Hamilton-Burr contest
Swashbuckler's event
Use a foil
It has principals and seconds
Affaire d'honneur
Burr-Hamilton affair
Twosome conflict
Fencers' match
Illegal combat
One-on-one encounter
Hamilton-Burr affair
Event in many a Flynn film
One-on-one combat
Burr vs. Hamilton
Tilt for two
Fence, but not for fun
Hamilton-Burr meet
"___ in the Sun"
Certain combat
Two-man competition
Dawn affair
Affair requiring seconds
Cream puffs at six paces
"___ in the Sun."
Affaire d'honneur.
Formal fight.
Affair of honor.
Burr-Hamilton event, 1804.
Pistols for two.
Fight, in a way.
Form of combat.
Swordplay of a sort.
Cross swords.
Contest between two foes.
Contest, verbal or otherwise.
The climax of "Hamlet."
Contest of a sort.
Action in Act V, "Hamlet."
Affair on the field of honor.
Single combat.
D'Artagnan specialty.
Instance of single combat.
Tybalt-Romeo combat.
Trouble at twenty paces.
One way of settling a dispute.
Illegal fight.
Cause of Decatur's death.
A dramatic incident in Lord Byron's life.
Bout of honor.
Hamilton vs. Burr.
Fight for honor.
Combat for two.
The Burr-Hamilton affair.
Feature of Stevenson's "Master of Ballantrae."
Cause of Button Gwinnett's demise.
Illegal combat.
The Hamilton-Burr affair.
Fought by Cyrano de Bergerac.
Cause of Alexander Hamilton's death.
Dramatic scene in "Henry Esmond."
The affair between Hamilton and Burr.
Fencing match.
"Back to the Future Part III" climax
Pacers contest?
Result of a slap, perhaps
Quarrel settler, maybe
"Macbeth" climax
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