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Crossword Clues for DYERS

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Clue Source Date
Color changers Newsday 31 Jan 2021
Salon tinters Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2020
Fabric workers Thomas Joseph 20 Jul 2020
Salon colorists Premier Sunday 24 May 2020
Bottle blondes, e.g The New Yorker 09 Mar 2020
Salon specialists Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Coloring experts Newsday 04 Jun 2019
Tannery workers Universal 24 Mar 2019
Batik artists, e.g USA Today 01 Nov 2018
Fabric colorers Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2018
Textile plant employees Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2018
Batik artists, e.g.
Salon workers, at times USA Today 16 Dec 2017
Textile workers Thomas Joseph 25 Nov 2017
Ones preparing Easter eggs New York Times 18 Mar 2016
They change colors often Universal 07 Feb 2016
Color workers Eugene Sheffer 04 Feb 2016
Salon employees LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2015
Clothes colorers USA Today 23 Oct 2015
Batik artists New York Times 08 Oct 2015
Fashion specialists Newsday 18 Jul 2015
Some clothing workers USA Today 10 Jul 2015
Batik workers USA Today 01 Jul 2015
Colorists New York Times 02 Mar 2015
Some mill staff Newsday 03 Jan 2015
Some salon workers
Unnatural blondes, e.g.
Bottle redheads
Some textile workers
Hair colorists
Non-natural blondes, e.g.
Lock changers?
Certain colorists
Bottle blondes
Garment workers
Beauticians, at times
Easter egg creators
Batik artisans
Sources of highlights
Ones changing locks
Some garment workers
Ones who go platinum?
Some garment industry employees
Makers of batik
Some lock changers
Salon professionals
Hairstylists, at times
Batik craftsmen, e.g.
Hair colorers
Color specialists
They may turn blue jeans green
Hairdressers, at times
Some leather workers
Rit users
Beauticians, sometimes
Henna appliers
They often change locks
They don't show their true colors
Salon workers
They may make brunettes blond
Clothing colorists
Unnatural blondes, for example
They change colors
Bottle brunettes
___-broom (woadwaxen)
Batik makers
They may change clothes
Some blondes
Garment industry employees
Textile tinters
Laundry workers
See 9D
They turn gray to brown
Color men
Some salon employees
Easter egg colorers
Beauticians sometimes
Cloth colorers
Easter-egg decorators
They lead colorful lives
Users of 11 Down
They have colorful jobs
Users of Red 2
Those who tint
Dry cleaners, at times
"The ___ Hand," Auden work: 1963
Textile employees
Their work is colorful
Cleaners' colleagues
Batik experts
Beauty parlor workers.
Workers with fabrics.
Batik experts.
Workers with cloth.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.