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Word "ELECTRIC" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity
electric current
electric wiring
electrical appliances
an electrical storm

Part of Speech:
affected by emotion as if by electricity; thrilling
galvanic, galvanising, galvanizing
gave an electric reading of the play

Part of Speech:
a car that is powered by electricity
electric automobile, electric car

Crossword Clues for ELECTRIC

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Clue Source Date
Exciting, as an atmosphere LA Times Daily 30 Dec 2020
Charged vote for costly cut The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2020
English cleric freely admits Last Judgement is powerful in the main? Irish Times Crosaire 11 Dec 2020
Select rice, keeping stirring The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2020
The 'e' of e-bike USA Today 07 Nov 2020
Thrilling The Telegraph Quick 15 Sep 2020
Word before "guitar" or "fan" Universal 26 May 2020
Like some fans and eels Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Form of energy for lighting Irish Times Simplex 19 Dec 2019
Word with fence or blanket The New Yorker 29 Jul 2019
Thrillingly exciting The Times Concise 11 Mar 2019
Choose cereal food lacking energy for stirring The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Feb 2019
Choose rice — endlessly exciting The Sun Two Speed 26 Oct 2018
Crowd-wowing New York Times 16 Oct 2018
Appliance type Universal 25 Jul 2018
Exciting to be driven by power The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2018
Highly-charged vote in ruins if counted at first The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2018
Running currently? The Washington Post Sunday 12 Nov 2017
Currently exciting? The Times Cryptic 28 Jul 2017
Chosen people, endlessly wealthy, driven by power The Times Cryptic 14 Jul 2017
Full of tense expectation, kind of blue The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jul 2017
I sing the body __, poem by Walt Whitman The Guardian Weekend 24 Apr 2017
Like many kitchen appliances Universal 06 Mar 2017
Kind of blanket or eel Universal 26 Jan 2017
Powered by plugging in Newsday 25 Jan 2016
Gas partner USA Today 02 Jan 2016
Charged for type of chair nobody wants to end up in? The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Nov 2015
Like a home outlet Family Time 22 Nov 2015
Type of guitar USA Today 28 Sep 2015
Like some blankets USA Today 26 Jul 2015
Charged boy the Parisian court's imprisoned The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2015
Type of shock Eugene Sheffer 28 Mar 2015
Kind of blue that goes with shocking pink? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2015
Exceptionally exciting
Running off current
Kind of guitar
With 56-Across, grand finale of an astounding trilogy of albums
At a fever pitch
Gas alternative
With 50-Across, South American shocker
Like some catfish or eels
Like Lionel trains
General in charge of utilities?
Shocking, so to speak
Emotionally thrilling
Like some eels or catfish
Emotionally charged
Type of guitar played by Jimi Hendrix
Very tense or exciting
Kind of blanket
"I Sing the Body ___"
Word before blue or blanket
.60s band The ___ Prunes
Part of GE
Full of juice
A sign of Broadway.
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