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Crossword Clues for EMAG

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Clue Source Date
Salon, for one LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2020
Digital periodical Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2020
Salon or Slate, for short Newsday 09 Aug 2020
High-tech read LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2020
Slate or Salon LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
Computer issue, in brief
'Zine online Premier Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Tablet reading of a sort Newsday 10 Nov 2019
Surfer’s reading material Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2019
Salon, e.g., informally New York Times 20 Apr 2019
Surfer's reading material
Slate, e.g Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2018
Periodical with a URL The Washington Post 04 Jun 2018
Slate, for one The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
Cyberzine The Washington Post 06 Mar 2018
Slate, e.g.
iPad owner's read USA Today 22 Nov 2017
Webby Award candidate LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2017
Online periodical, for short Thomas Joseph 20 Feb 2017
Salon or Slate The Washington Post 21 Aug 2016
Online publication, informally New York Times 02 Aug 2016
Downloadable periodical The Washington Post 16 Jul 2016
Slate or Salon, for short The Washington Post 13 Jul 2016
Kindle download, for short USA Today 13 Jun 2016
Digital reading, for short LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2016
iPad read, maybe USA Today 07 Jun 2016
Periodical on an iPad The Washington Post 01 Jun 2016
Hi-tech 'zine Premier Sunday 29 May 2016
Kindle read, briefly LA Times Daily 23 May 2016
Online zine Universal 15 Apr 2016
Online 'zine Universal 10 Apr 2016
Salon, say LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2016
iPad periodical The Washington Post 11 Jan 2016
Some online reading, for short The Washington Post 16 Dec 2015
Online read New York Times 04 Nov 2015
Certain Kindle download, for short New York Times 13 Sep 2015
Online read, for short New York Times 01 Jul 2015
Kindle download LA Times Daily 26 Jun 2015
''Slate'' or ''Salon'' Newsday 25 Jun 2015
Online periodical Newsday 31 May 2015
"Slate" or "Salon"
Slate or The Daily Beast, for short
Brief piece of online reading
Flipboard, e.g.
Net 'zine
Kindle purchase, in brief
Tablet reading, maybe
Salon, e.g.
Downloaded 'zine
Digital periodical, briefly
URL-accessed periodical
Slate or Salon, say
PC periodical
Online publication, for short
Newsweek, now
Intuitively reasonable but rarely actually used name for an online publication
On-line periodical
Web periodical
Newsweek, e.g., now
Cyberspace 'zine
Web reading, for short
Collection of Web pages
Online publication
Hi-tech read
iPad owner's subscription
Some online reading
'Zine on the Net
Online reading
Paperless periodical
On-screen read
On-line publication, briefly
Slate, e.g., briefly
The Daily Beast, e.g.
Slate, e.g., for short
Net reading
Article source in cyberspace
Online pub.
Paperless periodical, for short
Zine on-line
Online issue
Online periodical, briefly
Virtual read, briefly
On-line periodical, for short
Kindle material, perhaps
Slate, e.g., informally
Periodical without a dead-tree version
Salon or Slate, briefly
Salon, e.g., colloquially
Time online, for example
It's read virtually, briefly
On-line publication
Online issue, for short
Slate, for example
WWW periodical
On-line 'zine
Time online, for one
Online reading, briefly
Online periodical, for short: Hyph.
Utne, for one
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