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Crossword Clues for EMOTED

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Clue Source Date
Portrayed feelings in a theatrical manner Irish Times Simplex 15 Apr 2021
Acted over-the-top? Universal 20 Feb 2021
Overplayed a part, say USA Today 03 Jan 2021
Acted badly? Eugene Sheffer 19 Dec 2020
Overplayed the part Premier Sunday 16 Aug 2020
Showed feelings USA Today 07 Aug 2020
Chewed the scenery LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2020
Hammed it up The Washington Post 02 Feb 2020
Overdid it onstage New York Times 13 Jan 2020
Was melodramatic USA Today 22 Jul 2019
Brought the drama Universal 04 Jul 2019
Overacted Newsday 20 May 2019
Overplayed it Newsday 21 Jun 2018
Overexpressed a role Newsday 07 Jun 2018
Overdid the acting Jonesin 19 Dec 2017
Feigned feelings Newsday 27 Aug 2017
Made a big scene? New York Times 29 Apr 2017
Overplayed one's role Newsday 12 Apr 2017
Acted badly Universal 06 Sep 2016
Showed feelings being relegated, losing head The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Apr 2016
Was overtheatrical Newsday 26 Jul 2015
Became melodramatic
Played the ham
Acted unprofessionally
Acted broadly, on Broadway
Acted amateurishly
Didn't hide one's feelings, to say the least
Gushed on stage
Acted hammily
Hammed it up onstage
Frustrated the director, perhaps
Performed badly?
Acted stagily
Overplayed one's feelings
Didn't act well
Did it broadly, on Broadway
Was hammy
Got melodramatic
Acted poorly?
Exaggerated a part
Overdid one's part
Was a ham
Went over the top, in a way
Waxed melodramatic
Hammed up 'Hamlet'
Overplayed, in a way
Wept wildly, maybe
Gave an over-the-top performance
Was a bad player, perhaps
Got theatrical
Put on a show
Waxed maudlinly
Didn't act subtly
Waxed perfervid
Did with a passion?
Did B-grade stage work
Mugged, maybe
Indulged in cabotinage
Emulated Pearl White
Emulated Mary Pickford
Was impassioned
Raged onstage
Emulated William Gillette
What Pearl White did in films
Showed feeling
Played a part to the hilt
Was theatrical
Put on an act
Acted in a way
Overacted: Colloq.
Emulated certain actresses.
Behaved theatrically: Colloq.
Overdid a scene.
Displayed feeling: Jocose.
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