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Crossword Clues for EPS

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Clue Source Date
Short albums, for short New York Times 02 Mar 2021
Some records, for short New York Times 06 Feb 2021
Short musical releases USA Today 05 Feb 2021
Mini-albums, briefly Universal 04 Jan 2021
TV bosses, for short USA Today 27 Dec 2020
Podcast installments, for short USA Today 10 Dec 2020
Some vinyl releases USA Today 06 Dec 2020
Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Emotion: Side B,' and others USA Today 24 Oct 2020
Short albums, briefly Universal 05 Sep 2020
Four-song discs, briefly LA Times Daily 13 Aug 2020
Music releases such as 'See.SZA.Run' and 'S' USA Today 23 Jul 2020
Some albums, briefly Universal 07 Jul 2020
Mini-albums, in brief New York Times 28 Jun 2020
Some indie releases New York Times 06 Jun 2020
Mini-albums, for short New York Times 04 May 2020
Midlength records, for short New York Times 19 Jan 2020
TV show supervisors USA Today 22 Dec 2019
TV show installments, casually Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2019
Some iTunes downloads, briefly The Washington Post 06 Nov 2019
Four-song CDs, perhaps USA Today 07 Jun 2019
Not many tracks are found on them, for short New York Times 16 May 2019
Brief albums, briefly Universal 10 Mar 2019
Mini albums, for short Wall Street Journal 26 Nov 2018
Midlength CDs Newsday 01 Sep 2018
Four-song collections, briefly Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2018
Series installments, for short Wall Street Journal 26 May 2018
Some records, briefly The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Four-song CDs Newsday 22 Oct 2017
Debut music releases, at times Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2017
Four-song records, perhaps USA Today 12 Feb 2017
Relatively cheap iTunes offerings New York Times 18 Nov 2016
Mini-albums, informally New York Times 16 Nov 2016
Brief records, in brief New York Times 27 Oct 2016
Image file format Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2016
Some vinyl, briefly The Washington Post 08 May 2016
Some 45-rpm records LA Times Daily 01 May 2016
Short records, for short Thomas Joseph 28 Apr 2016
JPEG alternative Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2016
They're longer than singles, briefly New York Times 12 Feb 2016
Some CDs Jonesin 12 Jan 2016
Pair from "Glee" that hit #1
They may include club mixes
Sources of rare cuts, often?
Brief options between 45s and albums
Brief albums, in brief
Baker's dozen for the Beatles, for short
They're longer than 45s
Alternatives to 45s
Some dance records, briefly
Bottom line for stockholders, briefly
PC graphics format
Some dance records, for short
7-in. platters
Pre-album releases
PC file suffix
File suffix
15-minute CDs
Records somewhat longer than singles, briefly
Minirecord albums, briefly
Midlength records: abbr.
Some 45's, briefly
Many of Elvis's RCA releases
Some 45s
Records that were a little bigger than 45s (abbr.)
Mini-albums: Abbr.
Some 45s, briefly
Minirecord albums, for short
Some records (Abbr.)
Records of the 50s and 60s
Some records: Abbr.
They're bigger than singles
Some receipts: Abbr.
Options between 45s and albums: Abbr.
St. Paul's writings
45-r.p.m. recs.
Some N.T. writings
N.T. letters
Paul's ltrs.
St. Paul's writings: Abbr.
N.T. writings
N.T. writings: Abbr.
45-rpm records.
Electroplates: Abbr.
Some live iTunes tracks
Most bands's demos, for short
Most bands' first releases
Live iTunes recordings, often
Four song releases, typically
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.