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Clue Source Date
Mancala or go USA Today 07 Mar 2023
Up for it Eugene Sheffer 18 Feb 2023
Chess or Monopoly Family Time 22 Jan 2023
Diversion Canadiana 16 Jan 2023
Up for it Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2023
Wingspan or Scrabble, e.g USA Today 28 Dec 2022
Checkers or chess LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2022
Tetris, for one USA Today 31 Oct 2022
Go or Sorry! Universal 21 Sep 2022
Fixture ends in drubbing: Chelsea team sublime The Times Cryptic 13 Sep 2022
Catan or chess, e.g Universal 03 Sep 2022
Cribbage or Clue USA Today 31 Aug 2022
Golf celebrity abandoning fine sport The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Aug 2022
Tag or Go Fish Family Time 08 Aug 2022
Have skin in the ___ USA Today 18 Jul 2022
Hunted animals: one may be on board The Times Cryptic 11 Jul 2022
Monopoly or Go Fish Family Time 04 Jul 2022
Pool or polo LA Times Daily 22 Jun 2022
Toy store buy Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2022
Match; eager and willing The Times Concise 07 May 2022
Elden Ring or ring toss USA Today 02 May 2022
___ theory USA Today 11 Apr 2022
"Squid ___" (Netflix hit) Universal 31 Mar 2022
Bananagrams, e.g Universal 29 Mar 2022
Bananagrams, e.g USA Today 10 Mar 2022
Eager and willing The Times Concise 26 Feb 2022
Content of forthcoming amendment could be played out in court Irish Times Crosaire 14 Feb 2022
Ready and willing Newsday 06 Feb 2022
Up for it The Guardian Quick 01 Feb 2022
Plucky Newsday 29 Jan 2022
Fortnite or Connect Four USA Today 18 Jan 2022
Othello, for one New York Times 07 Jan 2022
Stadium event Eugene Sheffer 24 Dec 2021
Go for one, ready to try it? The Guardian Cryptic 16 Dec 2021
Go for one, ready to try it?
What players look forward to after training on all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 20 Nov 2021
*Competitor's expression Universal 20 Nov 2021
Go or Go Fish New York Times 02 Nov 2021
Chess, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 19 Oct 2021
Nintendo offering The Washington Post Sunday 17 Oct 2021
Content of forthcoming amendment could be played out in court Irish Times Crosaire 15 Oct 2021
Willing to participate Newsday 06 Oct 2021
Bananagrams, e.g USA Today 01 Oct 2021
Competitive activity with rules Irish Times Simplex 20 Aug 2021
Willing Newsday 20 Aug 2021
Scrabble or cribbage New York Times 10 Aug 2021
Catan, e.g USA Today 08 Jul 2021
Rummikub or Risk Universal 07 Jul 2021
Checkers or chess The Washington Post 28 Jun 2021
Checkers or chess LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2021
Sports contest Newsday 23 Jun 2021
Go, e.g Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2021
Go or shogi USA Today 16 Jun 2021
Up for it Eugene Sheffer 31 May 2021
Scrabble or Boggle New York Times 24 May 2021
Sport you might get in butchers?
Scrabble or Monopoly Newsday 19 Apr 2021
Willing to see golf celebrity losing first The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Apr 2021
Charades or dominoes New York Times 12 Apr 2021
Fearless competition
Risk or Trouble Universal 01 Mar 2021
Cricket, maybe, is mega-excited
Lame activity
Mousetrap or Monopoly Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2021
Animal hunted for food or sport Irish Times Simplex 04 Jan 2021
Family ___ night USA Today 12 Dec 2020
Stadium event Thomas Joseph 03 Nov 2020
Minecraft or Fortnite New York Times 19 Oct 2020
Hunter's quarry Universal 19 Oct 2020
Some forthcoming amendment could be played out in court Irish Times Crosaire 14 Oct 2020
Up (or down) for something New York Times 09 Oct 2020
Feeling amenable (found hidden in this clue!) New York Times 27 Sep 2020
Pin the Tail on the Donkey, e.g USA Today 17 Sep 2020
Chess or xiangqi USA Today 16 Sep 2020
Ready to try Newsday 10 Sep 2020
Match in Georgia, then Maine
With 50-Down, athlete's intense expression New York Times 19 Aug 2020
'Guitar Hero,' e.g The Washington Post Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Stadium event Eugene Sheffer 20 Jul 2020
Hunted animals and birds The Times Concise 11 Jul 2020
Chess or Scrabble Newsday 30 Jun 2020
Spades, for example USA Today 25 Jun 2020
Is this opened by White Rabbit and Hare, say, limping? The Telegraph Toughie 19 Jun 2020
Ready to take a chance Newsday 07 Jun 2020
Up (for) New York Times 22 May 2020
Pastime Canadiana 04 May 2020
Competitive activity with rules Irish Times Simplex 01 May 2020
Willing; recreation The Times Concise 16 Mar 2020
Plucky people may have to pluck this
Seen in spring, a memorable match
___ the system USA Today 27 Jan 2020
Poker or snooker New York Times 20 Jan 2020
Poker or snooker
In the morning European follows good sport
Fortnite or Risk Universal 30 Nov 2019
Perhaps go up for it
It is one reactionary English publication
Any sports contest Newsday 09 Oct 2019
Up for it New York Times 22 Aug 2019
Hunted creatures The Times Concise 09 Aug 2019
Halt contest
Match: up for it? The Sun Two Speed 19 Jul 2019
Willing (informal) The Sun Two Speed 19 Jul 2019
Some forthcoming amendment could be a distraction Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jul 2019
Tournament unit The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Hunter's quarry USA Today 09 May 2019
Pool or polo USA Today 16 Apr 2019
Lark, partridge, pheasant ...? The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Mar 2019
Jacks, e.g Universal 06 Mar 2019
Uno, for one Wall Street Journal 17 Jan 2019
War or Diplomacy, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 06 Jan 2019
Jacks, e.g.
Uno, for one
Hunter's quarry
Up for it
Willing The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2018
Ready for anything in match The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2018
Toy store buy Thomas Joseph 07 Nov 2018
Food in the woods? Universal 21 Oct 2018
Plucky in match The Sun Two Speed 10 Oct 2018
Monopoly or Scrabble Newsday 02 Oct 2018
Electronic publication set up for football maybe
Checkers or tag Family Time 16 Sep 2018
Creatures hunted for sport The Times Concise 12 Sep 2018
Wild turkeys, deer, etc Universal 14 Aug 2018
Ballpark event USA Today 01 Aug 2018
Pool or polo, e.g The New Yorker 30 Jul 2018
Up for something New York Times 20 Jun 2018
Sport The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2018
Clue or Risk LA Times Daily 04 Jun 2018
Clue or Risk The Washington Post 04 Jun 2018
50-Across part USA Today 25 May 2018
Up for it LA Times Daily 20 May 2018
Up for it The Washington Post 20 May 2018
Checkers or Monopoly Newsday 07 May 2018
Ducks and drakes, maybe, in more than one sense
Mario Bros., for one LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2018
Mario Bros., for one The Washington Post 13 Mar 2018
Eg, football match The Times Concise 09 Mar 2018
Kind of terrier New York Times 01 Mar 2018
It usually has a set of rules The Washington Post 19 Feb 2018
It usually has a set of rules LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2018
Monopoly or Clue Newsday 30 Jan 2018
Lame pheasant, perhaps
Go or Go Fish USA Today 14 Jan 2018
Part of set for chess, say The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jan 2018
League of Legends or World of Warcraft New York Times 03 Jan 2018
Up (for) or down (for)
Clue or Risk
It usually has a set of rules
Up for it
Up for something
Food in the woods?
Wild turkeys, deer, etc.
50-Across part
Ballpark event
Go or Go Fish
League of Legends or World of Warcraft
Tennis unit Premier Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Charades or Sorry, for example Family Time 12 Nov 2017
Ready for half of 18 across Irish Times Crosaire 10 Nov 2017
Jenga or jacks USA Today 04 Oct 2017
Risk, e.g The Washington Post 26 Sep 2017
Risk, e.g LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2017
Go, perhaps, for hunted creatures
Willing, but not completely able physically?
Racket sport
Up for it Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
Ready to take part New York Times 13 Aug 2017
Bridge, e.g LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2017
Bridge, e.g The Washington Post 01 Jun 2017
Willing to try Newsday 21 May 2017
Child's play? Universal 20 Apr 2017
Dave & Buster's offering USA Today 10 Apr 2017
Hunted wildlife The Times Concise 30 Mar 2017
Plucky in match
Willing to empty garbage outside before noon
Tag, for example New York Times 17 Mar 2017
Plucky in sport of any kind
Many an iPhone download USA Today 27 Jan 2017
Ready to take part
Jenga or jacks
Risk, e.g.
Tag, for example
Child's play?
Dave & Buster's offering
Bridge, e.g.
Doubleheader half USA Today 23 Oct 2016
Go, for one New York Times 21 Oct 2016
Online journal's up and ready
Thing to play Universal 17 Oct 2016
Good girl's spirited
Ready, willing, and able The Washington Post 18 Aug 2016
Thing to play Family Time 14 Aug 2016
Ready for anything Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2016
Hurling or curling USA Today 06 Aug 2016
Monopoly or Mouse Trap Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2016
Brave enormous halves switch sides
Up (for) The Washington Post 25 Jul 2016
Clue, for one Wall Street Journal 19 Jul 2016
Phone download LA Times Daily 01 May 2016
Not physically fit, but willing to participate The Times Cryptic 18 Apr 2016
Ready and willing Thomas Joseph 05 Apr 2016
Hunted birds and animals The Times Concise 03 Mar 2016
Risk or Trouble Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2016
Saying ''I'm down for that'' Newsday 13 Feb 2016
Pastime; brave The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2016
Uno or Twenty-One, e.g Jonesin 19 Jan 2016
Thing to play
Hurling or curling
Doubleheader half
"___ over" (dispiriting message)
Go, for one
Monopoly, e.g Eugene Sheffer 30 Dec 2015
Play or sport The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2015
Part of a tennis set Newsday 12 Nov 2015
Ducks and drakes, for example The Times Cryptic 06 Nov 2015
Ready for action Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2015
Match half of 16 down Irish Times Crosaire 06 Oct 2015
Ready for action Newsday 06 Sep 2015
It's involved in developing amenities for sport
Halt contest The Times Cryptic 20 Jul 2015
Chess or charades Newsday 14 Jul 2015
Ready for anything LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2015
Take dishonest advantage of Newsday 06 Jun 2015
Section of online magazine to go up – ready?
Somehow disabled in sport The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Apr 2015
Willing LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2015
Ready for anything Eugene Sheffer 17 Mar 2015
Hunted animals or birds The Times Concise 17 Mar 2015
Hobbling contest? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jan 2015
See 22 Across Newsday 10 Jan 2015
See 22 Across
Flirting prowess
Twister, e.g.
Up for the challenge
Ready for anything
Checkers or Monopoly
Chess or charades
Part of a tennis set
Ready for action
Take dishonest advantage of
Willing to try
Willing to participate
Scrabble, say
Kind of preserve
Pool or polo
Checkers or chess, e.g.
Clue or Life
Spirited crossword, perhaps?
With 3-Down, dead serious look
Up for it
First word in 104-Across
Seahawks outing
Many an app
Clue is one
Willing to play along
Monopoly or hearts, e.g.
Clue or Life
Chess or checkers
Operation, e.g.
Safari sightings
Hunter's quarry
Charades, e.g.
Mah-jongg or Ping-Pong
Risk or Clue
Warden's charge
Risk or Clue
Many a smartphone app
Up for anything
Up for anything
Playful Queen album, with "The"?
Playful Queen album (with "The")?
Checkers or chess
Statues or sardines
Match part
Operation, e.g.
"It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the ___"
"Monday Night Football" feature
Hearts, e.g.
Hearts, e.g.
Darts or hearts
Jenga or jacks, e.g.
Polo or pool
Word before plan or face
Willing to try
Chess, e.g.
Meeting of Senators and Kings
Super Bowl, e.g.
Super Bowl, e.g.
Hunter's quarry
Hunter's quarry
Arena event
Darts, e.g.
Tag, for one
Tiddlywinks or tag
Reason for a tailgate party
Hearts or Spades, for example
Willing to try anything
Up for it
Ready and willing
Sports contest
Candy Land, for one
Kind of warden
Willing to try
Willing to take part
Clue, e.g.
Monday night entertainment, in fall
Sports contest
Clue, e.g.
Jacks or hopscotch
Jacks, e.g.
Ready for anything
Ready and willing
Diplomacy, for example
Jacks or hearts
Chess, for example
Up for it
Ready and willing
Hearts or darts
Monopoly, e.g.
"Ender's ___" (classic sci-fi novel)
Willing to go along
Pool or polo
Ready for anything
Skittle or potsy, e.g.
Flirting facility
Ready and willing
Go, for one
Twister, e.g.
"Monday Night Football" feature
Musical chairs or spin the bottle
Ready to try
Polo or parcheesi
Clue or backgammon, e.g.
Scrabble or Go
Arena event
Willing to try
Deer and fox, e.g.
Risk or Clue
Hearts, e.g.
Ready and willing
Go or go fish
Othello, e.g.
Hearts or handball
Monopoly or marbles
Willing to try
Business, informally
Hunter's quarry
Business, informally
Jacks, e.g.
Up to it
Willing to try
Up to it
Twister, e.g.
Monopoly, e.g.
Othello, e.g.
Ready for the challenge
Ready for action
Chess, for example
Charades, e.g.
One of at least six in a set
Hearts or spades
Ready for action
Willing to try
Carnival offering
Ready and willing
Ready for action
Safari sighting
See 69-Across
Jacks, e.g.
Hunter's prey
Deer or pheasant, at times
Cops and robbers, e.g.
Hunter's prey
Uno, for one
Ready for anything
Ready and willing
Willing to take part
Hunter's quarry
Ready and willing
Go fish, e.g.
Ready and willing
Go fish, e.g.
See 28-Down
Willing to play along
Word after board or blame
Bridge, for one
Go or Monopoly
Monopoly, e.g.
Poker or Pong
Pictionary, e.g.
Sorry, for one
24 Down prey
Brave, in a way
Softball match-up
Checkers or Chinese checkers
Word with park or plan
Up to the challenge
Willing to face danger
Ready to play
___ show (e.g., "Greed" or "Millionaire")
Life, for one
Parcheesi or polo
Kind of preserve
Willing to take part
Warden's charge
A partridge in a pear tree, to some
Twenty-one, for one
Canasta or Myst
Baseball or backgammon
Chess or checkers
Croquet, for one
Monopoly, for one
Go or Go Fish
Clue, for one
Monopoly or marbles
Word with park or plan
Kind of warden
Ready for action
Foxes, e.g.
"Name of the ___"
Charades or shuffleboard
Hearts or darts
Animals, to hunters
All-Star e.g.
Hunter's prey
Ready for anything
Kind of plan
Curling or hurling
Willing and able
Fan fare
15, 30, 45, ___
Tag, e.g.
Something to play
Ready for adventure
Hide-and-seek, for one
Hunter's quest
Safari quarry
Musical chairs, e.g.
Bridge bid
Baseball or tennis
___ of chance
Waiting ___
Bridge or poker
Hurling or curling
Football, for one
Willing: Colloq.
Lions and tigers.
Kind of fish.
Hunter's prey.
Test of skill.
Ready: Colloq.
Squirrels, rabbits, etc.
Plucky: Colloq.
Deer, rabbits, etc.
Ready for anything.
Skat or loo.
Any contest of skill, courage, etc.
Hunter's objective.
Form of play.
Having a resolute, unyielding spirit.
Wild birds, fish, etc.
TV sports treat.
Saturday diversion.
Bowls or skittles.
Having enough spirit: Colloq.
Scrabble, for instance.
The All Star of July 14th.
Saturday event.
Go, for instance.
Part of a rubber.
5,000 points at canasta.
Army vs. Navy.
100 pts. in bridge.
Having fighting spirit.
A form of charades (with "The").
Charades; "The ___."
Bingo, for instance.
Portion of a set: Tennis.
Object of T. R.'s expedition, 1909.
Wild animals.
Twister, e.g.
iPhone app, perhaps
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