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Crossword Clues for HOLDS

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Clue Source Date
Grasps in one's hand Newsday 25 Jan 2021
Remains intact USA Today 01 Jan 2021
Today on all sides and bottoms of the boats Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jun 2020
Wrestling moves LA Times Daily 27 May 2020
Contains, as a crate Newsday 31 Jul 2019
Wrestler's repertoire USA Today 03 Jul 2019
Grips The Telegraph Quick 28 May 2019
Grasps Thomas Joseph 28 May 2019
Clings (to) Premier Sunday 28 Apr 2019
On all sides and bottoms of the boat Irish Times Crosaire 08 Dec 2018
Clutches The Telegraph Quick 04 Dec 2018
Contains, or can contain Newsday 18 May 2018
Cargo spots Thomas Joseph 13 Apr 2018
Reserves on all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2017
Ship storage areas The Washington Post 05 Jul 2017
Waits for an agent, maybe The Washington Post 21 May 2017
Has a capacity for Newsday 26 Feb 2017
Grappler's repertoire USA Today 16 Sep 2016
Wrestling maneuvers Newsday 07 Feb 2016
Full nelsons, e.g Universal 15 Jan 2016
Full nelsons, e.g.
Hangs onto Newsday 14 Oct 2015
Maintains The Telegraph Quick 30 Sep 2015
Cargo sites Thomas Joseph 02 Sep 2015
Hammerlock and nelson
No ___ barred
Waits on the phone
Waits for the next available representative, maybe
Nelsons, e.g.
Has a capacity of
Storage areas
Library requests
Doesn't draw
Will fit
Wrestlers' knowledge
Keeps in reserve
Scissors and nelson
Mat methods
Wrestling tactics
Wrestling grips
Cargo areas
Is in effect
Wrestler s repertoire
Wrestler's arsenal
Nelson et al.
Galley compartments
Ship areas
Storage compartments
Ships' cargo spaces
Parts of ships
Ships' storage areas
Wrestler's specialties
Half and full nelsons
Hammer locks.
Cargo areas on ships.
Wrestler's stock in trade.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.