Word "INTERIM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the time between one event, process, or period and another
lag, meantime, meanwhile

Part of Speech:
serving during an intermediate interval of time
an interim agreement

Crossword Clues for INTERIM

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Clue Source Date
Bury with one manager, initially caretaker
In the meanwhile it makes miner uneasy (7)
Changeover period (7)
Temporary The Guardian Quick 16 Mar 2024
Meanwhile, missed start of ski season by one month (7)
In the meantime, bury 'im!
Time meanwhile (7)
In the meantime, it has merit in it (7)
Being physically fit, filled with energy in the meantime The Times Quick Cryptic 08 Feb 2024
Temporary The Telegraph Quick 26 Jan 2024
A temporary or provisional arrangement, such as a short-term appointment to fill a position (7)
Meanwhile Mirror Tea Time 09 Jan 2024
Period of time between The Times Concise 04 Jan 2024
Provisional The Times Concise 31 Dec 2023
Something temporary or makeshift (7)
Temporary, provisional Mirror Classic 13 Dec 2023
Acting in clip to hide programme's finale The Guardian Cryptic 06 Dec 2023
Acting in clip to hide programme's finale (7)
Bury that Cockney fellow meantime? The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2023
Provisional The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2023
Temporary period Universal 26 Oct 2023
Temporary, as a position of leadership New York Times 25 Sep 2023
Temporary The Telegraph Quick 30 Jul 2023
In winter I meditate for the time being The Times Cryptic 24 May 2023
Cool word describing current caretaker The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Oct 2022
Temporary trainee almost gets one million
Provisional line essentially followed by first person in style The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2022
Provisional rent distributed between two months
Out of school holidays, engaging one caretaker The Guardian Cryptic 17 Jun 2022
Meantime Thomas Joseph 25 Jan 2022
Temporary home period I included The Times Cryptic 04 Jan 2022
Italian footballers on WhatsApp, perhaps finding caretaker
Acting head of institute plugs buzzword? The Guardian Cryptic 17 Dec 2021
Acting head of institute plugs buzzword?
Provisional The Times Concise 03 Dec 2021
Temporary The Guardian Quick 01 Dec 2021
Temporary home: one having to call round
Transitional The Guardian Quick 29 Oct 2021
Hot period one's stuck in is temporary
Italian footballers on WhatsApp, perhaps finding caretaker
I'm following the Milan club for the time being
Stopgap director leaves impression by reversing mess
Temporary The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2021
Provisional The Times Concise 16 Aug 2021
Merit in travelling in the meantime? Irish Times Crosaire 07 Aug 2021
Makeshift home: one to call round The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2021
Provisional The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2021
Time between events Family Time 21 Mar 2021
The meantime Irish Times Simplex 23 Feb 2021
Meantime The Telegraph Quick 04 Feb 2021
Provisional termini built
Stopgap The Telegraph Quick 17 Jan 2021
Lag, one put inside when students attend school
When schools are open, including one for acting?
Meanwhile bury one male
Meanwhile The Guardian Speedy 27 Sep 2020
Meantime Thomas Joseph 04 Jun 2020
Temporary The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
Provisional The Times Concise 24 Apr 2020
Minister, missing start of sermon, could be short-term The Sun Two Speed 09 Apr 2020
Provisional, for the intervening period The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Dec 2019
Acting popular, fit to embrace sweetheart The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2019
Minister, missing surplice at first, could be temporary The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2019
During school time, engaging one as a temp?
Meanwhile at home, call about investments, initially The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Apr 2019
Provisional offering from Pinter impressed
Provisional The Telegraph Quick 08 Mar 2019
Temporary home: one to call round The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2019
Temporary period The Washington Post 19 Feb 2019
Temporary period LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2019
Popular one in academic period is temporary
Temporary period
Time between events Universal 12 Dec 2018
One entering popular phrase for caretaker
Meanwhile outside vacation I should get involved The Telegraph Toughie 12 Apr 2018
Time between events
Trendy expression to describe current acting The Telegraph Toughie 27 Dec 2017
Meanwhile bury the man from East London
Short-term trendy cut involves energy The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Sep 2017
Painter imagines capturing temporary period The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2017
Temporary New York Times 20 Feb 2017
Temporary The Telegraph Quick 11 Feb 2017
Temporary The Washington Post 05 Jan 2017
Meanwhile, waste time in middle of performance
Fit and well-kept, full of energy for acting The Times Cryptic 06 May 2016
Fit and well-kept, full of energy for acting
One kept in during school break
Popular description encapsulating Independent for the moment
Italian team on main road heading north for temporary period The Telegraph Toughie 03 Feb 2016
Gap in merit dispensation
One admitted during school time as caretaker
Meanwhile it's middle of winter at the border
For a period when classes are happening without one The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jul 2015
Temporary home with unusual merit
Temporary home with unusual merit
Put in grave situation, I am not there for ever The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2015
Meantime Newsday 08 Apr 2015
When school is open, I will go in as stop-gap The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jan 2015
… meanwhile I am supporting abrupt inmate
Plant setter's getting for the time being
Temporary period
Time gap
Temporary period
Timely gap
Temporary home period I included
Acting, I am following playwright with no pressure
Provisional, as a council
Time between.
The meantime.
Entr'acte, for instance.
Novel by R. C. Hutchinson.
Time between periods.
Time gap
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