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Word "KNOWLEDGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning
cognition, noesis

Crossword Clues for KNOWLEDGE

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Clue Source Date
Ken's policy expert climbing rock shelf
What one acquires learning of old keg, new being put out (9)
Understanding king currently on shelf (9) Puzzler Cryptic 04 Feb 2024
Awareness of king currently on narrow platform (9)
A little of it is said to be a dangerous thing
Grip - mastery The Guardian Quick 25 Jan 2024
Proverb stating the importance of intelligence and understanding (2,5)
(and 18 down) Proverb stating the importance of intelligence and understanding (9)
Understanding king has no stuff left inside
Grasp The Times Concise 10 Dec 2023
Old keg treated with new understanding
Learning The Times Concise 26 Nov 2023
Information from nerd put back on shelf The Guardian Quiptic 25 Sep 2023
Korean, outwardly solemn character with keenness for learning The Telegraph Toughie 25 May 2023
We learn that king today left to go to border The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2023
King and Harry -- we longed for information The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2023
Studious bod rejected firm's book missing right information The Telegraph Toughie 08 Feb 2023
Long week finally occupied randomly learning The Times Cryptic 27 Sep 2022
Learning rising political policy maker on left has advantage The Times Cryptic 31 May 2022
No State gets incomplete collection of financial figures - that's all in your head! Irish Times Crosaire 28 Oct 2021
Kelvin currently on the shelf, it's learned The Telegraph Toughie 28 Oct 2021
Cook, legend with wok, displaying practical skill
As key policy expert, perhaps, recalled for wisdom
King won over Liberals from the start on The Border with understanding Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jul 2020
Wisdom The Sun Two Speed 16 Jul 2020
Lodge knew to manipulate facts The Sun Two Speed 16 Jul 2020
Certainty of replacing new keg with old
Characters from Kew longed to develop expertise
Learning to walk, now led gently inside
Instruction – raise mostly twisted shelf
Information The Telegraph Quick 06 Jun 2019
Schooling at weekend at present to get little advantage
Cognition The Times Concise 24 Mar 2019
Result of education Premier Sunday 04 Nov 2018
It's gained through learning Irish Times Simplex 18 Apr 2018
Learning king's currently on shelf
Awareness of knight present on ridge
Daughter in week-long struggle to get information
Learning to understand projection
Cognition Universal 19 Nov 2016
One's understanding is this is what 16 down are looking for Irish Times Crosaire 08 Aug 2016
King currently taking Latin on verge of enlightenment
No state projection provides the real facts Irish Times Crosaire 07 Sep 2015
Information pack's final component currently on shelf The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jul 2015
Erudition The Telegraph Quick 07 Mar 2015
Book's ending on shelf, currently retained for learning
Power, to Francis Bacon
Fruits of education
28 Across acquisition
Power, so they say
With "is" and 107 Across, words from Bacon
Power, according to Francis Bacon.
"More than equivalent to force."
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