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Word "MARINE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a member of the United States Marine Corps
devil dog, leatherneck, shipboard soldier

Part of Speech:
relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen
maritime, nautical
marine insurance

Part of Speech:
a soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land

Crossword Clues for MARINE

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Clue Source Date
Of the sea The Telegraph Quick 10 Feb 2021
Oceanic LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2020
Concerning the sea Irish Times Simplex 12 Dec 2020
___ biologist USA Today 16 Sep 2020
Leatherneck Thomas Joseph 27 Aug 2020
___ biology USA Today 25 Aug 2020
Shade of deep blue New York Times 10 Jul 2020
March in Spain relates to the sea Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jul 2020
Sea otter's tail in 16 Down The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2020
Suriname deports US member of the corps Irish Times Crosaire 02 Mar 2020
Almost any major character in "Sands of Iwo Jima"
Devil dog The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Jolly type from India diving into French river The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Dec 2019
John Glenn, in WWII Newsday 12 Dec 2019
Devil Dog USA Today 20 Nov 2019
One serving on a ship New York Times 13 Oct 2019
Nautical, maritime Irish Times Simplex 27 Jul 2019
River in US state connected to sea? The Sun Two Speed 24 Jul 2019
Naval soldier The Sun Two Speed 24 Jul 2019
Seagoing Newsday 04 Jul 2019
The "M" in USMC Universal 15 Jun 2019
Nautical Premier Sunday 21 Apr 2019
'Semper fi' sayer USA Today 21 Apr 2019
US state keeps Republican jolly The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Apr 2019
One of those found in 4 down with saltwater Irish Times Crosaire 19 Apr 2019
Relating to the sea The Times Concise 15 Feb 2019
Concerned with the sea Irish Times Simplex 05 Feb 2019
Seafaring Republican in American state The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2018
One of 'A Few Good Men' USA Today 19 Nov 2018
Certain military member Universal 03 Nov 2018
Soldier-king in US state The Sun Two Speed 03 Sep 2018
Sea-related The Sun Two Speed 03 Sep 2018
French river carries current leading to sea The Telegraph Toughie 07 Jun 2018
Horse drinks in seawater The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2018
Iwo Jima flag raiser USA Today 25 Jan 2018
One of "A Few Good Men"
Gunnery sergeant, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 03 Sep 2017
Flying airmen with one of a number of troops Irish Times Crosaire 28 Aug 2017
Member of the Corps Newsday 14 May 2017
Jarhead New York Times 14 Feb 2017
Relating to shipping or naval matters Irish Times Simplex 02 Feb 2017
One of "the Few, the Proud" USA Today 21 Apr 2016
U.S.S. Nautilus, for one New York Times 24 Feb 2016
Kind of biology New York Times 06 Feb 2016
Lance corporal, e.g Newsday 12 Nov 2015
Part of USMC Universal 02 Jun 2015
Certain enlisted man USA Today 06 Mar 2015
___ One (president's helicopter) New York Times 29 Jan 2015
Lance corporal, e.g.
"Semper Fi" soldier
One of "a few good men"
Corps member
"Semper Fi" shouter
"North ___ Drive"
"From the halls of Montezuma" soldier
One whose motto is "Semper Fidelis"
One with a "Semper Fi" bumper sticker
For waters
Iwo Jima figure
One whose motto means "Always Faithful"
"Semper Fi" follower
Camp Pendleton recruit
"Battle Cry" soldier
Word with corps or biology
Gomer Pyle was one
"Semper Fi" sayer
"Leatherneck" soldier
Relating to navigation
USMC member
Camp Lejeune inhabitant
Military member
Flag raiser on Iwo Jima
Merchant __
Gomer Pyle, for one
Soldier in Uris's "Battle Cry"
Kind of geology
"Semper fi" guy
Not terrestrial, perhaps
Pertaining to a sea or ocean, but not a freshwater lake
One in the Corps
Used at sea
One to tell it to
One of a "few good men"
"Semper fidelis" person
Gomer Pyle for one
Guadalcanal combatant
About the sea
_____ Corps
An anagram for airmen
Parris Island dweller
Part of U.S.M.C.
Parris Island recruit
Sea painting
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