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Word "NONCE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the present occasion
time being
for the nonce

Crossword Clues for NONCE

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Clue Source Date
Current moment The Washington Post 10 Apr 2021
Time being The Washington Post 31 Mar 2021
For the — (temporarily) Premier Sunday 13 Dec 2020
Present Only Connect, wanting both sides to get involved The Telegraph Toughie 26 Aug 2020
For now, nobody accepts the speed of light The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jun 2020
Present moment, in poems Newsday 19 Apr 2020
The time being Canadiana 04 Nov 2019
Present time, poetically Jonesin 02 Jul 2019
Present Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2018
Specific occasion New York Times 29 Sep 2018
Start of many a story The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
Outside the realm of the established church for the time being The Telegraph Toughie 26 Dec 2017
___ word (linguistic invention) USA Today 24 Jun 2017
For the ___ (temporarily) USA Today 13 Mar 2017
Present moment LA Times Daily 04 May 2016
Occasion at hand USA Today 11 Mar 2016
Immediate occasion USA Today 16 Jan 2016
The moment or the time being The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Nov 2015
Coined for a particular occasion Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2015
Coined for one use Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2015
For the __: temporarily LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2015
Present moment, poetically
Present time
Present purpose
-- word (coinage for one occasion)
Present occasion
For the (temporarily) --
Time being (with "for the")
Particular purpose
__ word (coinage of sorts)
Time being, to the Bard
This occasion
For the ___
Immediate purpose
__ word (neologism)
For the ___: temporarily
Kind of word
For the _____
The one occasion
For the ___ (now)
___ word
___ word, coined for single use
___ word (coinage of a sort)
Particular occasion
Time being.
Particular occasion.
For the ___.
Present time or occasion.
Present time.
For the ___ (temporarily).
Present occasion.
The present occasion.
The moment.
The particular occasion.
Particular occasion; for the ___.
For the time being.
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