Word "PETER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
disciple of Jesus and leader of the Apostles; regarded by Catholics as the vicar of Christ on earth and first Pope
saint peter, saint peter the apostle, simon peter, st. peter, st. peter the apostle

Crossword Clues for PETER

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Clue Source Date
Actor Capaldi LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2022
___ out (dwindle) USA Today 20 Oct 2022
Fade gradually The Guardian Speedy 16 Oct 2022
Tosh of reggae LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2022
Piper of rhyme Thomas Joseph 29 Aug 2022
Piper of rhyme Thomas Joseph 09 Aug 2022
*With 59-Across, Frank Barone portrayer in "Everybody Loves Raymond" Universal 07 Aug 2022
Fizzle (out) LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2022
___ Rabbit New York Times 06 Jul 2022
Church founder has time to visit aristocrat The Guardian Cryptic 04 Jul 2022
Friend of Wendy Thomas Joseph 25 Jun 2022
Rabbit — Pan — Piper The Guardian Quick 02 Jun 2022
Lord installs square safe The Guardian Cryptic 19 Apr 2022
Mr. Cottontail Canadiana 28 Mar 2022
Reggae legend Tosh USA Today 23 Feb 2022
Performed with Paul and Mary Canadiana 21 Feb 2022
__ Pan (Captain Hook adversary) Newsday 07 Feb 2022
___ out (dwindle) USA Today 02 Feb 2022
Actor Falk Premier Sunday 19 Dec 2021
Fade (out) Universal 22 Sep 2021
Saint by the Pearly Gates Universal 19 Sep 2021
The denyer Canadiana 16 Aug 2021
Finch or Coyote Wall Street Journal 21 Jul 2021
Fizzle (out) New York Times 11 Jul 2021
Piper who picked a peck of pickled peppers, in a tongue twister USA Today 05 Jul 2021
Sellers of pictures Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2021
Patron saint of fishermen Canadiana 14 Jun 2021
Saintly individual finishes off top fare at Safe Harbour The Telegraph Toughie 21 May 2021
___ out (dwindle) USA Today 26 Apr 2021
Pumpkin eater of rhyme Universal 14 Apr 2021
Friend of Wendy Thomas Joseph 25 Mar 2021
Piper of rhyme Thomas Joseph 26 Feb 2021
Disciple of Jesus and leader of the apostles The Telegraph General Knowledge 15 Feb 2021
Flying Pan Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2021
'___ Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers' USA Today 28 Jan 2021
Wendy's friend Thomas Joseph 28 Jan 2021
"The Tale of ___ Rabbit" Universal 14 Jan 2021
Saint at the Pearly Gates Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2020
Male name The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2020
Saintly gatekeeper's famous rabbit The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2020
Pumpkin eater of rhyme Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2020
Literary Pan The Washington Post Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Kid-lit rabbit Newsday 16 Aug 2020
Dwindle, with 'out' New York Times 29 Jul 2020
Saint at a gate LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
Saint at a gate The Washington Post 19 Jul 2020
Pan flying LA Times Daily 23 May 2020
Pan flying The Washington Post 23 May 2020
Fictional Pan Newsday 22 Apr 2020
See 25-Across New York Times 20 Mar 2020
'The Tale of ___ Rabbit' USA Today 07 Mar 2020
Actor Dinklage USA Today 06 Dec 2019
Dwindle, with 'out' USA Today 31 Oct 2019
Cetera of Chicago The Washington Post 19 Oct 2019
Cetera of Chicago LA Times Daily 19 Oct 2019
__ Pan (Neverland flyer) Newsday 23 Sep 2019
Rocker Frampton USA Today 25 Aug 2019
Man's name The Times Concise 06 Aug 2019
Alliterative Pan or Parker Universal 22 Jul 2019
Brother of Frank Canadiana 22 Jul 2019
Flying Pan Newsday 23 Jun 2019
Pepper-picking Piper Newsday 27 May 2019
Pumpkin eater of rhyme Family Time 19 May 2019
'Show Me the Way' singer Frampton USA Today 16 May 2019
Dinklage of "Game of Thrones" Universal 04 May 2019
Friend of Wendy, John and Michael Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2019
Max of pop art Newsday 07 Apr 2019
Early Pope regularly heard by favourite The Telegraph Toughie 06 Mar 2019
Rocker Frampton LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2019
Rocker Frampton The Washington Post 27 Feb 2019
Alliterative Pan or Parker
Rocker Frampton
Cetera of Chicago
Dwindle, with "out"
Rocker Frampton
Pumpkin eater of rhyme
"Show Me the Way" singer Frampton
Dinklage of "Game of Thrones"
Pumpkin eater of rhyme Newsday 01 Jan 2019
Friend of Wendy, John and Michael
Popular peck picker The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
Popular peck picker LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2018
With 18-Across, R.E.M. guitarist The Washington Post 11 Dec 2018
With 18-Across, R.E.M. guitarist LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2018
Pan in Neverland LA Times Daily 28 Nov 2018
Pan in Neverland The Washington Post 28 Nov 2018
Pan resistant to aging New York Times 04 Nov 2018
First pope Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Flying Pan Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2018
Beatrix Potter character Universal 17 Sep 2018
Fizzle (out) The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Sep 2018
'Family Guy' patriarch Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2018
Safe foundation for church The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2018
Potter's rabbit Universal 22 Jun 2018
'Great' czar Thomas Joseph 24 May 2018
Pan of fiction Thomas Joseph 22 May 2018
Actor Dinklage Universal 08 Apr 2018
Flying Pan The Washington Post Sunday 25 Mar 2018
Partner of Paul and Mary LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2018
Partner of Paul and Mary The Washington Post 12 Feb 2018
Potter's rabbit
With 18-Across, R.E.M. guitarist
Saint at a gate
Popular peck picker
"Family Guy" patriarch
Partner of Paul and Mary
Flying Pan
Pan resistant to aging
Pan in Neverland
Fizzle (out)
Actor Dinklage
Beatrix Potter character
A Beatrix Potter rabbit USA Today 29 Dec 2017
Pop artist Max Newsday 10 Dec 2017
Rabbit of literature Family Time 04 Dec 2017
Hockey Hall of Famer Forsberg The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Pickled-pepper picker The Washington Post 05 Sep 2017
Pickled-pepper picker LA Times Daily 05 Sep 2017
He denied Christ three times New York Times 27 Aug 2017
Religious leader in huff about being elevated The Telegraph Toughie 24 Aug 2017
and 16: Actor who played Hercule Poirot The Telegraph Quick 28 Jul 2017
Lose steam, with 'out' New York Times 16 Jul 2017
Early religious leader favoured by the monarch The Times Cryptic 06 Jul 2017
Patron Saint of people saved Canadiana 29 May 2017
Flag and fade away The Telegraph Cryptic 20 May 2017
Pickled-pepper picker Newsday 07 May 2017
Sellers of movies Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2017
Director Jackson Thomas Joseph 26 Apr 2017
Pumpkin-eater of rhyme Universal 05 Apr 2017
Saint recognized as the first Pope Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2017
Safe one robbed for Paul's benefit? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Mar 2017
A Beatrix Potter rabbit
Pumpkin-eater of rhyme
He denied Christ three times
Lose steam, with "out"
Pickled-pepper picker
Pan flying
Stuyvesant or Minuit USA Today 25 Dec 2016
Pan in the air LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2016
Religious leader? Archbishop of Canterbury, say, covers it ultimately The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2016
Fizzle (out) LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2016
Singer Cetera LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2016
______ Woodcock (Ontario serial Killer) Canadiana 08 Aug 2016
Singer Frampton Universal 05 Aug 2016
Prokofiev hero Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2016
Spider-Man Parker LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2016
First pope Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2016
Time to look outside cell The Guardian Cryptic 14 Jul 2016
Fizzle (out) Eugene Sheffer 01 Jul 2016
Piper the pepper picker Newsday 07 Jun 2016
Disciple The Telegraph Quick 27 May 2016
Actor Finch Premier Sunday 24 Apr 2016
Flying Pan New York Times 01 Mar 2016
One of the Brady boys Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2016
Name repeated before 'pumpkin eater' New York Times 08 Feb 2016
Spider-Man Parker
Singer Frampton
Singer Cetera
Name repeated before "pumpkin eater"
Fizzle (out)
Dinklage of "Game of Thrones"
Stuyvesant or Minuit
Pan panto character Simon The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2015
Actor O'Toole USA Today 02 Dec 2015
One of the Fondas Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2015
Novelist De Vries LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2015
Sellers of many films New York Times 24 Sep 2015
Novelist Benchley Newsday 17 Sep 2015
___ Gabriel, original singer for Genesis New York Times 09 Sep 2015
With 49-Down, 'The Stunt Man' star Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2015
Fizzle (with "out") Universal 18 Jul 2015
Disciple repentant finally, embraced by Lord The Telegraph Cryptic 29 May 2015
'___ and the Wolf' New York Times 26 May 2015
A Fonda USA Today 09 May 2015
Hero in a Prokofiev work LA Times Daily 07 May 2015
CBC's Mansbridge Canadiana 27 Apr 2015
Pan on Broadway LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2015
Die (out) New York Times 16 Apr 2015
Brother of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2015
"Upon this rock" apostle USA Today 31 Jan 2015
___ Gabriel, original singer for Genesis
Sellers of many films
Die (out)
"___ and the Wolf"
Fizzle (with "out")
Bluesbreaker Green
"Upon this rock" apostle
A Fonda
Actor O'Toole
With 48-Down, "25 or 6 to 4" singer
Pan on Broadway
Fonda of "Easy Rider"
Man of principle?
Hero in a Prokofiev work
Novelist De Vries
Novelist Benchley
Pan on Broadway
One of the Fondas
Captain Hook adversary
"Family Guy" dad
By tradition, no pope chooses this name
Composer Tchaikovsky
Fizzle (out)
One of Hollywood's Farrelly brothers
Idiomatic robbery victim
Max the artist
Fictional rabbit
One of the Brady Bunch
Singer Frampton
Ustinov or Ueberroth
Pepper picker Piper
Piper of children's verse
Actor Falk
Fizzle (out)
High King of Narnia
Director Weir
Director Jackson
First pope
Last Supper attendee
Metaphorical theft victim
Dwindle, with "out"
With 29-Down, nursery rhyme starter
Drummer Criss of Kiss
Fleetwood Mac founder Green
One of the "Brady Bunch" kids
Piper of children's verse
Flying Pan
___ Parker, aka Spider-Man
Actor Ostrum who played Charlie Bucket in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"
Actor Gallagher
Friend of Wendy, John and Michael
Detective Gunn of TV
"Family Guy" dad
Die (out)
One of a New Testament 12
Fade (out)
Man of principle?
Criss of Kiss
Noted pumpkin eater
Die (out)
Fudge's brother in Judy Blume's "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"
Pumpkin-eater of rhyme
With 128-Across, performer nominated for 112-Across (he didn't win any) in all of the answers to starred clues
Wolf catcher of classical music
A Fonda
With 45-Across, rival of Skippy and Jif
Ustinov who played 1-Across
The Monkees' Tork
Exhaust, with "out"
Prokofiev's wolf catcher
Ustinov who played 1-Across
A Fonda
Spider-Man Parker
Ustinov of "Topkapi"
"Jaws" author Benchley
'80s baseball commissioner Ueberroth
'80s baseball commissioner Ueberroth
Prokofiev's wolf catcher
With 128-Across, performer nominated for 112-Across (he didn't win any) in all of the answers to starred clues
Spider-Man Parker
Pickled-pepper picker
Fizzle (out)
"Smilla's Sense of Snow" author Hoeg
Lord Wimsey of whodunits
Noted pumpkin eater
Nero at the piano
Pumpkin lover of rhyme
Nursery rhyme character whose name is repeated
Nero at the piano
Rabbit of kid lit
Pumpkin eater of rhyme
Fizzle, with "out"
"Great" emperor
"Jaws" author Benchley
Actor Lorre
Graves of "Mission: Impossible"
One-time baseball commissioner Ueberroth
Prokofiev's wolf catcher
Name repeated in a nursery rhyme
"Quo vadis?" speaker
Boy in "The Snowy Day"
__ Pan (Captain Hook adversary)
Wane, with "out"
P.D.Q. Bach creator Schickele
Dwindle to nothing (with "out")
Man of principle?
MacNicol of "Numb3rs"
Dwindle to nothing, with 'out'
Man of principle?
Fizzle (out)
MacNicol of "Numb3rs"
Man of principle?
One of the "Brady Bunch" kids
Man of Principle?
Pop artist Max
Flying Pan?
Fizzle, with "out"
One of a New Testament twelve
'90s "Biography" host Graves
"___ and the Wolf"
Last Supper diner
Actor O'Toole
"Great" one
Pumpkin lover
'90s "Biography" host Graves
Baseball commissioner after Bowie
Man with a principle
Fictional rabbit
Piper the picker
With 39-Across, leader of the Lost Boys
Pumpkin-eater of rhyme
Man with a principle
Detective Lord ___ Wimsey
Falk of "Columbo"
Man of Principle?
Nero, the piano player
Piper or Rabbit
__ out (dwindle)
Falk of "Columbo"
Prokofiev character
One of the apostles
Falk or Fonda
Paul and Mary's partner in folk music
Graves of "Mission: Impossible"
Flying Pan
Fade (out)
Prokofiev title boy
Flying Pan
Friend of Wendy
First pope's name
Friend of Wendy
Flying Pan
Major apostle
With 87-Across, "Casablanca" actor
Wane (with "out")
Diminish, with "out"
With 87-Across, "Casablanca" actor
Man of principle?
"Sledgehammer" singer Gabriel
Apostle Andrew's brother
Piper of children's verse
Artist Max
Russia's ___ the Great
Man of principle?
Moniker before the first word in 17-, 28-, 47-, and 63-Across
Coyote or Finch
Friend of Paul and Mary
Rival of Tom and Dan
Finch or Fonda
One of the Monkees
One of the Apostles
Fonda or O'Toole
Falk of "Columbo"
One of the Farrelly brothers
Newscaster Jennings
Cooper who founded Cooper Union
Cartoonist Arno
Actor Gallagher
Composer Warlock
Jennings or Marshall
Pianist Serkin
Playwright Shaffer
Disciple of Christ
With 31-Across, author of the quote
Title character of a Prokofiev favorite
Aka Simon
Man of principle
Pumpkin lover
Falk or Finch
Finch or Fonda
Actor O'Toole
With 6-Down, dwindle to nothing
Flying Pan
First pope
Member of a singing trio
Sellers of Hollywood classics?
Actor Ustinov
Cat Tom Sawyer fed painkiller
Leader of the disciples
"__ and the Wolf"
Pumpkin eater of the nursery
Fonda or Ustinov
First Pope
Prokofiev character
Pianist Serkin
He denied Jesus three times
Boy in a Prokofiev piece
Prokofiev boy
Revolutionary War general Gansevoort
Sellers of film
Apostle Simon __
Manhattan buyer ___ Minuit
Ustinov or Ueberroth
Western-looking czar
The first pope
Lorre or Lely
Flying Pan?
Ueberroth or Ustinov
Role in "The Robe"
Pianist Nero
Great name?
"___ Pan"
Actor Graves
Actor Graves
___ out (wane)
Pianist Duchin
Picker of rhyme
Simon __
Noted pumpkin eater
A Fonda
Finch or Falk
Chief Apostle
Pianist Serkin
Dwindle to nothing, with out
Pumpkin lover
Noted gate watcher
Flying Pan
Falk or Finch
Jane's brother
Ist or 2nd book of the Bible
Detective Gunn of TV fame
Britten opus "_____ Grimes"
Russian royal name
Author DeVries
Flying Pan
TV's Jennings
Man of principle
___ out: dwindle
Gabriel of music
Britten s favorite tenor with 40 Across
Pumpkin eater
Jane's brother
"Jaws" author Benchley
Leader of the disciples
Russian ruler
Flying Pan
___, Paul and Mary
One of the Fondas
Nursery rhyme boy whose name is repeated
Orchestra leader Duchin
Sellars or Sellers
Cartoonist Arno
Last Supper attendee
One of a New Testament twelve
Pan or Piper
Apostolic angler
Diminish graduallly, with "out"
Last Supper attendee
Last Supper guest
Nursery rhyme Piper
Wolf's musical foe
Pop art's Max
Man with a Principle
Bandleader Duchin
Martyr to Nero
Principle developer
__ out (exhaust)
Newsman Jennings
Nursery rhyme boy
Prokofiev hero
Man of Principle
Westernizer of Russia
Fictional rabbit
Detective Lord ___ Wimsey
A Cottontail
De Vries or Mathiessen
One of Tom's rivals
Mr. Fonda
Diminish with out
One of the Benchleys
Pumpkin-eater of rhyme
--, Paul and Mary
One of the Greats
Ibbetson of fiction
Pan or Piper
Pumpkin eater of rhyme
Playwright Shaffer
Ex-baseball commish Ueberroth
Gunn with a gun
Mr. Benchley
Singer Frampton
Pianist son of Rudolf Serkin
Barrie's Pan
Fisherman's patron saint
Lord ___ Wimsey
"Rob ___ to pay Paul"
Fonda or Rabbit
Golfer Jacobsen
Minuit or Stuyvesant
With 10 Down, Potter character
"___ Grimes," Britten opera
He's often robbed
Rob ___ to pay Paul
Stuyvesant or Minuit
Prokofiev's lupine trapper
"The ___ Principle"
"Thou art ___ . . . ": Matt. 16:18
Simon's later name
Pan invented by Barrie
Grimes of opera
Ustinov or Stuyvesant
Actor Falk
Arno or Lorre
Duchin or Nero
Pan or Grimes
One of the Pipers
Actor O'Toole
Ustinov or O'Toole
Arno or Nero
Fisherman of note
Pan capable of flying
Picker of peppers
O'Toole from Connemara
Pianist Serkin
Saint or czar
Nero or Arno
Nero or Marshall
Famous fisherman
Blue ___ (signal flag)
Keeper of the keys
Name of three czars
Pumpkin eater
He put his wife in a shell
King whom Tito deposed
Grimes or Pan
Pop singer Frampton
Catherine the Great's mate
Paul's unwilling provider
Where Paul's payment comes from
Saint at the gate
Pan or Nero
Nero or Pan
Biblical fisherman
Fisherman of Galilee
___ the Great
Diminish gradually, with "out."
Dwindle (with "out).
Nero, for one.
Nursery rhyme character.
Blue ___.
Blue ___, signal flag.
Arno, for one.
Name meaning 18 Down.
The "rock."
See 1 Across.
One of the Dunnes.
Wendy's friend.
Mr. Pepper.
Rabbit, for one.
Actor Lawford.
Mr. Minuit.
Stuyvesant or Minuit.
Dwindle (with "out").
Blue ___, nautical flag.
Blue ___, signal flag of British navy.
Epistle writer.
Piper of rhyme.
Become exhausted (with "out").
King deposed by 31 Down.
Cucurbit devourer of rhyme.
"___ and the Wolf."
___'s pence.
Actor Hayes.
Tinker Bell's friend.
Mary Martin role.
Yugoslavia's exiled king.
Hero of alliterative verse.
Yugoslavia's last King.
Role for Jean Arthur.
Mr. Grimm or Mr. Grimes.
Catherine Marshall's subject.
Prokofiev's "___ and the Wolf."
Exiled Yugoslav King.
Mr. Lawford, actor.
Outwitter of Captain Hook.
Keys and a sword are his symbols.
Jean Arthur's role.
Ex-king of Yugoslavia.
King visiting U. S.
Unemployed king.
Prokofiev hero.
Former King of Yugoslavia.
The fisherman apostle.
Deposed King of Yugoslavia.
The Rome cathedral is named for him.
Yugoslavia's king.
King whose capital is Belgrade.
King of Yugoslavia.
Dr. Venkman of "Ghostbusters"
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