Crossword Clues for POETS

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Clue Source Date
Some write haiku Universal 07 May 2022
Meter pros Thomas Joseph 12 Mar 2022
Foot specialists? The Washington Post 05 Mar 2022
Foot specialists? LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2022
Maya Angelou and Mary Oliver, e.g Universal 12 Jan 2022
Meter creators LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2021
Dickinson and Keats LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2021
Writers like Audre Lorde and Sarojini Naidu The Washington Post Sunday 07 Nov 2021
Well-versed folks? Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2021
Some Pulitzer winners Newsday 05 Aug 2021
Elizabeth Acevedo and David Dabydeen, for two USA Today 22 Jun 2021
Authors of verses Newsday 25 May 2021
Writers of verse USA Today 27 Apr 2021
Slam participants Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2021
Amanda Gorman and others Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2021
Verse writers Newsday 15 Feb 2021
Well-versed folks? Eugene Sheffer 29 Dec 2020
Some write limericks Universal 29 Dec 2020
Browning and Byron Newsday 01 Nov 2020
They work with feet and meters Universal 31 Oct 2020
'Dead ___ Society' New York Times 05 Oct 2020
Keats and colleagues Newsday 04 Oct 2020
Verse writers Thomas Joseph 31 Aug 2020
Masters of allusion The Washington Post 23 Aug 2020
Masters of allusion LA Times Daily 23 Aug 2020
Fitting nickname for athletes at Whittier College New York Times 13 Aug 2020
Odists, e.g Premier Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Their work is often in anthologies Jonesin 08 Oct 2019
People writing verses Newsday 05 Aug 2019
Authors of verse Universal 01 Jul 2019
___ Corner, section of Westminster Abbey New York Times 28 Jun 2019
Writers of verse Newsday 13 May 2019
Some Pulitzer winners USA Today 14 Apr 2019
Authors of verse
___ Corner, section of Westminster Abbey
Literary figures Newsday 14 Dec 2018
Reciters at slams USA Today 19 Oct 2018
Masters of meters Universal 25 Sep 2018
Slam competitors Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2018
Writers of haiku USA Today 20 Jul 2018
Masterful rhymers Universal 21 Apr 2018
Keats and Yeats, for two USA Today 19 Apr 2018
Well-versed people? Universal 10 Apr 2018
Versifiers Universal 07 Apr 2018
'Dead __ Society': 1989 film The Washington Post 18 Mar 2018
"Dead __ Society": 1989 film LA Times Daily 18 Mar 2018
Often-anthologized group The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Mar 2018
Masterful rhymers
Masters of meters
Writers of haiku
Often-anthologized group
Well-versed people?
Slam competitors
Keats and Yeats, for two
Reciters at slams
Ones concerned with stress New York Times 29 Dec 2017
Rhyme writers Newsday 28 Nov 2017
Meter masters New York Times 24 Nov 2017
Larkin and Plath, e.g Universal 11 Nov 2017
Verse pros Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2017
Burns and Byron Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2017
Keats and Yeats LA Times Daily 24 May 2017
Ode authors Newsday 24 May 2017
Keats and Yeats The Washington Post 24 May 2017
Verse creators Premier Sunday 21 May 2017
They're concerned with feet and meters Wall Street Journal 10 May 2017
Shelley's ''unacknowledged legislators of the world'' Newsday 01 Apr 2017
Users of rhyme schemes USA Today 15 Mar 2017
Ones concerned with stress
Keats and Yeats
Larkin and Plath, e.g.
Meter masters
Bards Universal 28 Dec 2016
Kilmer and Keats LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2016
Donne and Bradstreet Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2016
Limerick writers, e.g USA Today 17 Oct 2016
People thinking on their feet? New York Times 19 Aug 2016
Open-mic readers USA Today 08 Aug 2016
Competitors in a slam Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2016
Producers of 35-Across Universal 22 May 2016
84 Across and colleagues Newsday 15 May 2016
14-Across creators USA Today 04 May 2016
Emma Lazarus and Maya Angelou The Washington Post 29 Apr 2016
Ode writers USA Today 19 Apr 2016
Performers at some readings The Washington Post 31 Mar 2016
Dealers in feet and meters Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2016
Open-mic readers
Limerick writers, e.g.
Kilmer and Keats
14-Across creators
Producers of 35-Across
Erato is their Muse
People thinking on their feet?
Erato is their Muse Universal 01 Jan 2016
See 35-Down New York Times 30 Dec 2015
Some national laureates The Washington Post 27 Nov 2015
Byron and Browning Newsday 18 Nov 2015
Coffeehouse entertainers New York Times 23 Aug 2015
Masters of rhyme USA Today 14 Aug 2015
Odists and sonneteers Newsday 12 Jul 2015
Wordsworth and Whitman Newsday 01 Jul 2015
Keats and Shelley Newsday 14 Jun 2015
Milton and Millay Newsday 10 May 2015
Erato's group Universal 02 Feb 2015
Coffeehouse entertainers
Pound's ilk
See 35-Down
Erato's group
'01 Savatage album "___ and Madmen"
Keats and Shelley
Byron and Browning
Verse writers
Wordsworth and Whitman
Odists and sonneteers
Some national laureates
Masters of rhyme
Maya Angelou and Rita Dove, for two
Milton and Millay
Whitman and Whittier
Ones with muses
___ Corner (Westminster Abbey locale)
Longfellow and Burns
Millay and Milton
Poe and Pope
Pound and Poe
Some Pulitzer winners
Some laureates
Rhyme writers
Rhyming writers
Whitman and Whittier
Sonnet writers, say
Browning, Gray, and others
"Dead ___ Society"
Browning and more
Foot specialists?
Keats and Shelley
"Dead ___ Society"
Greeting card writers
Sonneteers, for instance
Browning and more
Some open mic performers
Poe and Pound, e.g.
Browning and Blake
Ode writers
Frost and others
Both Brownings
Ode writers
Frost and Burns
Frost and others
Keats and Yeats
Performers at some readings
Foot men?
Couplet composers
Lyricists, basically
Burns and Byron
Meter masters?
5-Down and others
Meter experts?
Pound and others
Byron and Keats
Keats and Yeats
Keats and Horace, for two
Meter experts?
Pound and others
Couplet composers
Browning and Burns
Whittier College's team nickname
Meter makers
Meter readers?
People who deal with stress successfully?
They're "born, not made"
They're well-versed
Burns and Allen, e.g.
Lovelace and Frost, for two
Byron and Burns
Certain people buried in Westminster Abbey
Well-versed ones?
Yeats and Keats
Frost and Angelou
Writers of sonnets
Well-versed ones?
Limerick authors, say
Masters of meters
Yeats and Keats
Thomas and Hardy
Pulitzer candidates
Browning and Blake
Sexton and Plath, e.g.
Artists in a Robin Williams film title
Artists in a Robin Williams film title
"Dead ___ Society"
Burns and Allen, e.g.
Well-versed folks?
Limerick authors, say
Yeats and Keats
Donne and Bradstreet
They're "born, not made," according to an old saying
74- and 90Across, e.g.
Ruth Lilly Prize winners
Angelou and Cummings, e.g.
Masters and Jonson, e.g.
Yeats and Keats
Ruth Lilly Prize winners
Frost and Burns
Frost and Burns, for two
This puzzle's theme
Millay and Moore
Sonneteers, say
___ Corner, part of Westminster Abbey
Donne and Bradstreet
Browning and Frost
"The only poor fellows in the world whom anyone will flatter": Pope
Keats and Yeats
Browning and Frost
People concerned with feet
Sandburg and Silverstein
Many songwriters, perforce
Many songwriters, perforce
Homer, et al.
Poe and more
Masters and Jonson
Frost and Sandburg
97 Across's ilk
Erato is their Muse
Yeats and Keats
Sandburg and Spenser
Donne and Bradstreet
Lovelace and Frost
Johnson and Jonson
Keats and Yeats, for two
Pound and Poe
Frost and Masefield, for example
Sonneteers, say
Masters and Jonson
Sexton and Pope
Burns and Allen, e.g.
"Dead _____ Society"
Pound and others
Bishop and Pope, e.g.
Rhyming writers
"Dead ___ Society"
Poe and Pound e.g.
Coffeehouse entertainers
Homer and others
Masters and Jonson, e.g.
Erato is their Muse
"Dead ___ Society"
Ruth Lilly Prize winners
"Dead -- Society"
Eliot and Angelou
Auden and Angelou
Brooke and Field
Yeats and Keats
Lovelace's colleagues
"Dead ___ Society," 1989 film
Barrett and Browning
Wilbur and Kunitz
Shelley and Keats
Frost and Pound
Ashbery and Nemerov
Wilbur and Merrill
Wilbur and Stevens
Jarrell and Ciardi
Arnold and Milton
Men of letters
Blake and Wordsworth
Auden and Lowell
They don't pay for their license
Burns and Allen Ginsberg
Bishop and Sexton
The Brownings, e.g.
Keats and Wordsworth
Auden and Frost
Horace et al.
Certain writers
Men of words
Pound et al.
Keats et al.
Ginsberg and others
Dickinson and Whittier
Nash and Dickinson
Ones inspired by Helicon
Frost et al.
Burns and others.
Jarrell and Jeffers.
Men of letters.
Browning and Keats.
Certain literati.
Members of P.E.N.
Certain White House guests.
The Brownings.
Relatives of Mother Goose.
Robert Green and John Greenleaf Whittier.
Very important persons in the arts.
Lowel and others.
Mr. and Mrs. Browning.
Milton and Arnold.
Climbers of Parnassus.
Robert and Elizabeth Browning.
Occupants of a "Corner" in Westminster Abbey.
Mistral and Eliot.
Carl Sandburg, Marianne Moore, etc.
Mistral, Eliot, and others.
Viereck, Brooks, Moore.
Viereck, Lowell, and others.
Clement Moore and Thomas Moore.
Tennyson, Shelley, Keats, etc.
___ Corner of Westminster Abbey.
Spenser, Prince of ___.
___ Corner, Westminster Abbey.
Some open mic performers
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