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Crossword Clues for PUTTS

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Clue Source Date
Mini-golf strokes USA Today 06 Mar 2021
Finishes a golf hole Thomas Joseph 23 Dec 2020
Tries to sink? Universal 21 Dec 2020
Green strokes Thomas Joseph 04 Dec 2020
Finishes a hole Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2020
Golf strokes ... and when combined with 48-Down and divided in four parts, a hint to four puzzle answers LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2020
Final golf shots, usually USA Today 03 Jun 2020
Short shots The New Yorker 02 Mar 2020
Short strokes New York Times 29 Sep 2019
People try to sink them Universal 09 Aug 2019
Strokes in miniature golf New York Times 03 Jul 2019
Strokes on greens USA Today 23 Oct 2018
Golf strokes Eugene Sheffer 13 Sep 2018
Green pair, often The Washington Post 03 Aug 2018
Green taps Newsday 06 May 2018
All minigolf shots USA Today 21 Apr 2018
Short golf strokes Newsday 19 Dec 2017
Hole-finishing golf strokes Newsday 07 Aug 2017
Masters strokes The Washington Post 25 Jun 2017
Four __ (green nightmare) Newsday 15 Jul 2016
Taps on the links New York Times 27 Mar 2015
Sounds from jalopies New York Times 11 Mar 2015
Strokes on the green New York Times 23 Feb 2015
Finishing strokes
Forgoes the gimme
Plays miniature golf
Green touches?
Plays mini golf
Strokes near a hole
Certain green efforts
They aren't long shots
Attempts to sink
Uses the "flat stick," in golf
Strokes on a green
Rollers on a green
On-the-green golf strokes
Two of the "4" on a par 4
Has a stroke?
90 Across et al.
Golf taps
Tries to hole out
Some 110 Across strokes
Some golf strokes
Light golf strokes
Gets the ball rolling
Tiger's taps
Office practice, perhaps
Some tap-ins
Golfers' taps
Strokes for 47 Down
Tries for the hole
Green efforts
Golfer's try to minimize these
Tiger's strokes?
Links strokes
Par allows two per green
Certain golf strokes
Green shots.
Golf strokes.
Green strokes.
Plays clock golf.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.